FY2013-14 Annual Report

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A Message from the President


Leanne Valentine
The 2013-2014 fiscal year has seen some big changes for the Des Moines Area Religious Council, namely our move to DMARC’s first permanent home at 1435 Mulberry Street in Downtown Des Moines. The 1435 Mulberry Street Capital Campaign has been an enormous success, with congregations, organizations, businesses and individuals stepping up to support this effort. The new facility allows us to accept large donations that we were previously unable to accommodate, buy larger quantities of food at lower prices, and provide a better environment for our staff and volunteers- all while cutting operating costs for DMARC.

We continued to experience increased demand at our partner food pantries. During this period, we were able to convert some of our partner pantries to choice pantries, which allow our participants to select which food items go into their monthly meal box. Our participants reacted very positively to our new choice pantries and the options that they provide. We also continue to actively seek new pantry locations to reach under-served areas of Greater Des Moines.

As we unite to meet the needs of our neighbors in Greater Des Moines, I want to thank each and every one of you for your donations, volunteerism, and support. Our community is a generous and compassionate one, and we are stronger as a result.


Leanne M. Valentine, President, 2013-2014

Accomplishments and Achievements

1435 Mulberry Street Capital Campaign

In January 2014, DMARC moved into our new home at 1435 Mulberry Street.

Efficiencies from streamlined operations will result in over $250,000 annual savings that will be directed to:

  • Provide assistance for 1,500 more families each year who need help in meeting their food needs.
  • Increase the number of partner pantry sites.
  • Expand consumer access to 300 hours per week, providing 15,000 hours annually for families to access pantries across the Food Pantry Network.

Watch a video of the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Ribbon Cutting

Programs Overview

Food Pantry Network
DMARC partners with 12 Greater Des Moines food pantries to provide food for those in need.

Housing Stability Fund
DMARC’s Housing Stability Fund provides emergency financial assistance to prevent families from becoming homeless.

Child Care Assistance
DMARC’s Child Care Assistance program provides scholarship funding for families to allow children to attend high quality child care.

Interfaith Engagement
We take pride in offering a variety of opportunities for interfaith engagement.

Food Pantry Network


The DMARC Food Pantry Network consists of 12 separate pantry sites, a centralized warehouse, and numerous community partners. It is the largest food pantry system in Iowa. Pantry sites are located in West Des Moines, Ankeny, Johnston, and Urbandale, with eight sites in Des Moines. The DMARC Food Pantry network helps meet short-term food needs when families do not have enough to eat. Once each month, families can receive a free, four-day supply of nutritionally balanced food. In 2013, DMARC assisted more than 38,000 individuals in the greater Des Moines community, half of whom were children and youth.

Food Pantry Network Usage


By the Numbers

  • In FY 2013-2014, 15,011 unique families were provided a food box.
  • In FY 2013-2014, 30,657 unique individuals were served.
  • Over 2,000 families who sought the help of a food pantry had never before had to do so.
  • 1,713,123 food pantry items were distributed.
Children Eating

Housing Stability Fund


DMARC entered into a pilot project with the Polk County Community, Family and Youth Services, funded in part by United Way of Central Iowa and DMARC and launched in August 2013, to provide a coordinated service model for housing stability and homelessness prevention assistance in Polk County.

In January 2014, the Housing Strategies Taskforce of the Polk County Housing Continuum published a Report Brief, Hidden Homelessness – Family Housing Instability and Homelessness in Polk County, Iowa, that examines the incidence, causes, and impact of homelessness. The Brief also provides recommendations to address housing instability and homelessness among families with children residing in Greater Des Moines.

By the Numbers

Participants Assisted
314 households representing 877 individuals

Range of Assistance Provided per Household
$25 – $1,002

Average Assistance Provided
$357 per household, or $128 per client

Assistance Distribution
45% Utilities or Utility Related; 55% Rent or Rent Related

Hungry Mother and Child

Success Story

Elderly Woman


Bonnie* is a widowed 67-year-old who was on a waiting list for permanent supportive housing in Des Moines for six months when she was notified that a unit was available. Bonnie was thrilled! She shared the news with her daughter, with whom she had lived since losing her husband last year.

But, when Bonnie’s final credit report came back showing past-due utility bills in her name, she learned she would not qualify for the unit until the debt was paid. Bonnie was beside herself, as her dream of self-sufficiency began to fade.

Fortunately, Bonnie was referred to the DMARC Housing Stability Fund. The program is a coordinated services model launched in cooperation with Polk County – Community, Family & Youth Services in August 2013 that provides short-term homelessness prevention assistance.

Working closely with DMARC, the utility company and Bonnie, her case manager developed a plan to pay off Bonnie’s old utility bill. Bonnie was soon able to secure electric service in her name, and moved into her new home in less than two weeks.

By quickly responding with the level and type of assistance that Bonnie needed, DMARC helped ensure that Bonnie can live independently in permanent housing and receive the supportive services she needs well into the future.

* name has been changed to ensure confidentiality

Child Care Assistance


Child Care Assistance
The Des Area Religious Council’s Child Care Assistance program provides scholarship funding for families needing financial assistance so that their children can attend high quality child care.

Scholarships funding is intended to meet the needs of families experiencing an inability to pay for childcare. Families may seek DMARC Child Care Assistance funds while looking for work, enrolling in school, experiencing a crisis (medical, employment, housing, change in family status), waiting to receive child care subsidies, or if, even though employed, they still struggle to afford child care. Scholarships are short-term; recipients will be reviewed after six months for consideration of scholarship renewal.

By the Numbers

Total Assistance Provided: $21,789.57
Number of Children Assisted: 17
Average Annual Assistance Provided: $1,281.74

Sad Family

Interfaith Engagement


At its roots, DMARC is a multi-faith collaboration working to meet basic needs in the Des Moines community. We have relationships with members of Baha’ism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, Unitarian Universalism and Native American religion. DMARC hosts two major interfaith events each year: Winter Thaw and the David Bear Memorial Interfaith Lecture Series. Due to scheduling, there was not a David Bear Lecture that fell within fiscal year 2013-2014.

Winter Thaw 2014

Winter Thaw 2014 was held on January 28 & 30 and February 4 & 6, 2014, at Tifereth Israel Synagogue. The theme of Winter Thaw 2014 was Eat, Pray, Love. Sessions this year included:

  • The Ethics of Eating: Why Eating is a Moral Act, James F. Ennis, Executive Director, National Catholic Rural Life Conference
  • Exploring Contemplative Prayer and Practice, Kathy Reardon, Spiritual Director
  • Christian Love and the Challenge of Inclusivity, Matthew Halbach, Director, St. Joseph Educational Center
  • Tikkun Olam (Changing the World): The Jewish Response to Hunger, Neil Salowitz, Board Member, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
  • Singing our Prayers: The Chants and Prayers of Taize, Paul Witmer, Pastor and Spiritual Director
  • Love is a Verb, Dianne Jones and Nancy Schornack, Licensed Mental Health Counselors
  • The Art of Jewish Cooking, Louise Kaufman, Ann Blumberg, and Judy Gregerson, Tifereth Israel Synagogue
  • Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness, Charles Day, Teacher
  • Sit. Stay. Love. An Introduction to Pet Therapy, Rhonda Crane and Faith Jones, Therapy Dogs International
  • “Eat, Pray, Love” Religious Tapestry of Des Moines’ Faiths Panel
    • Robert Nye, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    • Dr. Rizwan Shah, Muslim Community Organization Masjid An-Noor
    • Rabbi Steven Edelman-Blank, Tifereth Israel Synagogue
    • Pramod Mahajan, Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Iowa
    • Rev. Rachel Mithelman, St. John’s Lutheran Church

Winter Thaw 2014 was presented by the Des Moines Area Religious Council, the St. Joseph Educational Center, the Center for Social Ministry, the Jewish Federation, and the Masjid An-Noor Muslim Community.

Winter Thaw 2014
Winter Thaw 2014
Winter Thaw 2014


Total Expenses

Program Services Expenses

Food Pantry Network $1,811,302 (68%)
Food Systems (Eat Greater Des Moines) $129,144 (5%)
Housing Stability Fund $116,202 (5%)
Child Care Assistance $32,494 (1%)
Interfaith Engagement $8,307 (<1%)
Total Program Services Expenses $2,097,449 (79%)

Supporting Services Expenses

General Operations / Administration $415,404 (16%)
Fund Raising $143,021 (5%)
Total Supporting Services Expenses $558,425 (21%)

Revenue Sources


In-Kind Contributions $790,825 (25%)
Individuals $760,927 (24%)
Congregations $528,259 (17%)
Grants $499,555 (16%)
Organizations / Groups $342,348 (11%)
Planned Gifts / Investments $192,256 (6%)
Events / Miscellaneous $12,770 (<1%)
Total Revenue $3,124,671*

Board of Directors


Leanne Valentine
Heartland Presbyterian Church, Clive
Workplace: Principal Financial Group


Chuck Kuba
Temple B’nai Jeshurun
Workplace: Iowa Diamond

Recording Secretary

Linda Harvey
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Workplace: Iowa Donor Network


Robert W. Nye
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Workplace: Wells Fargo

Past President

Susie Tierney
Workplace: Center for Social Ministry

Connie Coy Walker (Advisory)
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Life After Death of Spouse (LADOS)

Suzi Henkel (Advisory)
Church Women United

Tom Fischer
Community Volunteer

David Kaufman
Temple B’nai Jeshurun
Workplace: Rabbi, Temple B’nai Jeshurun

Franklin “Frank” Owens
Cornerstone Family Church
Workplace: ISU Extension & Outreach

Dennis Roupe
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Workplace: Trinity Center at Luther Care Services

Robert D. Shaw, M.D.
Faith Lutheran Church, Clive
Workplace: Retired Physician

Doug Ventling
Lutheran Church of Hope
Workplace: Telligen

John Whalin
Workplace: GuideOne Insurance


Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice
Executive Director

Kristine Frakes, CFRE
Development Director

Rebecca Whitlow
DMARC Food Pantry Network Director

Daniel Beck
Warehouse Manager/Data Network Coordinator

Luke Elzinga
Communications Manager

Linda VanderHart
Office Administrator

John E. Robinson
Red Barrel/Food Drive Coordinator

Pam Larson
Development Associate

Joe Dolack
Driver/Warehouse Associate

Drew Robertson
Warehouse Associate


Download a full Honor Roll of Donors from January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014.  


