Food Pantry Network Resource Kit

In response to congregational feedback, DMARC has developed this Food Pantry Network Resource Kit for your use. Contained in the kit are a number of tools to help your congregation understand the hunger issue in our area, along with ideas on how to fight it through your ongoing support of DMARC. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Table of Contents

  1. Videos
  2. Suggested Text for Groups Promoting the Food Pantry Network
  3. Posters and Other Visual Resources
  4. Request a Speaker
  5. Donation of the Month
  6. Donation Banks

  7. Videos

    Suggested Text for Groups Promoting the Food Pantry Network

    The following are suggested text excerpts that can be used in congregational newsletters, bulletins, online, etc.

    Almost one third of all Iowa families live in poverty (31% according to a recent state study). These individuals and families often have jobs and homes, but don’t earn enough to pay other expenses and buy food weekly. Where can they turn? Many turn to a DMARC Food Pantry, one that your financial gifts help support. Thank you for giving regularly to DMARC…your donations stock their pantries with healthy, plentiful food. Visit to lend your support.

    Most of us want to “leave something behind” in this earthly world so our lives will be remembered. Did you know in just 15 minutes you can create a legacy right here that will touch lives far into the future? A simple bequest to the DMARC Food Pantry Network added to your will takes about 15 minutes to finalize. It will help sustain the Food Pantry Network for years to come, feeding thousands of Iowans in your name. For more information, visit

    People are hungry right here in the “Breadbasket of America.” That is a stunning statement and one we can eliminate together. Your financial support of the DMARC Food Pantry Network, along with that of many other kind, caring people can change this outcome. WE BELIEVE we can end hunger in Central Iowa by 2026, but DMARC needs your continued support. Thank you for making the end to hunger here YOUR TOP CHARITABLE PRIORITY.

    Yes, there is much need overseas and faith groups in the United States do wonderful, meaningful work around the world. But there remains serious needs here in our community. The Food Pantry Network at DMARC is a “local mission and ministry” that you can quickly and easily embrace, watching first hand, how your financial gifts immediately benefit individuals and families facing hunger here at home. Thank you for giving generously and often to DMARC to help provide healthy food.

    Posters and Other Visual Resources

    Food or Funds Infographics

    Request a Speaker

    DMARC has a number of speakers available to present to your congregation, philanthropic group, university class, student organization, workplace, or other gathering. If you are interested in requesting a speaker, please fill out the form at, or contact our office at or 515-277-6969.

    Donation Banks

    Mini Red Barrel Donation Bank

    Raising money for DMARC just got easier!
    All you need to create your own mini Red Barrel donation bank is an empty can, scissors, tape, and the printable template below.
    Download the Mini Red Barrel Donation Bank template.

    What You Will Need:

    1. Printed template
    2. A pair of scissors
    3. Transparent adhesive tape
    4. An empty, washed 18.8 oz “chunky” style soup can
    • Cut out the “Stop Hunger” sign, Red Barrel body, and sign holder.
    • Wrap the Red Barrel body piece around the can and tape it in place to create your mini Red Barrel.
    • Fold the sign holder into a single strip and tape it together.
    • Tape the “Stop Hunger” sign onto the sign holder, and then tape the sign holder onto the can.
    • Start saving your change for DMARC!

    Donation of the Month

    1. January: Hot Cereal
    2. February: Diapers
    3. March: Peanut Butter
    4. April: Healthy Canned Goods
    5. May: Canned Fruit
    6. June: Canned Seafood
    7. July: Fresh Vegetables
    8. August: Cereal
    9. September: Rice
    10. October: Beans
    11. November: Thanksgiving Dinner
    12. December: Pasta