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A Letter from the President

What a year it has been for DMARC! Thanks to your support, we have expanded and improved our services while remaining flexible to adapt to new challenges as they arise.

We added a new mobile food pantry to our fleet and doubled the amount of sites we visit. We are now assisting around 1,000 people every month through our mobile food pantries.

We launched the “Refuel Station,” a new mobile food pantry that offers healthy, kid-friendly, grab-and-go food items at local Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa club sites.

We expanded our innovative Food Pantry 2.0 distribution model to our mobile food pantries, Polk County Northside Food Pantry, and our data partners at St. Vincent de Paul of Des Moines.

We provided emergency food assistance through our mobile food pantry to help with disaster relief and recovery following flooding and a tornado.

We held our inaugural signature event, Spring Greens, which raised over $80,000 to support our mission of meeting basic human needs for the greater Des Moines community.

And in May, Rev. Sarai Schucker Rice announced she would be retiring as Executive Director of DMARC, a position she held for 11 years.

Two months later, in July 2019, DMARC named Matt Unger as its new Chief Executive Officer. Most recently, Matt held the position of Chief Operating Officer at the Food Bank of Iowa.

The board believes Matt will do an exceptional job leading DMARC, and I am excited to see how his perspective and talents will grow our organization as we move forward together.

As we continue to see increased use of food pantries in our community, DMARC is developing a new strategic plan to determine how we can best address food insecurity in Greater Des Moines.

We are also scouting for a new location for our office and warehouse. It is hard to believe that it has already been close to six years since DMARC moved into 1435 Mulberry Street, but as we face continued growth, the current facility no longer adequately meets our needs.

I am excited to see what the next year holds for DMARC. Thank you for your steadfast support, without which we would not be able to do the important work of feeding 54,000 people right here in Greater Des Moines.

Emily Webb

The Year in Review

New Mobile Food Pantry and Refuel Station

In October 2018, DMARC added two new mobile food pantries to its growing fleet of vehicles.

One of the new mobile food pantries operates as a “Refuel Station,” specially designed for kids. The ceiling is adorned with a collage of artwork, the shelves are lower, and the food is grab-n-go, single serve items that make it easy to choose a healthy snack. The Refuel Station visits multiple Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa club sites every week.

The other new mobile food pantry joins DMARC’s first mobile food pantry out in the community operating as a standard pantry, and distributing food through the Food Pantry 2.0 model. In the last month of FY2018-2019, the two DMARC mobile food pantries had 58 two-hour visits at 28 different mobile pantry sites.

The new mobile food pantries were made possible thanks to the generosity of Gregory and Suzie Glazer Burt, Charlotte and Fred Hubbell, Variety–the Children’s Charity, and The Partnership for a Hunger Free Polk County.

Expanding Food Pantry 2.0

DMARC recently received national recognition from the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and The Harkin Institute for its innovative work to provide incentives for healthy choices at food pantries through its Food Pantry 2.0 model.

Upon going through intake at a Food Pantry 2.0 pantry, each person receives 12 points to use at the food pantry. Items within the pantry are assigned a nutritional score between one and five, with one being the most nutritious, and five being the least nutritious. The healthier the food items a person chooses, the more total food they can potentially receive. With Food Pantry 2.0, DMARC is making the healthy choice the easy choice.

After developing and fine-tuning the system at West Des Moines Human Services’ food pantry, DMARC expanded Food Pantry 2.0 to Polk County Northside Food Pantry in May of 2019. That same month, DMARC’s two mobile food pantries also adopted the Food Pantry 2.0 model.

In February and March, St. Vincent de Paul food pantries implemented a point system similar to Food Pantry 2.0. While not part of the DMARC Food Pantry Network, St. Vincent de Paul of Des Moines is one of DMARC’s data partners—meaning they are utilizing DMARC’s intake system and sharing their data with DMARC.

Stamp Out Hunger® 2019

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) held their 27th annual Stamp Out Hunger® food drive across the nation, and for the fourth year, the DMARC Food Pantry Network was the local beneficiary of the food drive in Greater Des Moines.

That Saturday, letter carriers around the metro collected food donations from mailboxes, doorsteps, and grocery stores which were brought back to their local post offices, and then transported to the East Grandstands’ Hall of Law and Flame at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

The following week of May 13-17, hundreds of volunteers assisted in date and seal checking, sorting, and boxing up food.