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Anonymous Donors (96)


Jared Abbott and Anne Pitts
Tyler Abels
Ed and Susan Acoymo
Joan F. Adams
Mechile Adams
David Adelman
Steven Adelman and Katherine Elsner
Deborah Adolphson
James and Nancy Adrianse
Vera Aginsky
Vyrlee Ahlberg
Bill and Jane Ahrens
Sara Aipperspach
David and Sara Albaugh
Ryan Albers
Patricia A. Aldrich
Kathryn Allegra
Linda R. Alleman
Gordon and Barbara Allen
Jodi Allen
William Allen and Pamela Cooke
Margaret M. Altman
Scott and Kim Amdahl
Linda Anania
Kelly M. Andersen
Robert and Peggy Andersen
Wayne and Susan Andersen
Gene and Lynnette Anderson
Inger H. Anderson
James and Sharon Anderson
John Anderson
K.C. Anderson
Mary E. Anderson
Pat A. Anderson
Ruby D. Anderson
Shirley E. Andre
Jane A. Andrew
Brenda Andrews
Caroyle Andrews
Gerald and Geraldine Angove
John and Sheryl Antol
John and Nancy Appel
Linda Appelgate
Gerry M. Archambeau
Marlene R. Arends
Relda Armington
Jerry and Nancy Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong and Christine Paulson
Ronda and William Armstrong
Justin and Kendra Arnold
Pam Arnold Powers
Jarl Aronsen
Janet R. Arro
Pat Ashbaugh
Conrad T. Atkin
Travis and Kathryn Atkinson
Roxana Augustine and Rhonda Toncar
Melody D. Auten
Anne L. Avise
Mary Avise
Jeremiah Avise-Rouse
Linda Ayrers


Debbie and Khamphoui Baccam
Taylor Backous and Shelly Bear
Vera B. Bacon Bequest
Jeff and Stacy Bagby
Heidi and Raymond Bagg
Kaye Bair
Debra and Brian Baker
Elaine Baker
Jack and Mary Baker
Joseph and Jodi Baker
Keith Baker and Deborah Guthrie
Thomas and Kimberly Bakey
Julie Baldner
Lila R. Balducki
Patricia S. Baldwin
Sharon Baldwin
Charles Ball and Christine Riccelli
Judith M. Balsman
Charles and Linda Jo Banks
Nello S. Barbieri
Charles and Barbara Bare
Robert and Velda Barkley
Robert Barks
Marcia Barlage
Barb Barnard
Jane Barnes
Robert J. Barnes
Josephine Barnes Watson
Lori E. Barnes-Petersen
Merton and Louise Barr
Pamala J. Barth
Lola A. Bartolomei
William and Jean Basinger
Michael Bassett and Kathy Mahler
Steve and Penny Bassman
Mark and Dee Batchelder
Randy and Lisa Bates
Jason and Susan Battani
Renee J. Batts
Carrie Bauer
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Russell and Holly Beazley
Jeannette M. Becker
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Ann C. Gerdom
Kent and Gwendolyn Gerhardt
Robert and Ann Gernes
Andrew and Jennifer Gervais
Magdi and Nawal Ghali
Paul and Elizabeth Gibbins
John and Janice Giblin
Marianne D. Gideon
Brian and Elaine Gifford
Jeffrey and Lisa Gift
Roberta R. Gilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbride
Bob Giles
Margaret Giles
Dr. Harvey Giller and Barbara
Jamie and Patricia Gilley
John and Shirley Gilmore
Laurel Gingerich
Richard and Delores Gioffredi
Ruthann Giraud
Bernard and Norma Gisolf
Deborah Z. Gitchell
Herman and Susan Givant
Mark and Theresa Glasnapp
Maralee and George Glatz
Wallace and Hazel Glaze
Sharon F. Gleich
Timothy and Sharon Glenn
Linda and David Gobberdiel
Janet A. Goble
Jeanette Goehring
Dr. Larry and Patricia Goetz
Karen K. Gohlke
Norman Goldberg and Carole Marchesano
Dennis Goldford and Sharon Louis-Goldford
David H. Goldman
Doris Goldner
Roy C. Gollnick
Nancy Gooding
Jerry and Vickie Goodwin
Larry and Junie Gookin
Elona Gorman
Bernard Gottner and Eileen Burtle
Mary Gottschalk
Karen K. Graber
Siri L. Granberg
David and Susan Grant
Jerome and Carol Grant
Barbara Grask
Richard E. Grassman
W. and Doris Gray
Frances P. Graziano
Jerry and Deanne Green
Kyle and Brigid Greening
Rich Greenough
Theresa J Greiner
Martha J. Gribble
Kathryn A. Griffin
Diana M. Griffith
Lisa J. Griffith
Susan Griffiths
Harry and Gwen Griger
Karen Grimes
Mary E. Grimsley
Paul and Melodie Grinvalds
Martin Grochala
Mary and Joseph Grochala
Dennis Groenenboom and Scott Hartsook
Ann Grogan
JoAnn Gronert
Jack and Marlene Gross
Anthony Guerra
Maynard and Judy Guild
Chester L. Guinn
Jeffrey and Sharon Gumm
Genevieve and Jerry Gunderman
Kristy Gunnerson
Debbie A. Guntly
Mathew W. Gusland
Sheri L. Gustafson
William and Sara Gustoff
Eric and Susan Guy

Joan E. Haack
Theo and Lavoy Haage
Debra and David Haak
Tim and Alma Hackbart
Michael Haedicke and Kathleen Gillon
Dennis Hagedorn
Michael and Julie Haggerty
Margaret E. Hahn
David and Nancy Hall
Dr. Joseph and Carrie Hall
Glen and Kimberly Hall
David and Andrea Hallman
John and Jane Hallman
Dennis and Renee Halsted
Karen J. Halter
John and Patty Haluska
Dr. Lee Halverson
David and Donna Haman
Paula A. Hamann
David R. Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton and Nancy Deranleau
James C. and Kay M. Hamilton
Kenneth and Karen Hamilton
James and Margaret Hammer
John and Mary Hampel
Craig and Pat Hand
Evelyn G. Hand
Bonnie L. Handley
Jan Handley
Sue Handley
Kathleen J. Hanlon
Kelly A. Hannan
Jo Ann Hanover
Barbara Hans
Al and Mildred Hansen
Karla M. Hansen
Michelle and Alan Hansen
Thomas and Cherry Hansen
Blanca Hanson
Jim and Phyllis Hanson
Margaret M. Hanson
Mark and Pennelyn Hanson
George and Janet Hanusa
Rodney Hanze and Lisa Parker
Ryan and Kori Harakel
Roselyn Harbart
Marilou Hardy
Darla Harken
James and Lynn Harkin
Robin and Jolene Harlow
Mrs. Muffy Harmon
Wendell and Lois Harms
Gayle and William Harper
Lee Harper
Eugene and Ruth Harris
Julie L. Harris
Lorene Harris
Mary and Jack Harris
Richard and Shirley Harris
Stephen Harris and Nancy Dietz
Aaron and Rachel Harrison
Harvey Harrison and Ellen Taylor
Suzanne Hartley
Charlene and Dale Hartman
Judith A. Harvey
Linda Harvey
Janet and David Harwood
Dr. Sue Haskell
Ione Hasselton
Mary Hatcher
Donald and Rosa Lee Hauser
Wade Hauser, III and Michele Druker
Wendy Havemann
Mark Haverland and Faith Ferré
Carla Hawkins
Eleanor A. Hawkins
Eric Hawkins
Joyce S. Haworth
Pauline E. Haworth
Kent A. Hayek
Cora C. Hayes
Donald and Susan Hayes
Gwen G. Hayes
Jacki Hayes
Paul and Debra Hayes
Toinette Hayes
Mary A. Hays
Duane J. Heaberlin
Ben and Karen Heathcote
Mary K. Heatherton
Alden and Betty Hebard
David Heddendorf and Susan Yager
Vicki and Larry Hedlin
Jeffrey J. Heemstra
Michael and Diane Heid
Douglas and Barbara Hein
Muriel Heller
Mary Hellerstedt
Dale and Jo Helling
Marvin and D. Ann Hembry
Lawrence and Amy Hemphill
William and Susan Heng
Marion Hengesteg
Kent and Carole Henning
Reed and Debra Henrichsen
Larry and Jane Herbold
Jason and Carla Herling
Joseph and Barbara Hermes
Natalie Herold and Emma Kasap
Edward and Victoria Hertko
Steven and Karen Herwick
Daniel and Alana Hetland
Viki S. Heuton
Nancy Hewitt
David Hickman and Cynthia Cottrell Hickman
Dr. John and Mary Ann Hicks
William G. Hicks
Robert Hidalgo
Alexander Hilgerson
Gina Hill
Lloyd and Trudy Hill
Rodney Hillebo and Chanthaboun
Rosemary Hillman
Virgil and Kathlyn Hillman
Jeanne M. Hillsman
Stephen and Amy Hilmes
Jeff and Michelle Hilsabeck
Marsha J. Hines
Laura Hingtgen
Harry and Starr Hinrichs
Linda Hinton
Ron and Mary Hintz
Dr. Norma J. Hirsch
Meghan and Douglas Hirsch
Harlan and Dorothy Hockenberg
Larry and Patricia Hockersmith
Rev. Robert A. Hoefler
Will and Dixie Hoekman
Gloria and Lyle Hoffmann
Linda Hofreiter
Larry and Karen Hoier
Alan and Denise Holck
James Holcomb and Linda Moller
Holiday Donors
Carolyn and Richard Holland
Gerald and Rosemary Holland
Gloria and Edwin Holland
Isabelle Holland
Delton and Laura Holler
John and Darla Hollinger
Leigh A. Hollis-Caruso and Kathryn H. Caruso
Dorothea M. Holmquist
Roland and DyAnne Holoubek
Richard and Trudi Holst
Tim and Terry Holt
Benjamin and Wanda Holthaus
John and Andrea Holveck
Kristi Holzer
Lynda Hommer
Sophie Homonoff
Dr. Scott and Julie Honsey
Zachary P. Hoover
Heather Horgen
Philip and Alisa Horn
Barbara Horton
Bari L. Hoskins
Pamela and Robert Hostert
Lindsey C. Hougham
Julie A. Houghton
James and Sheila Hourigan
Janette J. House
Jerry and Glenna Houser
Marcia A. Hove
Debra H. Howard
Marianne Howard
William and Lynne Howard
Robert and Dale Howe
Janice and Ben Howell
Galen and Katherine Howsare
Jon and Barbara Hrabe
Joyce Hrdina
Marjorie Huber
Grace V. Huffman
Catherine and Jeffrey Huggins
Norman and Carol Hulscher
Dana Hunt
Jeff and Dana Hunt
Michael and Marcia Hunter
Lawrence and Karen Huntley
Linda Hupton
David Hurd and Trudy Holman Hurd
Patrick and Mary Hurley
Gail and Ruth Hurst
Charlotte P. Hutchison
Ted and Susan Hutchison
Edith M. Hutton
Henry and Bonnie Hyda
Diane Hypes


