FY2016-17 Annual Report

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A Letter from the President


Jody Mead

“This past fiscal year, we provided more fresh fruits and vegetables, to more people, than ever before.”

In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the DMARC Food Pantry Network served more individuals in our community than any other time in its 41-year history. And the trend of increased use across the Food Pantry Network does not seem to be slowing down. Though Iowa’s unemployment rate is quite low, especially compared to some other states, we know that there are still people in our community who struggle to put meals on the table. SNAP enrollment still exceeds pre-recession levels. Most of the new jobs that have been created are temporary or contract positions. And costs of essential needs like health care, housing and child care continue to increase while wages are reluctant to rise.

It’s clear to us that something has to change. With the help of some key partners, we have been investing in innovative methods to improve how we serve food-insecure populations in Greater Des Moines.

In July 2016, we wheeled out the DMARC Mobile Food Pantry. The Mobile Food Pantry allows us to bring a choice food pantry directly to areas across Greater Des Moines with high need and low access. We are now serving folks who have previously not had access to the DMARC Food Pantry Network, including a significantly larger proportion of older adults. The DMARC Mobile Food Pantry was made possible by the Polk County Board of Supervisors and the Partnership for a Hunger-Free Polk County, with additional support from Stivers Ford Lincoln, Schneider Graphics, Snappy’s Trailer Store, H & H Trailers, and two individual bequests.

In December 2016, DMARC was awarded the Ignite Community Innovation Award for our Food Pantry 2.0 concept. Now in a pilot phase at the West Des Moines Human Services pantry, Food Pantry 2.0 utilizes a point system, further increasing client choice and allowing for multiple pantry visits every month. Visitors are also have an incentive to choose healthy food items, as they have lower point values. We’re making the healthy choice the easy choice.

And, in the spring of 2017, we launched a new childhood nutrition program in our pantries, “Foodies in Training.” Foodies in Training provides education on fresh produce, nutrition and healthy eating in a fun setting for children, right at the food pantry.

Through all these efforts, we strive to not only fill stomachs, but to provide healthy and nutritious food to those we serve. This past fiscal year, we provided more fresh fruits and vegetables, to more people, than ever before.

The issue of local hunger persists, and it will take our entire community coming together to confront this prevailing truth. Through your support of funds, food, time and talents, we know that we can end hunger in Greater Des Moines. Because no one should ever go hungry.


Jody Mead, President, 2017-2018

Hunger in Greater Des Moines

How is it that hunger exists right here in our community?

It’s a question we often get asked as we talk with our neighbors about the issue of local hunger. And it’s not one that has an easy answer, either.

The issue of hunger is deeply intertwined with the issue of poverty. Hunger continues to exist because people do not have the resources they need to purchase the nutritious food their bodies require.

74% of all households we served in FY 2016-2017 had incomes below the Federal Poverty Guideline.

To put that in perspective, the Federal Poverty Guideline for a family of four in 2017 is an annual household income of $24,600. Not a lot of money.

The costs of housing, medical care, transportation, education and other basic needs continue to rise. Yet, wages have not risen substantially in the past four decades. Too many of our neighbors just can’t seem to get ahead, even when they are working full-time (or more).

Household Income


Even then, work isn’t an option for all of the people we serve.

Only 39% of all the people we serve are in their prime working years between the ages of 24 and 54. More than one third of all those we serve are children, and one in six are over the age of 55.

Older adults and those living with a disability often rely on a fixed income and don’t have much money left over for the month after paying bills and purchasing other essentials.

Some families we serve may be facing a sudden crisis, like a lost job or medical emergency, and need temporary help while they get back on their feet. Others may visit the food pantry every month for years, stuck in the cycle of poverty.

We are committed to ending hunger in Greater Des Moines, but we know we cannot do it alone. You can make a difference not only by donating funds and food, but by becoming an advocate on the issue of local hunger.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle uses the food pantry at West Des Moines Human Services, one of DMARC’s 13 partner food pantries, to help her family get by. The pantry in West Des Moines is also home to DMARC’s Food Pantry 2.0 pilot project. With eight children in her household, including two grandchildren, Michelle likes that she can choose the food items that her family most needs. She also appreciates the types of fresh produce she can get at the food pantry, especially sweet corn and tomatoes.

