Holiday Gifts Are Always Welcome!

Ways to Give…

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the holidays or another special occasion of your friend or family member? DMARC has solved your gift-giving dilemma for that special someone:

  • Pledge to our Capital Campaign – DMARC/MovetheFood offices and the Food Pantry Warehouse are moving to a newly renovated building near downtown Des Moines. Pledging or donating funds to the Mulberry Street project would make a great gift for your business or faith leader or staff.
  • Winter Thaw 2014 is approaching (formerly called January Thaw), give a gift registration to a course of choice for only $15. All four nights is $50. This is a tradition in adult education of different faith traditions and a great fellowship opportunity. Dates for this annual event: January 28, 30, and February 4 & 6, 2014.

Financial gifts of help, can also be in the form of food, childcare assistance or payment of rent and utilities for a person in need. Here are some ideas:

$2.50 = food for 1 child for 1 day (3 meals)
$40.00 = a 4-day food supply for a family of four
$250.00 = 150 jars of peanut butter
$500.00 = 1,000 serving of fresh fruit and vegetables
$1,000.00 = 572 boxes of low sugar, whole grain cereal

To give the gift of help, go to or send your donation to DMARC, 1435 Mulberry Street, Des Moines, IA 50309. DMARC will in turn acknowledge your donation and provide a gift card that you may pass on to the gift recipient.

Ways to Volunteer…

Can you help? We need volunteers too:

  • Welcome people and answer calls during the holidays and winter break; our busiest time of the year for donations or requests for food.
  • Begin a family tradition of collecting food at a “Sack Saturday” event at a local store, and exchange the normal gift giving time for delivering collected food items to the DMARC warehouse together.
  • Start early on new year’s resolutions by volunteering at one of the 12 neighborhood food pantries.
  • Count, sort and pack food or drive, load and unload the MovetheFood truck (or your truck) for our warehouse.

You may volunteer one time or create a regular schedule. It’s a fun way to make a difference! Visit our website: for more information.

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