Joseph and Mary Iacovazzi
Crystal R. Iiams
Mark and Lori Iles
Vicki L. Ingham
Douglas M. Ireland
Bernard and Beverly Irwin
Bruno Isolini
James and Deborah Israel
Dan and Debbie Ivis


Judith Jaastad
Deanna R. Jackson
Sharyn Jackson and Laryssa Husiak
Matt Jacobson
Dwight and Lois James
Larry and Barb James
Harold and Susan Jansen
Denman Jarvis
Joseph and Ann Jeffries
Ardith E. Jenison
Diann Jenison
Stephen and Jennifer Jenkins
Iris A. Jenness
Lonna Jennings
Christopher and Deanna Jens
Chris and Kristin Jensen
Jerald and Janet Jensen
William Jess
Peter and Amy Johannsen
Barbara John
Blaine and Peggy Johnson
Brian and Lisa Johnson
Christy Johnson
David and Janet Johnson
Dennis and Rosemary Johnson
Dennis Johnson and Ann Carmody
Douglas and Stephanie Johnson
Joanne Johnson
Katie Johnson
Nanette R. Johnson
Norma J. Johnson
Richard Johnson and Leslie Mamoorian
Rosemary and Dennis Johnson
Scott and Peggy Johnson
Vickie S. Johnson
Walter L. Johnson
Linda A. Johnson-Lundquist
David and Lorri Johnston
Doug Johnston
Ed and Nici Johnston
Johnnie and Debby Johnston
Beverly J. Jones
David and Wendy Jones
Jennifer D. Jones
John and Sharon Jones
Kolby Jones
Lori and Douglas Jones
Mark and Cynthia Jones
Mary Ann and Jerry Jones
Preston and Diane Jones
Randall and Donna Rae Jones
Sharon Jones
Susan and Rees Jones
Walter and Joyce Jones
Pennye S. Joos
David and Gerrianne Jordan
Eric P. Jorgensen
Lori Jorgensen
Robert Josten
Douglas Jotzke
John and Mary Judge
Donald and Truly Judisch
Kent and Jeri Juergens
Judy R. Juhler
Jeff A. Jungman
Belma Jusufovic
Allaire Jutting


Rebecca Kaduce
Richard and Jacquelin Kail
Joanne S. Kalahar
Janell Kallenbach
Carolyn and Paul Kamp
Steven and Amber Kane
Jody Kanne
Lisa M. Karabinus
Douglas and Lin Karlen
Brian and Cathy Karn
Peter and Robin Karney
Rabbi David and Julie Kaufman
Daniel and Carol Kavadas
Raymond and Mary Keables
Larry and Mary Keck
Karen Keeran
Diane Kehm
Dennis and Jo Linda Keith
Francis and Nan Keith
Manfred and Shirley Kekstadt
Helen V. Kelehan
Ken and Judy Keller
Bruce and Susan Kelley
Donald and Mary Kelly
Alan W. Kemp
Shelly Kemp
Charles and Joyce Kenagy
Michael and Karen Kenline
Jack and Amanda Kennedy
John and Nada Kennelley
Carol A. Kent
Peg Kephart
David Kerr
Kenneth and Amy Jo Kerr
James and Nadia Kerschke
David and Janis Ketcher
Brian and Krista Kielty
Arnold and Joanne Kilburg
Tom and Rhonda Kilkenny
Sandra J. Killin
Angelyn M. King
Arthur and Bonnie King
Mrs. Margaret B. King
Stephen and Shamaine King
Doris I. Kinion
Sandra Kinter
Gary Kirke
Patrick and Christine Kirkman
Keith Kirkpatrick
Rosemary Kirlin
Brent and Jen Klaiber
Gregory and Susan Klein
Silvia B. Klein
M. David and Terry Klipsch
Joe Klueppel
Deloris J. Kluesner
Ned and Denise Kluever
Richard and Mary Knapp
Robert and Diane Knief
Carolyn Knittle
Gary Knorr
Mary M. Knosby
Carol Knosby Hanf
Evelyn C. Knudsen
Carol Kochheiser
Edward and Janice Kodet
Kathi Koenig
Daniel J. Koestner
Kathleen Kohorst
W Jean Kolmer
Pramila and Srinivas Komanduri
Susan A. Koons
Kathleen A. Kopatich
Ed and Teresa Kordick
Rev Gene and Anne Koth
Nelle Kottman
Joe and Gail Kotval
Deborah Koua
Adrian and Deborah Kouri
Theresa S. Koziol
Alan and Kathryn Kraft
Deborah J. Krambeck
Bill Kramer
David and Linda Kramer
Keith and Diane Krell
Roger and Lois Kriebs
Andrea and Kevin Krieg
Jon Krieg and Patricia McKee
Dennis A. Krueger
Chuck and Lynn Kuba
Rod Kubat
Bradley and Traci Kuehl
Michael Kuehn and Karen Chrystal
Patrick and Deanna Kueter
Martha Kuhl
Amy Kuhlers
Steven and Virginia Kukla
Charles and Mary Kunkel
Robert and Jacqueline Kunnen
Dolores G. Kurt
Ed Kyker
Gregory and Cheryl Kytola
Richard and Debra Kzamerzak


Frederic and Louise LaCroix
Todd Lage
David R. Lake
John and Margaret LaMarche
Erica S. Lamb
Paul F. Lamb
Craig E. Lampright
Karen E. Lancaster
Kathryn L. Landin
Roger and Doris Landwehr
Alan and Jill Lange
Carl and Susan Langren
Arlene Lapcheske
Leonard and Delores Larsen
Virgil and Mary Ann Larsen
Bonnie Larson
Dan and Donna Larson
Gary L. Larson
Gene and Sandra Larson
Jim and Doreen Larson
Pamela and Robert Larson
Skip Larson and Clare Smith-Larson
Thomas E. Larson
Paul and Kathryn Lass
Richard Latch
Philip Latessa and Judith Curtis-Latessa
Paul and Sally Latta
Phillip and Ann Laughlin
Joseph and Linda Laurenzo
David and Kathleen Law
Gina Lawrence-Sokol
Lynn M. Laws
James M. Lawson and Rachel Stauffer
Vernon E. Leach
David Leaming and Darlene Kuntz
Deb Lechtenberg
Kate Lechtenberg
Katie Lee
Kirk and Sara Lee
Robert and Elizabeth Lee
William R. Lee
Thomas Leffler and Judy Anderson
Juanita M. Leggett
Deanna R. Lehl
Regina and Angus Lehman
John Leiendecker and Linda Vanderloo
Constance Leino
Robert and Patricia Leisy
Dave and Kelli Lemke
Mark and Betty Lemke
David Lemon
Ryan and Kristin Lensing
Chris Leonard
Duane R. Leonard
James and Peggy Leonardo
Mark J. Leoschke
Mary Ann Leporte
Dean and Deana Lerner
Mary E. Lesher
Ralph and Jane Leto
Raymond and Rae Leto
Roger and Sally Leuthold
William and Paula Levay
Charlie and Linda Levens
Randy and Jody Leventhal
Alex Lewis
Jimmy and Beverly Lewis
Sara Lewis
William and Harriet Lewis
Michael and Georgie Libbie
Ronald and Linda Lickteig
Dawn M. Liekweg
Beverly G. Lightner
Charles and Judith Linden
Erika A. Linden
James and Debra Lindstrom
Paulee Lipsman
Lela M. Lisk
Steven and Gwen Liston
William Lloyd
Dinah C. Lockhart
Todd and Melanie Loecke
Steven and Jean Loegering
Hugh and Marie Logan
Karen K. Loihl
Debbie L. Loiocomo
Al and Mary Sue Lone
Greg and Cheryl Long
Daniel and Joan Looker
Lloyd and Linda Lopeman
Paul and Cheryl Lopez
Ronald and Jill Lorenz
Helen and Bill Lorenzen
Jennifer D. Losee
Gayla D. Low
Bill and Karla Lowe
Dennis and Nancy Lowman
Jason and Lynn Lucy
Jeff and Constance Ludwig
Vera M. Lull
Erica Luna
Steven and Linda Luneburg
Julie M. Lunn
Steve Lussier
Kathryn J. Lydon
Larry and Alina Lynch
Mark D. Lyons