All together, 66,055 pounds of food were collected during Stamp Out Hunger® 2019, along with cash donations of $1,639.95.

Responding to Emergency Need

DMARC provided emergency mobile food pantry response on three separate occassions this year. DMARC’s mobile food pantry provided disaster relief food aid following both major flooding in parts of Des Moines and a tornado in Bondurant in July 2018. The mobile food pantry also provided food aid to federal employees affected by the government shutdown in January 2019.

New Leadership

In May 2019, Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice announced her retirement from DMARC. Rev. Rice served as Executive Director of DMARC for 11 years, starting in 2008 at the height of the Great Recession. Under her leadership, DMARC implemented healthy food guidelines, moved to 1435 Mulberry Street, and challenged the food pantry status-quo through innovative projects such as the data visualization dashboard and Food Pantry 2.0.

In July, Matt Unger was named CEO of DMARC. Matt recently completed a 6+ year stretch at the Food Bank of Iowa. Starting as Program Manager and finishing as Chief Operating Officer, he led the Food Bank to record distribution including an overall increase of more than 45% and record one month distribution of 1.5 million pounds.

Prior to joining the non-profit sector, Matt spent more than a dozen years working in the world of political campaigns and management of state government. His political career spanned multiple Iowa Caucus campaigns, Iowa Gubernatorial campaigns, and a four year stint as Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Patty Judge.

Matt and his wife, Anita, have made their home in Beaverdale for the last 10 years.

Think Fresh. Think Spring. Think Spring Greens 2019!

DMARC launched its inaugural signature event, Spring Greens, on May 23, 2019, at the State Historical Museum of Iowa in Des Moines’ East Village, raising $87,000 its first year.

The event’s theme aligned with DMARC’s focus on fresh and healthy food, with participating food and beverage vendors asked to get creative and “freshen up” or “green up” samples for the event, providing attendees the opportunity to sip and sample over 50 items from nearly 20 vendors.

The event was presented by Wells Fargo with other lead sponsorship support from Iowa Select Farms and Sammons Financial Group and led by DMARC board member Matt Durham and community volunteers Rob Manning and Rich Haberkamp. An auction and raffle were also held to raise funds for DMARC.

Meeting the Need Awards

DMARC launched the “Meeting the Need” awards, recognizing one outstanding volunteer, one outstanding organizational partner, and one outstanding faith partner at the event.

Tom Fischer, Outstanding Volunteer, recognized for his innovative work developing an interactive data visualization dashboard, a tool that allows DMARC to share the realities of food insecurity with elected leaders, faith communities, nonprofits, and other partners.

The National Association of Letter Carriers – Branch 352, Outstanding Community, Corporate, Business or Organization Partner, recognized for their support of DMARC through the Stamp Out Hunger ® community food drive, a drive that has provided over 200,000 pounds of food to DMARC since 2015 and has raised awareness regarding the issue of food insecurity in the community.

Meredith Drive Reformed Church, Outstanding Faith Partner, recognized for their support of DMARC following the flood of July 2018, who, even when their own church building was heavily damaged, took the opportunity to also help their neighbors, conducting a 50/50 match and raising nearly $23,000 to provide disaster food relief.

Please save the date for DMARC’s second annual Spring Greens event, planned for May 7, 2020, at the Iowa Events Center!

Food Pantry Network

people assisted (unduplicated)


average number of people assisted every month


average number of times a person used a food pantry

“During the summer months I supplement my meals by gardening. During the winter the food pantry helps.”

“When it gets towards the end of the month and all the food stamps are out and all the food is literally gone, then I can come here…it helps, a whole lot.”

“I appreciate what’s available, especially the vegetables because I don’t eat meat. It’s nice to have choices.”

“I always get food to make dishes based off my cultural background.”

“The food pantry has a big impact on my family. All the people are so nice. It has been a great blessing.”

