We believe…
…that no one should ever go hungry.
…that we can end hunger by 2026.
…that we can grow healthy children by 2026.

Planned Giving

As we look to our future and the needs in our community, it’s imperative that we work with those donors who are looking to leave a legacy that will benefit DMARC, but more importantly, our clients, for years to come. Donating to DMARC through a planned gift has never been easier.

So, what is planned giving?

A planned gift has traditionally been defined as one that an individual contemplates and then creates during his or her lifetime, for a charity or cause of their choice that will take effect at or after their passing.

There are many kinds of planned gifts, with the more common being a simple bequest in a will or trust or within an estate plan, or a beneficiary designation on your life insurance or individual retirement account.

Sample bequest language can be found here, and to indicate DMARC as a beneficiary is as easy as completing a form that is separate from your will naming DMARC as a beneficiary to receive assets as you specify.

To discuss planned giving, including other options, please contact Leslie Garman at lgarman@dmarcunited.org or call 515-277-6969 x13.

Note: in all cases it is recommended that donors consult with their lawyer and financial planner for counsel and advice.