Edward and Carol MacDonald
Gary Macek and Nancy Ferguson
James and Cindy Mackey
Thomas and Nancy Macklin
Shirley MacLood
Alan and Regina MacRae
Ellen Macroy and William Brentano
Robin Madison
Raymond and Carolyn Magnani
William and Sarah Magnani
Rod and Lisa Maharry
Mike and Mary Mahoney
Dennis and Patty Maiers
Jean L. Main
Margaret E. Maloney
Anita Mandelbaum
Norman Mandelbaum and Marilyn Parsons
Julie Maness
Abhishek Mangipudy
Dennis and Karen Mann
Harold and Karen Mann
Lavone E. Mann
Lola M. Mann
M. Maxine Mann
Henry L. Manning
Matt and Sharon Manning
Robert Mapes
Ken and Tracy March
James and Shirlee Marcovis
Lucille E. Marcus
L. T. Marr
J. Richard Martel and Jill Sorenson
Rhianna Martin
Jack and Patricia Martinez
Joy and Dean Maskell
Richard and Diane Mason
Lance L. Massey
Jeffrey and Betty Mathers
Donald and Jane Mathiasen
Jason and Angela Mathiasen
Sheryl and Dave Mattern
John and Grace Mauro
Judith A. Maxfield
Robert and Joyce Mayes
Sharon A. Mays
Stephanie R. McAdam
Lois M. McBroom
Gregory and Juanita McCabe
Kathleen A. McCabe
John and Sandi McCann
Mary Eggers McCarroll
Rev. Jean and Michael McCarthy
Sandy McCarthy
John and Maxine McCaw
Jerald and Christine McClelland
Ronald and Shirley Mcclelland
Carrie McCollum
Dean and Mary McCollum
Trudy McCormick
Gary and Sharon McCoy
Joshua and Amy McCoy
William and Mary Ann McCoy
Matthew McCright and Jane Robinette
Dorothy and Leon McCullough
Robert and Lois McCully
James and Marilyn McDermet
Charles and Louise McDonald
Mark McDonald
Chris McDougal
Kent and Julie McDougal
Adele McDowell
Anthony and Carolyn McEvoy
Geri McGonegle
Jim and Betty McGonigle
Harry and Patricia McGowan
Karen McGregor
Ms. Diane M. McGuire
Kimberly A. McIntire
Aaron and Kathy McKay
Marlene McKay
Paula and Steven McKee
Marlene McKenzie
Robert D. McKinley
Donald and Carrie McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin
Lois M. McMain
Randy and Sue McMain
Joe and Paula McManus
Jeffrey and Barbara McMenamin
Mr. & Mrs. L. J. McMichael
John McMillin
Cathy M. McMullen
Matthew and Stephanie McNamara
Michael McNeil
Jerry T. McNeley
Pat D. McQueen
Linda McVey
Robert L. McWithey and Minh N. K. McWithey
Andrea L. Mead
Emily Mead
Jeffrey Means and Diane Glass
John and Janice Mechem
Steven and Kelly Medina
Barbara L. Meeks
Susan J. Meenan
Mary B. Mehalovich
Mary Meier
James and Sue Meimann
Robert and Sharon Meisenheimer
Russell Melby and Janet Nieuwsma Melby
Jeannie A. Melhus
Connie T. Mendrys
Craig T. Menning
Michael A. Mensing
Wayne and Lois Menzel
Rev. Vernon and Frances Merkey
Doris M. Merrill
Karen H. Merrill
Susan Mersereau
Carl and Bethany Meyer
Eugene and Kathleen Meyer
Mary K. Meyer
Mary Meyer
Richard and Lindsay Michalski
Troy Michalski
Lisa and John Michel
Lynn and Catherine Michl
Peggy S. Micile
Marty Mickle and Linda Grathwohl
Brad Mihm
Craig and Betty Miller
Craig Miller and Nancy Alleman
David and Christine Miller
David and Denise Miller
Dean and Cassandra Miller
Gordon and Leanne Miller
Jacqueline Miller
Ned Miller
Patricia A. Miller
Patti Miller
Stephen and Elizabeth Miller
Alton and Kathleen Milligan
Coleen K. Milligan
James and Lorilee Mills
Michael and Dianne Milobar
Dr. Albert and Evelyn Mintzer
Marilee Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell and Barb Callaghan-Mitchell
Barbara Mittelstaedt Berven and Norman Berven
Michael and Melissa Mlakar
Becky and Lester Moeller
Nancy K. Mohlis
Diane Mohrfeld
Patrick T. Molony
Sean and Jayna Montag
Doris Montgomery
Paul and Brenda Montgomery
Paul and Ginny Montgomery
Steven and Mary Montigne
Nancy G. Moon
Diane H. Morain
John Moreland and Kathleen Schneider
Barry and Therese Morgan
Joe and Judy Morgan
Mary H. Morling
Jeanne R. Morris
Stephen and Lynn Morris
Steven and Kimberly Morris
Paul F. Morrison
Margaret J. Morrissey
Amber Morrow
Carol Morrow
Sheryl Morrow
Cynthia Morton and Richard Jacobs
Brian T. Mosdal
Steven and Janice Moser
Clayton and Rea Moss
Troy and Mindy Moss
James and Debra Mosteller
Norene and Samuel Mostkoff
Mabel Mott
Richard and Betty Jean Mott
John Muelhaupt
James and Jean Muench
Sylvia Muenzenberger
Richard and Lisa Mullen
Barbara Mullin
Trefor and Karen Munch
Barbara A. Murillo
Pauline Murphy
Kevin P. Murray
Merrie J. Murray
Mike and Carol Murwin
Marilyn Musser
Stephen and Catherine Mussett
Alex Myers and Shannon Oakley
Amy Myers
Bob and Patty Myers
Kay Myers
Steven and Nancy Myers
Terry and Laura Myers


Maryan G. Nadel
Michael and Jaime Naig
Amy Wishman Nalan and Jamey Nalan
Scott M. Nash
Jim Natzke
Barbara Navin
Elsie P. Naylor
Marci S. Neary
David R. Neff
Jana Neff
Bill H. Neibergall
Joan A. Nelsen
Janelle Nelson
Jeffrey and Becky Nelson
Michael and Jill Nelson
S. Christian and Elizabeth Nelson
Theodora A. Nelson
Scott and Barbara Nessa
Ray New
Brian J. Newell
Tom and Wanda Newell
Wayne and Mary Beth Newkirk
Owen J. and Doris Jean Newlin
Robert D. Newton
Robert and Karen Nicholson
Leonard and Elaine Nicol
Harold J. Nicola
Larry and Frances Nielsen
Scott and Laura Nilius
Roy and Mary Nilsen
Andrew and Barbara Nish
Arthur and Patricia Nizzi
Linda K. Njamfa
Ryan and Jessica Noble
Lance and Debbie Noe
Gary and Anne Nordquist
Russell Norem
Elaine L Norman and Julie A Brooks
Ethel Norman
Justin Norman
Kirk and Annette Norris
Charles M. Northrop
William J. Noth
Joel and Kay Novak
Gina Nunez
Sigmund and Marilyn Nussbaum
Edward Bell and Mindy Nussbaum-Bell
Rob and Jan Nye


Tom and Janet O’Brien
William and Mary O’Brien
Melodie O’Connell
Joseph and Laverne Oertli
Steven and Karla Oeth
Jennifer Off
Gilbert and Anita O’Gara
James and Jeanne O’Halloran
Douglas and Marcia Ohde
Lorain Ohnemus
Joel and Katharine Olah
Linda K. Oleson
David and Sheila Oliver
A. J. Olson
Glenn and Carol Olson
Tina Olson
Fern G. Oman
Clement and Connie Omeara
Linda O’Morrow
Deirdre O’Neill
Mary B. Oothout
Susan and Lee Origer
Barb Oroake
John and Shannon Orput
Tony and Sally Ortgies
Alvadore and Mary Osborn
Jack C. Osborne
Kerry Ostring
Timothy J. Oswald
Mark and Linda O’Toole
Sally E. Ouellette
George and Mary Ouimet
William C. Oviatt
Eliza Ovrom and Mark Schuling
Chad and Melissa Owen
Stuart Oxer and Wendi L. Harris