Where DMARC’s Food Comes From

In FY19, DMARC distributed nearly five million food items from the following sources:

  • Distributed nearly three million produce items through the Food Pantry Network, nearly 60% of all food distributed.
  • Recovered over 1.5 million food items (30%) through its food recovery program.
  • Obtained over 750,000 food items (15%) from our partners at Food Bank of Iowa.
  • Purchased over 1.8 million non-perishable and produce items (36%) from wholesalers and food brokers.
  • Distributed over 325,000 food items (7%) obtained through USDA’s The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).
  • Received and distributed over 900,000 food items (18%) donated in-kind to DMARC.

Interfaith Engagement

Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp 2018

The second annual Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp, held July 26-29, 2018, brought together 17 high school youth from across the religious spectrum to build relationships and make memorable experiences. Students stayed on the Drake University campus for three nights and spent four days exploring the religious landscape of Greater Des Moines.

Interfaith campers visited Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian faith communities to learn more about each religion. Students also created personal digital stories that were meaningful to their own faith experiences.

The Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp is a collaboration of DMARC and The Comparison Project at Drake University.

Watch a video with highlights from the camp and view students’ digital story projects at:

Interfaith Education

DMARC could never do the work of feeding so many people without the partnership of many, diverse faith communities. Nearly 200 faith communities from across the religious spectrum support DMARC with cash support, donations of food, and service.

Because so much more can be done together than by acting alone, DMARC has a commitment to helping faith communities learn about one another and build relationships.

DMARC Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement, Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott, engages in a variety of interfaith education and dialogue opportunities.

From interfaith panels to visits to religious communities to classes on interfaith and religious topics, Sarah works to provide meaningful connections among people across the spectrum of religious traditions and beliefs.

If you would like to learn more about DMARC’s work in interfaith engagement, please contact Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott at (515) 277-6969 x19 or


Protecting SNAP

Whether it was advocating against harmful proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the Farm Bill to a representative in congress, opposing legislation in the Iowa Statehouse that would negatively impact access to SNAP, or submitting a public comment in response to a federal rule change, DMARC took a strong stance to protect SNAP this past year.

As illustrated in January and February of 2019, SNAP has an enormous impact on the lives of people living with food insecurity. During the government shutdown, February’s SNAP benefits were distributed early on January 17. As people could access February SNAP benefits halfway through January, the DMARC Food Pantry Network saw a 10% decrease in use in January. Then, as benefits ran out, DMARC saw a 20% increase at food pantries in February.

Anti-Hunger Day on the Hill

In January 2019, DMARC, along with other members of the Iowa Hunger Coalition and the Iowa Food Bank Association, gathered at the Iowa State Capitol to advocate for policies that would help reduce food insecurity in our state.

Demonstrating the Value of Data

One of DMARC’s best tools in advocating the issue of food insecurity in Greater Des Moines is a data visualization dashboard, developed by former DMARC board member Tom Fischer. With the dashboard, DMARC can show a detailed picture of food insecurity in the community.

The data visualization dashboard has the ability to look at various data points, including demographic information like age, race, and source of income, as well as map the data points out in the community with geographic layers such as school districts, census tracts, city wards, and Iowa Senate and House districts.

This data mapping allows DMARC to provide legislators with a detailed look at how many people in their district live with food insecurity, demographics of food pantry users, and what other intersecting issues like access to affordable housing are keeping people living in poverty.

To learn more about how you can get involved with DMARC’s advocacy efforts, contact DMARC Communications and Advocacy Manager, Luke Elzinga, at

Looking to the Future

A Move on the Horizon

As DMARC is approaching its sixth year in the building at 1435 Mulberry Street, it has become abundantly clear that the need for a larger facility will be necessary for DMARC to continue to meet its mission.

With more and more people turning to the DMARC Food Pantry Network, the warehouse and office space DMARC currently occupies is at capacity. DMARC also leases additional warehouse space two miles from the main facility, which creates its own set of logistical challenges. Future organizational success depends on the ability of DMARC to house all of its work under one roof.

“Just One” Society

DMARC invites you to join the new “Just One” legacy society, whose name was inspired by the quote from Mother Teresa, “if you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

Your planned gift will help DMARC continue to meet the need far into the future. Want to learn more? Contact Leslie L. Garman, CFRE, Director of Development & Outreach, at (515) 277-6969 x13 or

Meet My Religious Neighbor

Meet My Religious Neighbor is a monthly interfaith open-house series. Each open house allows the public the opportunity to tour a sacred space, learn how religion is practiced in it, and meet the congregation who worships there.

