Iowa Pork Producers Support DMARC through “Running with the Pigskins”

The “big game” between Iowa and Iowa State is one of the biggest Iowa – and DMARC traditions! As part of the fun each year, Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) encourages groups and organizations to host competitive food and fund drives in honor of the game, using the friendly rivalry as a fun way to support a great cause.

But with this year’s game cancellation, DMARC sought a different way to have fun and raise funds through a new event – “Running with the Pigskins.”

Together with DMARC’s long-time partner, the Des Moines Public Schools agricultural program, piglets “ran” a short obstacle course, each representing some of the state’s favorite teams. Area organizations were invited to participate by contributing funds through a virtual portal to vote for their favorite team. The goal? To see what business could raise the most donations.

This year, The Dana Company raised a total of $1,585 in support of the DMARC Food Pantry Network with votes (and dollars) for three favorite piglets (teams). “This event really brings our team together. Thanks to DMARC for the great work they do and allowing The Dana Company to continue to play our small part in helping them support our community,” said Cory Holland, President of The Dana Company.

To stay on theme, the winner would have been awarded breakfast burritos, courtesy of the Iowa Pork Producers Association. However, this year, as staff at the winning team were not able to enjoy them together, they decided to forego the burritos and to donate what would have been the cost, back to DMARC. The Iowa Pork Producers then added to this, more than doubling the donation, providing a gift of $1,000 to support the DMARC Food Panty Network.

“One of our core principles is caring for our communities in Iowa,” said IPPA President Mike Paustian. “In addition, we were excited to work with the DMPS Ag Education Program, which has been so supportive of DMARC, providing not only ground pork, but other commodities like eggs and vegetables.”

“DMARC is so grateful for the support that we received for this project, including support from Des Moines Community Schools, The Iowa Pork Producers and our winning team from the Dana Company,” said CEO Matt Unger. “For all of us, this Iowa tradition is one we always look forward to, but it also supports our work to assist over 57,000 unique individuals annually. We are grateful for this collaboration and support to help us elevate the issue of food insecurity in our community.”

Watch “Running with the Pigskins”

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