Judith A. Palko
Carol J. Palmer
Elizabeth Palmer
Howard and Debra Palmer
Jerry and Sammy Palmer
Kim and Scott Palmer
Max and Elayne Palmer
Lisa Palmersheim
Richard Pankonen
Pat Papenheim
Erica Parkey
Jacqueline K. Parkey
Randy Parman
Jessica Parmley
Dennis and Kimberly Patrick
Erlene M. Pattee
Carl and Judy Patterson
Tom Patterson
John and Pamela Patton
Nancy A. Paullin
Ron Payne
G. J. Pearl
Carol A. Pearson
Phyllis Pearson
Ronald and Ruth Pearson
Doug Peckumn
Don and Kay Peddy
Adam J. Pederson
Marilyn E. Peercy
Douglas and Janet Peiffer
Harold C. Peiffer
Jim and Muriel Pemble
Thomas and Karen Penisten
Cassandra J. Penton
Danny and Sharon Perkins
Harvey and Merrill Perlman
Steve Perlowski
David and Melanie Perry
Thomas and Sarah Pesek
Daryl and Susan Petersen
Roger and Susan Petersen
Tom and Charolene Petersen
Alan Peterson
Don and Kay Peterson
Jamie S. Peterson
Kay and Don Peterson
Kristen Peterson
Lars Peterson and Saralyn Schlievert
Raymond and Joan Peterson
Suzanne Peterson
Rev. Richard C. Pfaltzgraff
Thomas and Sheila Pflanz
Nancy Philben
Debbie S. Phillips
Jeffrey and Joan Phillips
Louise and Jeri Phillips
Benjamin and Barbara Phinney
Diane M. Pickle
David and Diana Pieper
Roger A. Pieper
Dale and Susan Pierce
Joel and Rhonda Pierce
Richard and Gail Pierce
Darcy A. Piffer
Nancy A. Pinkerton
James G. Piros and Ruth Wright-Piros
Lynda K. Pitts
Amy Plymat
Susan A. Pohl
John C. Pollak and Nancy Crowfoot
Ronald and Laurie Polle
Mark and Shannon Pollmann
Marvin and Margaret Pommer
Gretchen C. Pope
Gene and Ramona Porter
Jacqueline S. Porter
Jerry Pottorff
Gregory A. Poulson
Julie M. Powell
Kent and Kimber Powell
Camille J. Power
Edward and Kathleen Power
Allan R. Powers and Ann E. Mowery
Kelly Powers
Jack Pray
Thomas E. Press
Richard and Margaret Prey
Cornelius and Sally Price
Dolores Price
Jacalyn Priestley
Melissa Primus
Pam Prince
Michael and Sally Proctor
David A. Proudfit
MaryJo Pucelik
David G. Puffett Sr.
Carl and Norma Pullen
James J. Pullen
Mark and Darlene Pullen
Allen Purdy and Sherry Drake
Mark and Mary Purtle
Ray and Viola Putz


Mary E. Quandt
Dawn Quidort
Ella M. Quiner
Tom and Joan Quinlin
Mary P. Quinlivan


Lucinda and Richard Raabe
Sheldon and Roselind Rabinowitz
Janice L. Radosevich
Rex and Janet Ramsay
Rahn and Diane Randolph
Lynn M. Rankin
Erica Rasmussen
Mikal and Rian Rasmussen
Donna L. Rasmusson
Carol and Randall Ratekin
Lori and Rick Rathbun
O.D. and Elinor Ratliff
Jerry and Cathy Ray
Mike and Amy Ray
Charles and Sheila Rayburn
Elizabeth L. Raymond
Nate Reagan
Steven and Jodie Reagan
Kenneth and Donna Reams
Kathleen K. Reardon
Mary N. Reavely
James and Jill Reber
Shirlee Reding
Jeanette M. Redman
Barton and Kimberly Reed
Myrna Reed
Peter and Rita Reed
Ronald and Bonnie Reed
Ruth A. Reed
Guy B. Reese
Patrick and Cheryl Regan
Rachel Regenold
Wendell and Grace Rehnblom
Ronald and Diane Reid
Ronald and Darlene Reighard
Jacqueline Reineke
Benjamin and Jamie Rempe
Doyle D. Renaud
Shirley A. Renda
Tom and Julia Rendon
Susan J. Repplinger
Jamie and Nancy Retzinger
Debra K. Rex
Laura E. Reynolds
Susan K. Rezek
Frank and Susan Rhoades
Pat and Jane Rhoades
John and Lisa Rhodes
Marilee Rice
Roger Rice
Ronald M. Rice and Sarai Schnucker Rice
Dana and Adam Rich
Mark and Janet Richards
Richard and Sylvia Richards
Michelle Richardson
Ruth Ann and Douglas Richter
Paul E. Rider Sr.
Ronald and Kathy Ridnour
Kevin A. Riesberg and Samantha S. Thorpe
Harlan and Lorraine Riley
Mary K. Riley
Ryan Riley
Roger and Roseanne Rinderknecht
Chuck and Jenny Riner
Chuck Rinkel
James and Janine Rinker
Duane and Christy Rinnan
Brian and Kerry Riordan
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Riordan
Elizabeth A. Riordan
Wes and Karen Ritchie
Deborah C. Ritter
Roger and Carol Ritter
Kathy L.T. Roat
Susan Roberts
Clarence and Linda Robinson
David Robinson
Ellen Robinson
Brian and Laurie Robison
F. David and Sharon Robison
Kathryn Roblee
Thomas and Patricia Robson
Frances M. Rockey
Robert and Helen Rod
Richard and Marsha Rodemyer
Craig and Ruth Roethler
Lois F. Roets
Deborah C. Rogers
William and Debbie Rogers
Charles and Joy Rohm
Diana M. Ronald
Tom and Stacey Rooney
Frances G. Rosen
Sol Rosenbaum
Gene L. Rosenberg
Scott and Judith Rosenberg
Mark and Janet Rosenbury
Trudi R. Rosenfeld
Nancy A. Ross
Angela K. Roth
Florence M. Roth
Randy and Annette Roth
Dennis J. Roupe
Eric and Kimberly Roush
Rodger and Mary Routh
Ron and Catherine Routh
Marilyn Rowe
Ronald and Ann Rowland
John and Mary Roy
Steve and Sarah Roy
Ron and Clarice Rubek
Vince Rubino
Dayton Ruckle
Linda S. Rudkin
Freda A. Ruleman
David and Mary Runyan
Ron Rupe
Thomas and Trina Rupp
Dr. Barbara Rush
Hal and Donna Rusk
Dr. Christopher A. Russell
Matthew W. Russell
Robert and Connie Ruths
Norma Rutz
Robert and Nicole Ryan
Thomas and Sherri Ryan