Originally established by The Comparison Project at Drake University, Meet My Religious Neighbor is a project of the Iowa Interfaith Exchange, a collaboration between the The Comparison Project at Drake University, CultureALL, the Des Moines Area Religious Council, and Interfaith Alliance of Iowa.

For more information about upcoming Meet My Religious Neighbor events, please visit

Faith Leaders Committee

DMARC is in the process of developing a Faith Leaders Committee to assist and advise DMARC on its congregational outreach and interfaith engagement work. If you would like to learn more about the Faith Leaders Committee, contact Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott at

Young & Hungry

DMARC’s Young & Hungry committee continues to explore ways to engage the next generation in fighting hunger and food insecurity with DMARC. In the fall of 2020, Young & Hungry will host an inaugural fundraising event for DMARC, and would love to have you attend!

If you would like to get involved with Young & Hungry, please contact Shoshana Salowitz at or (515) 277-6969 x18.

Storytelling Workshop and Advocacy Training Series

In the coming year, DMARC will launch a storytelling workshop and ongoing advocacy training series for people who live with food insecurity in Greater Des Moines. While DMARC currently excels at using data to advocate its mission to legislators, a powerful and necessary perspective of the work DMARC does is missing from these meetings: the voices of people who live with food insecurity.

Half-day storytelling workshops will be held to assist participants in crafting two to three minute stories about their personal experiences with poverty and food insecurity. Ongoing training opportunities are being planned on a variety of subjects, including advocating at the Capitol, interacting with media, public speaking, writing an op-ed, and digital storytelling.

This projects aims to reframe the narrative of why people experience poverty and food insecurity, build a network of grassroots anti-hunger advocates, and recruit committee and board members who have lived experiences and important perspectives that DMARC needs to hear.

To learn more about DMARC’s storytelling workshop and advocacy training series, contact Luke Elzinga, Communications and Advocacy Manager, at or (515) 277-6969 x10.

Working together to meet basic human needs.


Matt Unger, Chief Executive Officer
Leslie L. Garman, CFRE, Director of Development & Outreach
Rebecca Whitlow, Food Pantry Network Director
Daniel Beck, Food Pantry Data Manager
Monica Curl, Development & Outreach Associate
Joe Dolack, Operations Manager
Luke Elzinga, Communications and Advocacy Manager
Craig Estes, Driver/Warehouse Associate
Andrew Firestine, Mobile Food Pantry Associate
John McPhee, Warehouse Manager
Patrick Minor, Mobile Food Pantry Associate
David Moore, Driver/Warehouse Associate
Shoshana Salowitz, Community Outreach and Volunteer Manager
Michael Sirois, Inventory/Warehouse Associate
Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott, Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement
Linda Vander Hart, Office Administrator

Board of Directors, FY20

Emily Webb, President
Matt Durham, President Elect
Catherine Swoboda, Vice President
Ihsan Yaseen, Secretary
Thomas Cross, Treasurer
Jody Mead, Past President
Dale Bentlage
Denise Bubeck
Tom Chapman
Joy Esposito
Julie McMillin
Rev. Rachel Mithelman
Christ Naumann
Stuart Oxer
Matt Strawn
Ron Beane, (Advisory)


Program Services Expenses

Food Pantry Network $3,068,674 79%
Advocacy and Education $70,356 2%
Interfaith Engagement $34,090 1%
Other Programs $9,254 1%

Supporting Services Expenses

Administrative $350,527 9%
Fundraising $333,086 9%
Total Expenses $3,865,987

Sources of Support

Grants* $2,095,908 39%
In-Kind Contributions** $1,668,696 31%
Individuals $728,780 14%
Congregations $509,321 10%
Events/Miscellaneous $163,889 3%
Organizations/Groups $122,764 2%
Planned Gifts/Investments $49,725 1%
Total Support $5,339,083
Total Net Assets $4,540,232

* The $2,095,908 in grant funding includes a five year commitment.

** The $1,668,696 of in-kind contributions by category were: non-perishable food items (29.7%), fresh produce (39.1%), dairy items (1.7%), frozen meat (6.6%), bread and bakery items (6.2%), frozen and refrigerated food items (0.7%), personal care items (3.4%), baby formula (0.4%), diapers (0.5%), period supplies (0.1%), and non-food in-kind contributions like equipment, services, and other goods (11.8%).

