Douglas M. Woods Memorial Hunger Challenge

March 1-30, 2022

Every single person has the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community. Doug Woods was one such person who found delight in giving and made a lasting difference in his community. DMARC will forever be inspired by and grateful for his spirit of generosity.

Although Doug would not say this, his life was one of service. He served his country in the Vietnam War and served his community as a deputy sheriff for Madison County and then as a police officer with the West Des Moines Police Department, retiring after 25 years.

When Doug was young, his father took him to southern Iowa. There, Doug saw the effects of hunger first-hand. This experience left a tremendous impact on him, and years later Doug remembered that experience and wanted to see how he could make a difference. He reached out to DMARC to see how he could help, and from there, the Douglas M. Woods Hunger Challenge was born! The goal – to create a challenge match that would not only help those facing food insecurity, but also encourage others to give generously. It was tremendously successful, and along with his support, raised a total of nearly three quarters of a million dollars in support of the DMARC Food Pantry Network over nine years. This total included nearly 1,800 gifts that were donated to DMARC because and as part of his challenge. Giving gave Doug immense (and unexpected!) joy.

To say that Doug set an example in giving is an understatement.

DMARC is grateful to Doug and to his family who have decided to carry on his legacy and commitment to help those who face food insecurity in our community. This March (March 1 – 30th), they have issued a challenge to match their gift of $10,000 in this years’ 10th annual Douglas M. Woods Hunger Challenge. Only this year the Challenge is done in Doug’s memory.

You can make a difference just as Doug did to DMARC. Your gift will not only help those who face food insecurity, but it will also celebrate the joy of helping others which is the legacy of Doug Woods. Be sure to select “Doug M. Woods Memorial Hunger Challenge” for your gift designation.

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