Robert and Lu Saf
Michael Sage
Tony and Yvonne Salem
Annette Sales
Frances E. Sales
Neil and Debra Salowitz
Shoshana Salowitz
Jack and Elisabeth Salzsieder
James and Nelda Sampel
John and Jean Sample
Paula K. Sampson
Sharon Sams
Jeanne M. Sandahl
Kent and Lou Ann Sandburg
James and Mary Sanders
Karen Sanders
Shirley D. Sandfort
Harry and Kathryn Sandstrom
Marco A. Santana
Michael and Katherine Sargent
Jason and Linda Sash
Charles and Sherri Saul
David and Jeanette Saurman
Stacy and David Savard
Susan C. Sayers
Kenneth and Mary Brenda Scarpino
Mary Scarpino
Robert Scarpino
Charles P. Schachterle
Theresa J. Schall
John and Karen Schaub
James and Beth Scheetz
Sam and Bobbye Scheidler
Nathan P. Schelhaas
Melissa Scheuerman
Ronald and Cheryl Schiller
Karl and Peg Schilling
Tyler and Heida Schleicher
Michael and Julie Schlorholtz
Ardis Schmelzer
Bryan and Megan Schmelzer
Mary Schmidt
Anthony and Martha Schmitt
Kevin Schmitz
Kathleen M. Schneider
Mark Schneider and Phyllis Friedman
Edward and Brenda Schnoor
Chris and Melissa Schnucker
William Schocke
William and Karen Schoenenberger
Gary and Mindy Scholten
Jalon Schoonover
Molly Schott
Craig and Susan Schrader
Lori M. SchraderBachar
Richard and Julie Schraeger
Don and Teresa Schreiber
Herman and Hazel Schroedel
Clare and Elizabeth Schroeder
Elizabeth and Clare Schroeder
Kent and Melissa Schrof
Patrick and Julie Schulte
Jonathan and Terri Schultes
Gary and Sherry Schultz
Jeffrey and Carla Schumacher
Jennifer Schumann
Debra Y. Schuster
Sara L. Schutte-Schenck
Daniel A. Schwarz
Jean Schweizer
Jessica Schwindt
Audry Scigliano
Bob and Sheilah Scott
Carolyn Scott and Cynthia Riordan
Carrie Scott
Catherine A. Scott
David and Donna Scott
Howard and Jessica Scott
Janette S. Scott
Joseph and Mary Scott
Karen D. Scott
John and Tressy Sebring
Marilyn and Victor Sedlacek
Charles and Nancy Seel
Richard and Jackie Seibert
David and Victoria Selinger
Deanna Sellner
Ruth Sellner
Nugoon Sengdy
Sara J. Sersland
Linda Sesker
Noel and Mary Sesker
Phyllis Seuferer
Jody Shaffer McCoy
Howard Shapiro
Helen and Bob Sharp
Donald and Barbara Shaw
Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw
Norma J. Shaw
Carl and Anita Shawhan
James and Marcella Sheaff
Oliver Sheaff
Timothy and Christine Sheaff
Richard and Suzanne Sheaffer
Joe and Judy Shepard
Laurence and Norma Shepard
Stewart and Rebecca Shepard
Richard E. Shepardson
Rick and Georgia Sheriff
Tamra Sherman
Margie C. Shetterly-Spence
Jennifer and Thomas Shide
Matt Shields
Kirk and Janet Shipley
Stephen and Brendalyn Shird
Linda Shivers
David and Cherry Shogren
James and Sharel Short
Dale and Michelle Shriver
Gary E. Shull
Kari Shultz
Hilda A. Sickels
Rachel and Mark Siegel
Loretta Sieman
Bryant and Jami Siesken
Barbara A. Siler
Delores K. Silio and Donna Silio
Kathleen P. Simmons
Dana and Ronata Simon
Bruce and Linda Simonton
Melinda Sinnott
James and Mary Jo Sires
Joleen Sisson
Keith Sjostrom and Mary Ann Moore
Melinda G. Skalland-Mills
Charlene and David Skidmore
Michael and Kathleen Slater
James and Julia Slebiska
Carol Slegh
Martha E. Slocombe
Mark and Elizabeth Slocum
Daniel and Rose Sloven
Arthur J. Slusark
Lois A. Slye
Steven and Teresa Small
Tom and Linda Small
Charles Smith and Pat Selburg Smith
Charles T. Smith
Cheryl M. Smith
Clark Smith and Lauren Kernan Smith
Daniel and Lois Smith
Della I. Smith
Dennis L. Smith
Douglas L. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Smith
Gregory and Deanna Smith
Helen M. Smith
J. Eric and Marcia Smith
Jeffrey Smith
John and Mary Smith
Leonard and Dorothy Smith
Mark and LuAnn Smith
Mark and Martha Smith
Matthew and Linda Smith
Michael J. Smith
Ronald and Judith Smith
Sally and Larry Smith
Sean K. Smith
Terrence and Jean Smith
Tina Smith
Virginia E. Smith
Volney and Margaret Smith
Stephen E. Smythe
Wes and Joan Snook
Roy and Ann Snyder
Bruce and Deborah Solberg
Joshua and Cindy Soliday
Valerie Sondage
Larry and Sue Sonner
Dennis and Kelly Soughan
Jack and Dixie Soulis
Jessica Soulis
Gary and Sonya Spainhower
Peter and Sherry Speikers
Jim Spevak
Richard Spidle
Cody and Margaret Spikes
Lora Lee Spiro
Richard and Kristine Spoth
Keith and Jan Springer
Tori A. Squires
Timothy and Sandra Stacy
Jon and Nancy Stafford
Ms. Barbara K. Stagg
Steve Stahly
John and Cristina Stahowick
Gene and Susan Staker
Donna Stambaugh
Stephen and Paulette Stamp
Cindy L. Stanley
Lawrence and Marilyn Staples
Ruth and William Staplin
Rosemary Stark
Sara J. Stark
Margaret Starr
Bruce Staten and Marla Ryerkerk
Michael and Rene Staudacher
Lawrence and Lynn Staunton
John Stecher
Dennis P. Steele
Marsha Steele
Michael and Shirley Steffe
Jim and Tracy Steffen
Patricia J. Steffen
Steve and Patricia Steffensmeier
Diane M. Steggerda
Simma and Michael Stein
Elaine Steinger
Eva Steinmetz
Larry P. Stelter
Wayne and Carolyn Stepan
O. Dale Stevens II
Rod and Becky Stevens
Ted and Maiga Stevens
Rev. William Steward and Nancy L. Steward
Melissa Stock
Roxanne M. Stockwell
Ronald and Ann Stoen
Virginia M. Stoermer
Howard and Christine Stoffa
Dick and Peggy Stoffer
Walter E. Stohlgren
Gavin and Erica Stone
Kim Story
David and Betty Stout
Lynhon Stout
William G. Stowe and Amy S. Beattie
Wilbur and LaVae Straavaldson
Deborah and John Strable
Lawrence and Ellen Strachota
Paul Strayer
Lawrence and Mary Streyffeler
Raymond O. Strid Bequest
Paul Strike
Alvin and Beverly Strnad
Frank and Jeannette Strong
Jennifer W. Stuber
Jarrod and Maegan Sturtz
Nicholas Sturtz
Merle and Joyce Stutzman
Mary and Thomas Suckow
John and Linda Sullivan
Patricia K. Sullivan
Suzanne C. Sullivan
Bill Summers
William Summers and Robin Kline
John and Ellen Sundblad
Timothy M. Supino
Dan Sutherland
Steve and Norma Sutton
Eleanor A. Swale
Harold and Wanda Swanson
Richard Swanson and Mathilde Brown Swanson
Verda J. Swanson
David and Denise Swartz
Edwin J. Sweeney
Paul and Arlene Sweeney
Steve and Mona Sweeney Gude
Karen Swenson
Cheryl L. Sypal
Duane and Becky Sytsma
William and Karen Sznajder
Gerald and Kathryn Szumski


Jo Lynn Tainter
Ronald and Cherie Tait
Sr. Cathy Talarico
Sr. JoAnne Talarico
John Tapscott and Gaiana Hopkins-Tapscott
John and Mary Tasler
Keith Taylor
Linda J. Taylor
Kevin and Stephanie Techau
Judith A. Telenson
David C. Tellner
Carol Templer
Jeffrey Terrell and Connie Ryan Terrell
Mary J. Tesdall
Ruth A Teske and Clarence W Teske Jr
Jennifer A. Tesser
Donna Test
Matthew and Val Thacker
The Family Thee
Mark and Sarah Theis
William and Bonnie Theisen
Dirk and Lynne Thieben
Paul and Sally Thielking
Paul Thielking
Gary and Rosemary Thierer
Norm Thiesse and Sonya Fox
Carol Thomas
Debra A. Thomas
Doloros K. Thomas
Jim and Kimberly Thomas
Beverly J. Thompson
James Thompson
John and Vivian Thompson
Matt Thompson
Nancy Thompson
Robert and Valerie Thompson
Penny Thomsen
Joy L. Thorson
Michael and Carrie Thrall
Gary and Helen Thull
Gertrude E. Thurston
Stan and Dotty Thurston
Tony and Elizabeth Thurston
Janet and Thomas Thurtell
Susie M. Tierney
David and Barbara Tillinghast
Terry and Pat Timmins
Sinee Tipayamongkol
Craig and Julie Tjebben
Terrence and Maureen Tobin
Rae Elaine Tobis
Tom and Joan Tobis
Mark Toebben and Alice Robertson
Susan E. Tollefson
Natalie Tomaras
Doris J. Tometich
Mary E. Tomlinson
Cecilia J. Tomlonovic
John W. Tone
Doris and Larry Tracy
Terri S. Trepp
Nick and Raelynn Trigoutis
Dennis and Joyce Trollope
Michael Troutman and Amy Blumenshine
Ms. Alissa Tschetter-Siedschlaw
Barbara Turner
John and Margaret Turner
Thomas and Becky Tuttle
Susan Tyler
Kelsey Tyrrell


Mary A. Ubinas
Michael and Anne Ulm
William and Barbara Unger
Mary L. Upton
Ada Utterson


Jeff and Beth Vaage
Max and Mary Vail
Leanne and Scott Valentine
Bernice Valley
Robert and Cathleen Van Gilder
Ms. Malea Van Gorp
James and Alice Van Lew
Kathleen Van Sickel
Dirk and Shirley Van Zante
Robert S. Vance
Robert and Anita Vande Vorde
Linda and Daniel Vander Hart
Mike and Marylee Vanderpool
Paul Vandersee
Tyler and Katherine Vandevorde
Kirk D. Vankirk
Kathleen VanSickel
Harold and Virginia Varce
Warren and Karen Varley
Caren and Turner Vaughan
Ed J. Vavra
Norman and Alice Veen
Joyce Venable
Doug and Tracy Ventling
Roxy L. Ventling
Timothy and Roberta Vermillion
Ron and Judy Vernon
Jean Vesely
Leonard and Dixie Vidmar
Maggie Viggers
Juanita M. Vivian
Melissa Vogel
Mark and Deann Vogt
Lois A. Vonnahme
Harold and Betty Voorhees


