Meet Debra

Debra G. pulls up to the Families First – Bidwell Pantry on one of the first bitter cold days of the fall. She is grateful that today is a good day for her health, but getting to the pantry isn’t always realistic.

I’ve had five major surgeries. I wasn’t supposed to take a step in my life. But guess what? By the grace of god I’m walking!.

Debra was born prematurely in the 1960’s and wasn’t supposed to survive more than a couple weeks. She has had five major surgeries and her mobility issues were complicated even further by a major car accident in the 1990’s. She appreciates the ease of access the DMARC food delivery service provides on days when getting to a pantry is especially difficult. Debra, like many folks, finds herself visiting a pantry more frequently now after retiring last year.

Nevertheless, Debra is hopeful for the future and insists that the pantry is an “essential” service in the communities for people like herself.

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