These Cookies Are on a Mission!

These cookies are on a mission, so mark your calendars for September 11-24, 2012, when Hy-Vee gives their chocolate chips an assignment they will never forget.

The 10th annual Hy-Vee Colossal Cookie Sale starts Tuesday, September 11 and runs through Monday, September 24. For each cookie sold, Hy-Vee will donate one penny to the DMARC Food Pantry Network.

Since the Cookie Sale began in 2003, Hy-Vee stores have over 7 million cookies and have donated more than $74,000 in food products to DMARC’s network of neighborhood pantries in greater Des Moines. Last year, almost $7,000 worth of cereal was delivered to DMARC, for distribution among all 12 partner food pantry sites.

This year’s goal is to reach ONE MILLION cookies sold to raise $10,000 for the DMARC Food Pantry Network. Bakery cookies will sell for 12 cents each, with 100 cookies priced at just $10.99. Pre-order now through your local Hy-Vee bakery! Cookie choices include M&M, chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter.

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