Robert and Nancy Waddill
Donald and Deanna Wahl
David and Doris Wait
Nancy N. Waldman
Darlene A. Walker
Michael and Michelle Walker
Theresa and Henry Walker
Joyce Wallace
Patsy Wallace
Gary and Lenora Waller
Marcia C. Walljasper
Rick Walraven
Dennis and Dorothy Walter
Richard and Dorothy Walters
Thomas and Lori Walton
Thomas and Mary Jane Walton
Rebecca A. Wampler
George and Mary Wandling
Mrs. John R. Ward
Arlee and Ladonna Waring
Robert and Marilyn Warling
David Warner
Susan E. Warner
Linda Warren
Jerry and Marvidene Warwick
Katheryn E. Waser
John Waters
Kendall and Heather Watkins
Carole J. Watson
John and Lois Watson
Ernest and Cheryl Weatherington
Ruth M. Weatherly
Steven and Mary Weaver
Leland and Catherine Webb
Robert N. Webber
Ferol H. Wegner
Patricia Weidner
Dylan and Lisa Weigel
Luie and Cindy Weikum
Duane Weiland and Mary Rose Stone
Richard and Jean Weiler
Jerry and Margaret Weiner
Steven and Kristine Weinheimer
Tom and Diann Weinman
Randall and Cheryl Weisheit
David and Ann Weiss
Steven and Karen Weiss
Michael D. Welch
Dalith Wells
Douglas Wells and Kathleen Richardson
Kristine L. Wells
Matthew L. Wells
Kent and Julie Welsh
Wanda K. Wendt
Dean R. Wenthe
Matthew and Tanya Wentzel
Matthew W. Wernli
Keith and Sue Wersinger
Fred and Donna Wessendorf
Beverly D. West
Jerry and Diane Westercamp
Don and Julie Westerheim
John and Joan Wetherell
John and Leslie Whalin
Barbara and Harold Wheaton
James and Elizabeth Wheeler
Scott Whisler and Julie Weast
John and Lorrie Whitaker
Matthew and Marci Whitaker
Joyce R. White
Lu Ann White
Tony White
Mary and Mark Whitfield
Rebecca Whitlow
Walter and Mary Whitman
L. V. and B. J. Wiedemeier
Mark and Cynthia Wiederin
Craig and Fran Wierson
Merlyn and Sharon Wiese
Linda Wieskamp
Connie and David Wieslander
Wallas E. Wiggins
David and Deborah Wignall
Gregory and Melanda Wilcox
Ms. Michelle D. Wilder
David and Donna Wildes
Debora R. Wiley and John Schmidt
Mary Beth Wilk
Steven and Rachel Wilke-Shapiro
Betty Wilkie
Dave Wilkins
Nathan Wilkinson
Delores Willemsen
Daniel and Diane Willhoite
Ray and Kathleen Willhoite
Harold E. Williams
Jean M. Williams
Karen J. Williams
Murray E. Williams
Robert D. Williams
Suzanne R. Williams
Jon C. Williamson
Dennis and Deanna Wilson
Douglas and Holli Wilson
Janet L. Wilson
Larry and Dee Ann Wilson
Lucille E. Wilson
Theresa R. Wilson
Virginia Wilson
Irene M. Wiltsie
Donald and Mary Wine
Betty Wines and Janis Hurst
Janice T. Winey
Janice W. Winfield
Robert L. Wing
Marvin and Marilyn Winick
Judy Winkelpleck
Paula S. Winslow
Joanna Winston
Ronald C. Winther
Janet M. Wise
Marion and Carolyn Wissler
Jerry W. Witmer
Paul Witmer and Lynn Heuss
Jim and Catherine Witte
Dean and Monica Wittry
Aaron and Megan Wolfe
Dorothea Wolfe
Ellen and Mark Wonderlin
Douglas M. Woods
Jon K. Woods
Nadine R. Woods
Rachael E. Woods
Darin and Sharon Woodward
Wayne L. Woodworth
Brian and Carol Worth
Celia S. Wright
Gerald Wright
Jerome and Laurie Wright
Susan E. Wright
Thomas X. Wright
Lori Wuebker
Marcia L. Wych
Alvin and Emily Wyckoff


Max and Phyllis Yaro
Austin and Molly Yarolim
Mitchell and Donna Yeager
Kenneth and Sharla Yeutsy
Matthew and Jo Lynn Yeutsy
Steve Yochum
Reginald and Roberta Yoder
Donald and Margaret York
Damon and Tracy Youmans
Amy L. Young
April Young
Grace I. Young
Patricia A. Young
Verle and Sharon Young
Elizabeth R. Youngberg
James and Roma Youngquist
Karl and Cathleen Yuska


Charles and Pamela Zahrt
Susan J. Zaiger
Kathryn Zaun
Goldie Zeichik
Robert and Jeanette Ziesman
Roland and Barbara Zimany
Craig and Patricia Zimmer
Norman A. Zimmerman
Norman P. Zimmerman
Heidi Zlab
Janet Zwick


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Anonymous (1)


Aldersgate United Methodist Church
All Saints Catholic Church
Ankeny Christian Church
Ankeny Church of the Brethren
Ankeny Presbyterian Church
Ankeny United Church of Christ
Ashworth Road Baptist Church
Assumption Catholic Church


Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Berwick Congregational Church
Bethany Reformed Church
Bloomfield United Methodist Church
Bondurant Baptist Church
Bondurant Christian Church
Burns United Methodist Church


Capitol Hill Christian
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church
Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Central Presbyterian Church
Christ Community Church
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Christ Lutheran Church
Christ United Methodist Church
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
College Avenue Christian Church
Community Church of Christ
Community of Christ Church
Corinthian Baptist Church
Covenant Christian Church
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church


Des Moines Intentional Eucharistic Community
Des Moines Mennonite Church
Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church


Easton Place United Methodist Church
Epworth United Methodist Church


Faith Lutheran Church
Faith United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines
First Baptist Church of Urbandale
First Christian Church
First Friends Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Unitarian Church
First United Methodist Church, Ankeny
First United Methodist Church, Des Moines
Fort Des Moines Presbyterian Church
Fort Des Moines United Methodist Church

Glen Echo Christian Church
Gospel Assembly Church
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace United Methodist Church
Grandview Lutheran Church
Greek Orthodox Church of St. George
Grove United Methodist Church


Heartland Presbyterian Church
Highland Park Christian Church
Highland Park Lutheran Church
Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Hope Lutheran Church


Immanuel United Methodist Church
Indianola Heights Christian Church


Johnston Evangelical Free Church


Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church of Hope
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd


Malayalee Association
Maple Grove United Methodist Church
Marquisville United Methodist Church
Meredith Drive Reformed Church
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School


New Hope United Methodist Church
Northwest Community of Christ


Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church


Park Avenue Christian Church
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church
Peru United Methodist Church
Plymouth United Church of Christ
Polk City United Methodist Church
Prairie Ridge Church
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


Redeemer Lutheran Church
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Revival Center Church of God in Christ

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Salem United Church of Christ
Sathya Sai Baba Center of Iowa
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Sheridan Park United Methodist Church
Simpson United Methodist Church
St. Ambrose Catholic Church
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
St. Augustin Catholic Church
St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
St. James Lutheran Church
St. John’s Catholic Church
St. John’s Lutheran Church
St. John’s United Methodist Church
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
St. Mark Lutheran Church
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church
St. Paul Presbyterian Church
St. Pius X Catholic Church
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church
St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Staves United Methodist Church
Stover Memorial Church of the Brethren


Temple B’Nai Jeshurun
Tifereth Israel Synagogue
Timberline Church


Union Baptist Church
Union Park Presbyterian Church
Union Park United Methodist Church
Unity Church of Des Moines
Unity Lutheran Church
Urbandale United Church of Christ


Valley United Methodist Church


Wakonda Christian Church
Walnut Hills United Methodist Church
Wellspring Community Church
Wesley United Methodist Church
West Des Moines Christian Church
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
Westkirk Presbyterian Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Westover Baptist Church
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church
Windsor Presbyterian Church
Windsor United Methodist Church


Zion Lutheran Church

Organizations and Companies

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Anonymous (3)
100F Ft. Des Moines Lodge #25


Acanthus Masonic Lodge #632
ACH Food Companies
Aetna Foundation
Affinity Credit Union Employees
Agape Garden
AIB Business Sport & Event Management Association
Aldersgate United Methodist Women
Ali Family Garden
All Saints Church Rosary Society
Alpha Delta Kappa, Tau Chapter
Alpha Eta Master
Alpha Eta Master, Beta Sigma Phi
Amazon Smile
American Scandinavian Foundation
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Anytime Fitness Employees
ARAG Employees
Arbor Springs of West Des Moines
Authentic Spinal Care Employees
Aviva USA
Aviva USA Employees


Backyard Adventures Employees
Baptist Women’s Union
Beacon of Life
Beasley Family Foundation
Bellizzi-Mac Rae #659 Auxiliary
Bemis Company Foundation
Beta Rho
Big Sky Bread Company, Inc.
Boline-Manfredi VFW
Boy Scout Troop 80
Bridge Campus of Meredith Drive Reformed Church
Busy Bee Garden
BWA Foundation


Capital City Fruit/4 Seasons Fund Raising/DMTB
Caring Transitions of Greater Des Moines Employees
Catholic Women’s League
Center Grove Orchard, Inc.
Central Iowa Apartment Alliance
Central Iowa Celiac Connection
Central Iowa Shelter & Services
CenturyLink Telecom Pioneers
CenturyLink, Engineering Employees
Centurytel, Inc.
Chik-Fil-A Employees
ChildServe Employees
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Church Women United
Citi Employees
Clement Chiropractic Employees
Clive Elementary
CMN Express, Nikola Clinic
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Community Youth Concepts
ConAgra Foods
Continental Western Group
Covenant Presbyterian Women’s Association
Cowles Montessori School
Coyote Run Farm
Crane Artist Lofts
CSG Government Solutions
Cub Scout Pack 182
Cub Scout Pack 92
Curves for Women, Roosevelt Center
Curves for Women, West Des Moines