Thank you to all who hosted a drive for DMARC!

Ace World Wide Elite Relocation Services
Airport Chiropractic
AlRazi Academy
American Enterprise Insurance ◊
Barilla America ◊
Black Girls Do Bike Des Moines
Blue Compass Interactive ◊
Bobenhouse Lavender Foundation
Businessolver ◊
Clive Learning Academy
Conlin Properties
Corteva Agriscience
Cowles Montessori School ◊
The Dana Company
Data & Analytics Meetup
Dental Associates
Des Moines Auto Auction
Des Moines Childrens’ Museum
Des Moines Radio Group
DLR Group
Dowling Catholic High School
Drake University
Eide Bailly, LLP
Elsie Mason Manor
EMC Insurance Companies ◊
Employee and Family Resources
Ervin Family Chiropractic
Farrell’s US Martial Arts
Fleur Dentistry LLP
Global Atlantic Financial Group ◊
Green State Credit Union
Hatchlings Inc. ◊
Holy Family Catholic School
Hy-Vee, Inc. ◊

IMT Des Moines Marathon
Iowa Architectural Foundation
Iowa Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
Iowa Cubs Baseball ◊
Iowa Society of CPA’s
The Iowa Wolves
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
John Deere
Kemin Industries, Inc.
Life 107.1
Lincoln Savings Bank
McGowen Hurst Clark & Smith PC
Mercy College of Health Sciences
Mercy Health Network ◊
Meredith Corporation
Merle Hay Neighborhood Association
Moore Elementary School
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School
National Association of Letter Carriers ◊
NCMIC Group, Inc. ◊
Nyemaster Goode, PC
Outreach, Inc. ◊
Owens & Minor
Pagan Pride
PEO Chapter IZ
Phi Tau Omega Kappa Chi Chapter
Polk County Assessor Employees
Polk County Democrats
Prairie Life Fitness
Prairie Meadows
Pride of Iowa Barbershop Chorus
Progress Industries

R Jones Collision 1
Rain and Hail Insurance LLC ◊
Roosevelt High School
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Sammons Financial Group
Scottish Rite Park Residents
Shepherd’s Flock Early Learning Center
Sherman Hill Association ◊
Simpson College
Social Security Office ODAR
St. Augustin School ◊
State of Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau
Storey Kenworthy
Substance Architecture
Sysco Foods of Iowa ◊
T.T.T. Society Chapter D
Telligen ◊
Thanks-for-Giving Run/Walk
The Flats of West Des Moines
The Iowa Clinic
The Principal Financial Group
The Stelter Company ◊
Thrivent Financial
Triangle Financial Services
UnityPoint Health
University of Iowa
University of Iowa School of Social Work
Urbandale Country Club
USIS (Finance and Accounting Department)
Virginia Park Apartments Residents
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield
Wells Fargo ◊

