Competitive Drives Are a Touchdown for DMARC

Fall is in the air, and so is the spirit of friendly competition! Earlier this month, a dozen companies and organizations hosted competitive drives for the DMARC Food Pantry Network (including our staff here at DMARC). Some gave online through a virtual food drive, others held traditional drives, bringing in food items, diapers, personal care items, and period supplies.

Many companies incorporated a fund or food drive into other tailgating activities, and got creative with prizes for the winning teams and punishments for the losing teams. At DMARC, we hosted a chili cook off lunch with our staff (Linda Vander Hart’s chili won). At Lincoln Savings Bank, two staff members volunteered to represent their collegiate team, with the losing team’s representative getting a pie in the face. It’s always a good idea to have fun while giving back!

In total, competitive drives for DMARC brought in $6,553.17 in cash, 1,986 food items, 255 diapers, 385 personal care items, 783 period supplies, and $537.94 in matching gifts – a grand total of over $10,000 worth of food and personal care items!

Thank you to all who held a competitive drive for DMARC!

  • Blue Compass – $132.00, 229 food items
  • The Dana Company – $96.50, 290 food items, 144 diapers, 346 personal care items, 368 period supplies
  • DMARC – $387.60
  • Eide Bailly – $390.58, 16 food items, $35 in matching gifts
  • Lincoln Savings Bank – $540.42
  • McGowen Hurst Clark Smith – $735.26
  • NCMIC – $1,000.00, 292 food items
  • Outcomes MTM – $241.10, 163 food items
  • Owen and Minor – $1,160.90, 847 food items
  • Performance Marketing – $207.85, 138 food items, 111 diapers, 39 personal care items, 415 period supplies
  • Principal Financial Group – $172.00, 11 food items
  • The Stelter Company – $1,488.96, $502.94 in matching gifts

Like a football game, competitive drives can be fun and engaging for your business or group in all four quarters! To learn more about hosting a drive for DMARC, contact Shoshana Salowitz, or (515) 277-6969 x18.

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