Help support the health and nutrition of young children by hosting a Virtual Drive Junior for DMARC!

Nutrition and Early Childhood Brain Development

A child’s first 1,000 days—from conception to second birthday—is an extremely important developmental period. By the time a child turns five years old, their brain has completed 90% of its development. Proper nutrition is integral to healthy brain structures, so inadequate early nutrition can result in a lifetime of consequences impacting a person’s health, academics, employment, and more.

The High Cost of Care

  • Diapers are a huge cost for low-income families. On average, a family has to spend $18 a week (or $936 a year) per child, which represents six percent of a single mother’s gross pay from a full-time minimum wage job.
  • Infant formula is an even bigger expense for low-income families, ranging in annual cost from $1,000 (for the cheapest formula on the market) to more than $3,000 (for higher-quality and specialty formula for infants with ingredient sensitivities).

Please note, all Virtual Drive Jr. donations will be designated toward DMARC’s Baby Fund, which goes toward the purchase of diapers, wipes, infant formula, and baby food.