“The fresh produce, vegetables and fruit, that’s awesome,” said Michelle. “We’re not able to go to the farmers market, so this is the next best option.”

The Food Pantry 2.0 system uses a point system, which allows for more flexibility at the pantry and allows folks to make multiple visits in one month.

“It’s nice that I don’t have to do it all at one time,” said Michelle. “I can [visit] a couple times if I needed to or grab something here or there.”

On her way out of the pantry, Michelle is sure to take a loaf of bread from the section of AnyTime Items visitors can access on a daily basis. She is grateful for the staff and volunteers at West Des Moines Human Services, and for the food her family receives through the DMARC Food Pantry Network.


“We’re not able to go to the farmers market, so this is the next best option.”

Program Innovations

DMARC Mobile Food Pantry

What if we were able to bring an entire choice food pantry into different neighborhoods and locations with low access to healthy, affordable food?

In July 2016, we began to do just that. The DMARC Mobile Food Pantry is an innovative new method for getting food into the hands of those who need it most in our community.

“The Mobile Food Pantry provides us with new ways to solve the issue of food insecurity in Greater Des Moines,” said DMARC Executive Director Sarai Rice. “With your continued support, we will increase access to food in areas that need it the most and provide assistance to more people in more locations, because no one should ever go hungry.”

Currently the DMARC Mobile Food Pantry visits 13 different partner every month. Some sites host the Mobile Food Pantry on a weekly basis, other sites only need a visit once or twice per month. The Mobile Food Pantry partners with a number of different organizations to provide food to areas with populations that struggle to access food pantries.

“Over the last year we have had the opportunity reach areas of the community that have been under-served for some time,” said DMARC Mobile Food Pantry Manager Joe Dolack. “The mobile pantry being close by provides hope to the people we serve and their communities. It shows that we care about them.”

The DMARC Mobile Food Pantry was made possible by support from the Polk County Board of Supervisors and the Partnership for a Hunger-Free Polk County, two individual bequests and a number of local businesses including Schneider Graphics, Stivers Ford Lincoln, Snappy’s Trailer Store and H&H Trailers.

Food Pantry 2.0

DMARC was awarded $30,000 for winning the Ignite Community Innovation Challenge on December 1, 2016. Our concept, Food Pantry 2.0, contributes to the advancement of hunger relief services by reframing the food pantry experience from a client’s perspective. We began a pilot of the project at the food pantry at West Des Moines Human Services during the summer of 2017.

With Food Pantry 2.0, clients at the food pantry are awarded more freedom to choose the foods that are most appropriate for their needs. In addition, Food Pantry 2.0 creates the ability for clients to access assistance throughout the month, rather than getting all their food in one visit.

Food items in the pantry are assigned point values, and clients select and purchase products based on available credits. Healthy choices are incentivized by assigning lower point values to nutritious items. This model aims to empower pantry visitors to make healthier choices while simultaneously promoting self-respect through individual responsibility and self-sufficiency. We’re making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Foodies in Training

DMARC’s Childhood Nutrition Food Assistance Project – otherwise known as Foodies in Training was a pilot project, funded by a grant from the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation.

Its purpose – to enhance the healthy eating habits of children. In collaboration with ISU Extension, DMARC developed a curriculum that was kid-friendly educating young children (and families!) about proper nutrition and the importance of consuming healthy foods. The program incorporated the use of USDA MyPlate, children’s books, bilingual handouts, puppets, nutrition posters, and other age-appropriate educational materials all implemented over the course of eight weeks.

Why? Greater Des Moines and the rest of the nation has seen a rapid rise of obesity, especially among populations without adequate access to healthy food. This is literally a public health epidemic. Among those affected, children are perhaps the most vulnerable. Research from Feeding America shows that more than 15.3 million children lived in food-insecure households in 2014. This total includes the approximately 1 in 5 children in Polk County who do not have access to the food they need to lead healthy, active lives.

With more than one-third of pantry clients under the age of 17, DMARC hopes to expand this important program.

