DMARC’s Hunger Simulation

Will you be able to feed your family this week?

DMARC’s Hunger Simulation is an immersive interactive experience for you to learn what it’s like to live with food insecurity. In the Hunger Simulation, you take on the identity of a real person experiencing food insecurity.

Download a Flyer

You have 15 minutes to determine your food budget and get the recommended USDA MyPlate servings of fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy. You can do this by shopping at the grocery store, visiting the food pantry, and applying for SNAP benefits at the DHS office. Once the 15 minutes are up, you will reflect on your experience and share with the rest of the group.

DMARC can either facilitate the Hunger Simulation for your group, or we can get you the resources you need to run a Hunger Simulation yourself!

Experience What it’s Like to Live with Food Insecurity

  • determine your family’s food budget
  • work to get the proper nutrition for your family
  • visit the DHS office, food pantry, and grocery store
  • encounter random “Life Happens” events

Host a Hunger Simulation

To learn more about hosting your own Hunger Simulation, please contact DMARC’s Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement Sarah Trone Garriott at or (515) 277-6969 x222.