denotes those who raised $1,000+ worth of support

Supporters – Individuals

Anonymous Donor
W.T. & Edna M. Dahl Trust
Anonymous Donor (5)
Lanny J. Benishek
David and Lisa Fisher
Linda Hofreiter
Mike Slyby and Carol Smith
Roy and Ann Snyder
Douglas M. Woods
Rex R. Cook Charitable Trust*
James and Martha Fifield
Michael and Diane Heid
James Kabel
Erica S. Lamb
John R. Loughry
Bryan and Sara Michael
Larry & Kay Myers Interfaith & Intercultural Ambassador Fund
Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation
Leanne and Scott Valentine
Anonymous Donor (1)
Linda and Dan Abramovich
Joseph and Jodi Baker
Keith Denner and Eileen O’Brien Denner
Mary Kay Dial
Robert R. Dillard
Channing Dutton and Carla Scholten
Tom and Cindy Fischer
Elaine and Brian Gifford
Harden Family Foundation
The Ralph & Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation
Cora C. Hayes
Charlotte and William Hinson Charitable Foundation
Trudy Holman Hurd
Galen and Katherine Howsare
Bruce and Susan Kelley
Daniel J. and Amy J. Koestner
Steven and Jean Loegering
Christ R. Naumann
O’Halloran Family Foundation Fund
Owen J. and Doris Jean Newlin
Timothy and Kelli Oswald
Carlton Peterson
Allan R. Powers and Ann E. Mowery
Charles and Joy Rohm
Gary and Melinda Scholten
Bruce and Linda Simonton
Martha J. Smith
Michael and Simma Stein
Kristine L. Wells
Trever and Kellaney Whiting
Anonymous Donor (8)
Chad Anderson
Sarabeth and William Anderson
Richard Ash
Anne L. Avise
David and Elizabeth Bishop
Brian and Jenny Blackford
Beasley Family Foundation
Kenneth and Ellen Boeke
Albert Burrows and Maureen McGuire
Ned and Nancy Chiodo
Richard and Charlene Cobb
Brendan and Christine Comito
Joseph and Margaret Ann Comito
Roxanne and James Conlin Fund
Thomas and Linda Cross
Kristin and Peter Diliberti
Cathy L. Dodds
Kenneth and Susan Dodge
Robert and Jennifer Dowil
Rev. Sondra G. Eddings
Jason and Sarah Egge
Sally L. Ehlert
Callie L. Elrick
Chuck and Marilyn Farr
Doug Fick
Melvin and Barbara Frueh
Duncan and Pamela Gallagher
Edward Garst
Vivian Geerdes
Dana Geisler
Elizabeth A. Goodwin
Mary Gottschalk
Siri L. Granberg
Richard and Susan Haberkamp
E. Scott Hartsook
Paul and Debra Hayes
Jo and Dale Helling
Victoria L. Herring
Brent and Renee Highfill
Starr and Harold Hinrichs
William and Lynne Howard
Robert and Dale Howe
Jon and Barbara Hrabe
Kim and Walt Jacobsen
Dwight and Lois James
Larry L. Jandrey
Dennis Johnson and Ann Carmody
Richard and Kathleen Johnson
Cynthia and Mark Jones
Diane and Preston Jones
Darryl C. Jose
Larry and Mary Keck
Donald and Mary Kelly
Kjersten Krantz-Odendahl
Paul and Kathryn Lass
Janet Linn
Steven C. Lussier
Nancy Jean Main
Lisa and Joseph McEniry
James Douglas and Suzanne McKinstry
Carl and Bethany Meyer
Dr. Albert and Evelyn Mintzer
Diane H. Morain
Candy Morgan
Sheryl Morrow
Stephen and Catherine Mussett
Terry and Laura Myers
Scott and Barbara Nessa
Kirk Neustrom
Kenneth Newton
Arthur and Patricia Nizzi
Gary and Anne Nordquist
Noth Family Charitable Fund
William J. Noth
Carla Parrish
Maria Patestas
Dale and Susan Pierce
Paul and Erin Pommrehn
Chet and Ellen Prust
Charles and Sheila Rayburn
Peter and Rita Reed
Ron and Phyllis Roelfs
Eric and Kimberly Roush
Lou Ann and Kent Sandburg
Lisa and William Sargent
Kent and Melissa Schrof
Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw
James and Marcella Sheaff
Laura D. Smith
Robert and Maryanne Sobiech
Dr. Justine and Matthew Stemper
Thomas Stephenson and Myrtilla Levin
Dann Stevens
Marlene Sullivan
Scott A. Sundstrom
Laurie and Dean Taake
Ronald and Cherie Tait
Jill Tenney
Mary Jane Tesdall
Gary and Rosemary Thierer
David and Kimberly Thomas
Gary and Helen Thull
Terrence Tobin and Maureen Roach Tobin
James Usgaard and Becky Knutson
Norman and Alice Veen
Duane Weiland and Mary Rose Stone
Trent and Jana Weiler
Matthew W. Wernli
Jarrett G. Wright Jr.