Food Pantry Network


The DMARC Food Pantry Network consists of 13 separate pantry sites, a Mobile Food Pantry, two food warehouses, and numerous community partners. It is the largest and oldest food pantry system in Iowa. Pantry sites are located in West Des Moines, Ankeny, Clive, Johnston, and Urbandale, with eight sites in Des Moines. Once per calendar month, families can receive a free, three-day supply of nutritionally balanced food. Additionally, visitors to the pantry can receive AnyTime Items that include Meals from the Heartland packets, fresh produce, bread products, and other supplemental food items any day the pantry is open. In FY 2016-2017, DMARC assisted more than 48,000 individuals in the greater Des Moines community.

Food Pantry Network Usage


By the Numbers

In FY 2016-2017…

  • 48,558 unique individuals were served.
  • 19,908 unique households were served.
  • 1,889,957 food pantry items were distributed.
Children Eating

Housing Stability Fund


The DMARC Housing Stability Fund provides emergency financial assistance to prevent families from becoming homeless. We work in partnership with Polk County General Assistance to process program requests for rent and utilities assistance.

In fiscal year 2016-2017, the DMARC Housing Stability Fund provided $30,664 in emergency rent and utilities assistance for 174 households representing 434 individuals, an average of $176 per household.

Interfaith Engagement


At its roots, DMARC is a multi-faith collaboration working to meet basic needs in the Des Moines community. Our member congregations represent four different faith traditions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Unitarian Universalism, but we also have relationships with members of the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and Pagan faith traditions. As such, we take pride in offering a variety of opportunities for interfaith engagement.

From April 6-8, 2017, the second annual Iowa Interfaith Exchange was held at Drake University in Des Moines. This year, we were joined by keynote speaker Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core. There were two days of breakout sessions on a variety of interfaith topics, but this year’s Iowa Interfaith Exchange also included the launch event of a new book on the diverse faith traditions that call Greater Des Moines home.

A Spectrum of Faith: Religions of the World in America’s Heartland invites readers on a vivid journey through words and pictures into the diverse religious communities of Greater Des Moines. Explore the south-side office park transformed into a Buddhist monastery as well as the Basilica in the city’s center named to the National Registry of Historic Places; discover the Hindu temple rising above the cornfields of nearby rural Madrid along with the mosque, synagogue or gurudwara tucked away in a neighborhood near you.

Whether they arrived before last century or just last decade, these Iowans who practice the world’s major faith traditions— Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam—extend the state’s proud history of welcome to readers of all faith backgrounds. Get to know the fascinating array of individuals, faith traditions and worship practices belonging to the many religious communities who call Iowa home.

A Spectrum of Faith: Religions of the World in America’s Heartland is a joint product of Drake Community Press, The Comparison Project, photographer Bob Blanchard, and DMARC. Support comes from the Slay Fund for Social Justice and Cultivating Compassion: The Dr. Richard Deming Foundation. All proceeds benefit the DMARC Food Pantry Network.


Total Expenses

Program Services Expenses

Food Pantry Network $2,302,595 (78%)
Housing Stability Fund $30,664 (1%)
Interfaith Engagement $7,286 (<1%)
Total Program Services Expenses $2,340,545 (80%)

Supporting Services Expenses

General Operations / Administration $384,734 (13%)
Fund Raising $217,097 (7%)
Total Supporting Services Expenses $601,831 (20%)

Revenue Sources


In-Kind Contributions* $1,103,209 (35%)
Grants $643,604 (20%)
Individuals $630,094 (20%)
Congregations $536,347 (17%)
Organizations / Groups $120,449 (4%)
Planned Gifts / Investments $122,016 (4%)
Events / Miscellaneous $12,770 (1%)
Total Revenue $3,191,114

*The $1,103,209 of in-kind contributions by category were: non-perishables that meet our healthy food guidelines (17.5%), non-perishables that do not meet our healthy food guidelines (17.6%), dairy items (9.9%), frozen meat (2.6%), fresh produce (32.9%), personal care items (6.4%), expired food passed on to other organizations (3.7%), discards (0.5%), and non-food in-kind contributions like equipment, services and other goods (8.9%).