Dahl’s Foods, Inc.
Dallas County
Dallas, Inc. Employees
Danish Sisterhood Lodge #102
Davis Brown Law Firm
Delta Dental
Demonstration Garden Master Gardeners
Des Moines Area Ecumenical Committee for Peace
Des Moines Area Hunger Hike
Des Moines Buccaneers
Des Moines Marathon Running Club
Des Moines Radio Group
Des Moines Schools Retired Secretaries
Des Moines University Faculty & Students
Devlin Farm
Dianne Jones Counseling, LLC
Ding Darling Women’s Chapter
Diocese of Des Moines/Catholic Relief Services Operation Rice Bowl
Diversified Distributing
DMACC Agribusiness Farm
DMU Podiatric Practice Management & Journal Club
Dollar General
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church Deacons
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Women’s Association
Dowling Catholic High School Staff and Students


East High Class of 1946
Easton Place United Methodist Sunday School
Easton Place United Methodist Women United
Edgewater – A Wesley Life Community Residents
EJD Foundation
Elsie Mason Manor
EMC Insurance Companies
Emergency Food & Shelter Program
Employee and Family Resources Employees
Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation
Ervin Family Chiropractic Employees
Extra Mile Marketing


F3Fire Basketball Association
Faith And Grace Garden
Fareway, Clive
Fareway, E. Euclid
Fareway, S.E. 22nd
Farmers Insurance
Father John Aldera Foundation
First Friday Breakfast Club
Flowers by Anthony
Forest Avenue Outreach
Freedom Financial Bank
Freedom for Youth Ministries
Friends Forever 4-H
Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines
Frisbie Club


G & L Clothing Company, Inc.
Gateway Market
Geisler Farms
Girl Scout Troop 843
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Miriam Circle
Good Milkshake
Grace Lutheran Campus Ministry
Grace Lutheran Church, Lydia Circle
Grand Dental Employees
Graybar Electric
Graziano Brothers, Inc.
Greater Des Moines Garden Club
Greater Des Moines Partnership
Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association
Green Iowa Americorps
Grinnell Heritage Farm, Inc.
GuideOne Insurance

Hamilton’s Funeral & After Life Services
Harden Family Foundation
Haverkamp Properties Associates
Hawks Against Hunger
Heartland Area Education Agency Employees
Heartland Presbyterian Church Youth
Hillis Elementary School
Hockenberg Newburgh Employees
Holy Trinity Catholic School
Holy Trinity Circle 6
Hoover High School Staff and Students
Hope Ministries
Hopkins and Huebner, PC Employees
Hormel Foods Corporation
Hubbell Elementary School
Hy-Vee Colossal Cookie Sale
Hy-Vee, East Euclid
Hy-Vee, Grand Avenue
Hy-Vee, Inc.
Hy-Vee, Valley West
Hy-Vee, West Lakes
Hy-Vee, Windsor Heights


Idaho Music Institute
Imagine Nation Books, LTD
IMT Insurance
Indianola Heights Christian Church Women
Infomax Office Systems Employees
Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications
Insurance Association of Greater Des Moines Employees
Integrity Fellowship
Iowa Association of Business & Industry
Iowa Association of Realtors Employees
Iowa Cubs
Iowa Department of Human Services
Iowa Department of Human Services Employees
Iowa Diamond
Iowa Donor Network
Iowa Finance Authority
Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment, and the Arts
Iowa Gamma Master
Iowa League of Cities
Iowa One Gift Campaign
Iowa Primary Care Association
Iowa Realty Employees
Iowa Rush Soccer Club
Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Iowa Wild Hockey
ISED Ventures
ITA Group, Inc. Employees


J. Shide Music
Jewish Federation Community School
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
John Deere Financial Employees
John Deere Financial, eBusiness Team
John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group Employees
Johnston Farmers’ Market
Joppa Outreach
JRS Consulting LLC


Kitchen Collage of Des Moines Inc
Kiwanis Club of Des Moines
Kiwanis Club of Des Moines Golden K
Kiwanis Club of Downtown Des Moines
Kiwanis Club of NW Des Moines
Kiwanis Club of West Des Moines
Kiwanis Foundation of Des Moines
Knights of Columbus #12482, St. Anthony
Knights of Columbus, St. Francis of Assisi


Lambda Chi Alpha-Theta Lambda Zeta Alumni Corp
Languagetech, Inc.
Larry& Kay Myers Interfaith & Intercultural Ambassador Fund
Laureate Gamma Rho
Leadership Iowa
Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust
Link Associates, Inc.
Living History Farms Race
Luther Memorial Church Women
Lutheran Services in Iowa


Mars Café/Cranksgiving
Master Garden
Maurice’s Distribution Center
Max Fitness
Meals from the Heartland
Meals From the Market, Downtown Farmers’ Market
Mercy College
Mercy Medical Center
Mercy Physician Billing Employees
Meredith Corporation Employees
Merit Resources, Inc.
Metro Waste Authority
MH Equipment Employees
Midland National Life Employees
Midwest Project Partners
Mrs. Clark’s Foods


NAI Optimum
Nancy Prizant, Inc
Nationwide Insurance
New Hope United Methodist Women
Normandy Terrace Apartments Leasing Office
North Polk West Elementary School
Northern Lights Combined Federal Campaign
Nyemaster, Goode, Voights, West, Hansell & O’Brien PC Employees


Oaks Veterinary Clinic Employees
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Religious Education (K-12)
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Teacups Group
Outreach, Inc


Pan-O-Gold Baking Employees
Park Avenue Christian Church Womens Fellowship
Park Avenue Elementary School
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church Deacons
Park Avenue Presbyterian Women’s Association
Pat Brokerage Company Inc.
Penelope #38 Charitable Trust
Penzeys Spices
PEO Chapter GX
PEO Chapter HX
PEO Chapter IE
Perishable Distributors of Iowa
Phi Tau Omega Kappa Chi Chapter
Plaids ‘n Dads Square Dance Club
Plainview Community Club
Plymouth Adventure Group
Plymouth Congregational Church Matins Choir
Plymouth Place
PMI-Central Iowa Chapter
Polk City United Methodist Youth Group
Polk County Community Betterment
Polk County Community Development
Polk County Supplemental Food Program
Polk County Treasurer Employees
Prairie Meadows Community Betterment
Preceptor Pi Sorority
Presbytery of Des Moines

QuikTrip Employees


Rain and Hail Insurance LLC
Randy Church Farms
Red Barrel Collection
Retired Fire Fighters
Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc.
Richmond Wiskers Card Club
Roosevelt Men’s Swim Team
Rose Temple #33
Rotary Club of Greater Des Moines
Ruhl & Ruhl Commercial Co. Employees


Sacred Heart Catholic Women’s Guild
Sacred Heart Challenge Club
Sacred Heart School
Sacred Heart Youth Group
Sammons Financial Employees
Scott Construction, Inc.
Seneca Tank Employees
Sherman Hill Association
Sisters of Humility of Mary
Smouse Elementary School
St. Augustin Grade School
St. Augustin Vacation Bible School
St. Francis of Assisi Gardening Angels
St. Francis of Assisi Preschool
St. James Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School
St. John’s Lutheran Church Social Club
St. John’s Lutheran Faith Garden
St. Joseph Elementary School
St. Joseph’s Confirmation Class
St. Joseph’s Preschool
St. Paul Lutheran Church Koinonia
St. Pius Christian Family Movement
St. Pius X Altar & Rosary
St. Theresa School
State Auto Insurance Companies Employees
Staves United Methodist Youth Group
Strategic America
Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons
Supercuts of Central Iowa Employees
Sysco Foods of Iowa


T.T.T. Society
Telligen Community Initiative
Thanks-for-Giving Run
The Crazees
The Family Tree
The Feinstein Foundation
The Principal Financial Group
The Principal Financial Group Associates
The Principal Financial Group Retirees
The Principal Financial Group, Global Investors IT H079
The Principal Financial Group, ILBA Team
The Principal Financial Group, Law Department
The Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance
The Principal Financial Group, RIS Business Systems
The Principal Financial Group, RIS Government Reporting Unit
The Principal Financial Group, Share & Care Committtee
The Stelter Company
The Weitz Company Employees
Timberline Billing Service Employees
Todd’s BBI, Inc
True Vine H.E.L.P.S
Tula Yoga
Two Kids and a Coupon


U.S. Attorney’s Office Employees
U.S. Department of Agriculture Employees
U.S. Postal Service, Beaverdale Employees
Union Park Presbyterian Women’s Association
United Methodist Church Iowa Annual Conference
United Way Mile High
United Way of Central Iowa
UnityPoint Health Employees
Urbandale Clover Kids
Urbandale United Church of Christ Women’s Fellowship
US Bank Highland Park Employees
UTC Aerospace System Employees


Vavra Family Charitable Endowment IV
Venture Crew 22
Veridian Credit Union
Veridian Credit Union Employees
VFW Auxiliary Post #9662
Virginia Park Apartments
VITAL Financial Services, LLC


W.R. Berkley Corporation Charitable Foundation
Wabi Sabi Farm
Walgreens Store #5362
Watts Vault & Monument Co.
Waugh Business
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield Employees
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield, HR/PE Department
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Advisors Employees
Wells Fargo Employees
Wells Fargo Retirees
Wesley United Methodist Women
West Des Moines Christian CWF
West Des Moines Community Center
West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Employees
West Des Moines United Methodist Women
Westover Baptist ABW Ministries
Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff, LLP Employees
WHLC Foundation, Inc.
Whole Foods
WHO-TV13 Sales Team
Windsor Heights Lutheran Youth
Windsor Presbyterian Women’s Association
Windsor United Methodist Women
Women, Food & Agriculture Network
Women’s Reciprocity Group
Worldwide Logistics Employees
Wright Elementary School


Youth Emergency Shelter Services