* denotes if donor is deceased

Supporters – In-Kind Contributors

Capital City Fruit
Lomar Distributing
Walmart – Grimes
Hy-Vee Fulfillment Center
Sam’s Club
Meals from the Heartland
Loffredo Fresh Produce, Inc.
Iowa Gardening for Good
Gateway Market
Whole Foods Market
Summertime Potato Company
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Sierra Agriculture
Aldi – Urbandale
Tom and Cindy Fischer
Agape Garden
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Hy-Vee – West Lakes
Walmart – Windsor Heights
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Outreach, Inc.
Michael and Melanie Dayton
Kantana Trucking
Fareway – Grimes
Hy-Vee, Inc.
Hy-Vee – Court Avenue
Hy-Vee Drug #7082
Iowa State Fair
DW Trucking
Blessman International
Lanny J. Benishek
Acosta Foodservice
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
Hy-Vee – Urbandale
Hy-Vee – Harding Hills
Central Iowa Shelter & Services
First Fleet Concerts
Perishable Distributors of Iowa
SM Freight
Tiny Mammoth Graphics
Kevin D. Ulmer
Rob and Tiffany Manning
Major Trans
Hy-Vee – Mills Civic
First United Methodist Church
Britton Transport
Werner Enterprises
Black Lab Express
Kum & Go #4110
Patrick D. McQueen
IMT Des Moines Marathon
Freeman Co.
American Trust and Savings Bank

Supporters – Organizations and Businesses

Polk County
Anonymous Donor
Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa
United Way of Central Iowa
Wells Fargo
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation
EMC Foundation
FEMA/Emergency Food & Shelter Program
Sammons Financial Group
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield
Anonymous Donor
BWA Foundation
Conlin Properties
MidAmerican Energy
Stine Seed Company
Knights of Columbus #12482/St. Anthony
All Community Events, Inc.
Bemis Company Foundation
Capital City Fruit
First American Bank
Hatchlings Inc.
Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment and the Arts
Jerry’s Homes, Inc.
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Lincoln Savings Bank
Northwest Bank
Partnership for a Healthier America
Sacred Heart Catholic School
UIG/Eddie and Sharilyn Mauro
West Bancorporation Foundation
AFSCME Local 3450
Alleman/Flowers Charitable Gift Fund
AlRazi Academy
Bayer USA
Blue Ox Spirits
Central Iowa APICS
Des Moines Area Hunger Hike
Drake University
Father John Aldera Foundation
Global Atlantic Financial Group
Green State Credit Union
Gutfreund Foundation Inc
John Deere
Kiwanis Club of Northwest Des Moines
Kum & Go
The Meredith Corporation
Penelope #38 Charitable Trust
Rain and Hail Insurance LLC
St. Augustin School
Sysco Foods of Iowa
The Stelter Company
Waveland Park Masonic Lodge #654

Supporters – Congregations

Lutheran Church of Hope*
Ankeny First United Methodist Church*
Sacred Heart Catholic Church*
St. Pius X Catholic Church*
Covenant Presbyterian Church*
Faith Lutheran Church*
Holy Trinity Catholic Church*
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church*
Meredith Drive Reformed Church
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ*
Polk City United Methodist Church*
St. Augustin Catholic Church*
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church*
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church*
Wakonda Christian Church*
Westminster Presbyterian Church*
Ashworth Road Baptist Church*
First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines*
Grace Lutheran Church*
Grace United Methodist Church*
Immanuel United Methodist Church*
St. James Lutheran Church*
St. John’s Lutheran Church*
St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church
West Des Moines Christian Church*
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church*
Aldersgate United Methodist Church*
All Saints Catholic Church*
Ankeny Presbyterian Church*
Church of Christ NE Restoration Branch
Covenant Christian Church*
First Christian Church*
Highland Park Presbyterian Church*
New Hope United Methodist Church*
Prairie Ridge Church
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church*
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church
Valley United Methodist Church*
Walnut Hills United Methodist Church*
Windsor Presbyterian Church*
Ankeny Christian Church*
Ankeny Church of the Brethren*
Ankeny United Church of Christ*
Capitol Hill Christian Church*
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church*
Cathedral Church of St. Paul*
Central Presbyterian Church*
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church*
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church*
First United Methodist Church*
Fort Des Moines United Methodist Church*
Glen Echo Christian Church*
Grandview Lutheran Church*
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd*
Park Avenue Christian Church*
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church*
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church*
Sheridan Park United Methodist Church*
St. Ambrose Catholic Church*
St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church*
St. Mark Lutheran Church*
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Union Park Presbyterian Church*
Union Park United Methodist Church*
Urbandale United Church of Christ*
Wesley United Methodist Church*
West Des Moines United Methodist Church*
Westover Baptist Church*

* denotes DMARC member congregations