Looking Toward The Future


DMARC has a newly-formed advocacy committee working to educate and inform our elected officials about the work DMARC does and share the story of hunger and poverty in our community. DMARC has also joined the Iowa Hunger Coalition, an association of organizations and individuals committed to ending hunger in Iowa. The Iowa Hunger Coalition (IHC) is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit and DMARC’s executive director, Rev. Sarai Shnucker Rice, is a board member of IHC.

Young & Hungry

Young & Hungry is a new project of ours to increase awareness and outreach to our next generation of donors, though the group is open to anyone and everyone who shares a determination to fight hunger. Be it through donations of time, food, funds, or sharing the cause, we’re eager to take action. Young & Hungry exists because the need for food is great and ongoing in the Des Moines area. It’s a partnership where spark meets experience and people come together to understand and address a basic human need. Together, we can make a difference for thousands of families.

Increased Use Means Increased Need

As the demand for food pantries continues to increase, so does our need for your support. We know that it requires the entire community of Greater Des Moines coming together if we want to solve hunger. Please keep the issue of hunger and DMARC in mind this year: you can support at your workplace, at your congregation or through your own time, talents, organizing and funds. You can help support us when you:

Give Funds

Your dollar goes further when you donate cash to DMARC thanks to our ability to purchase in bulk.

Contact Leslie L. Garman, CFRE, for more information on how you can support DMARC with a financial gift!

Give Food

We still rely on food drives and in-kind donations! Visit our Most Needed Items page to learn more.

Contact John Robinson for more information on how you can hold a food drive!


Your time is valuable to us! We always need volunteers to sort and date-check donated food in our warehouse.

Contact Daniel Beck for more information on volunteering with DMARC!

Board of Directors, FY2017-2018


Jody Mead
Workplace: Northwest Financial Corp.


John Whalin
Workplace: Independent Insurance Consultant

Vice President

Rev. Katie Dawson
Immanuel United Methodist Church
Workplace: Immanuel United Methodist Church

Recording Secretary

David Kaufman
Temple B’nai Jeshurun
Workplace: Temple B’nai Jeshurun


Thomas Cross
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Workplace: BHE Renewables, LLC

Past President

Doug Ventling
Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines
Workplace: Telligen

Ronald Beane (Advisory)
Life After Death of Spouse (LADOS)

Dale Bentlage
Workplace: Juicebox Interactive

Tom Chapman
Workplace: Iowa Catholic Conference

Frances Colston (Advisory)
Church Women United Board Representative

Matthew Strawn
Workplace: The Strawn Co.

Catherine Swoboda
Workplace: Global Resource Systems, ISU

Emily Webb
Workplace: Workiva

Past Board Members, FY2016-2017

Dennis Roupe
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Workplace: Trinity Center at Luther Care Services

Robert D. Shaw, M.D.
Faith Lutheran Church, Clive
Workplace: Retired Physician

Leanne Valentine
Heartland Presbyterian Church, Clive
Workplace: The Principal Financial Group

Tom Fischer
Community Volunteer

Robert W. Nye
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Workplace: Wells Fargo

Linda Harvey
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Workplace: Iowa Donor Network


Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice
Executive Director

Leslie L. Garman, CFRE
Director of Development & Outreach

Rebecca Whitlow
DMARC Food Pantry Network Director

Daniel Beck
DMARC Food Pantry Network Assistant Director

Joe Dolack
Mobile Food Pantry Manager

Luke Elzinga
Communications Manager

Linda VanderHart
Office Administrator

Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott
Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement

John E. Robinson
Red Barrel/Food Drive Coordinator

Pam Larson
Development Associate

Drew Robertson
Warehouse Associate

Patrick Minor
Warehouse Associate

Don Crawford, Jr.
Warehouse Associate
John McPhee
Warehouse Associate

Our Supporters

Individual Cash Donors

* denotes deceased individual




C. Dean and Sandra Carlson
Judith Reel
George and Susan Frampton
Michael and Diane Heid
Douglas M. Woods


James and Martha Fifield
Timothy and Kelli Oswald
Lanny and Lois Benishek
Rex R. Cook Charitable Trust
Mark and Kristina Suter
Doug Fick
David and Lisa Fisher
Josephine Snyder Estate*
Leanne and Scott Valentine


Gary and Melinda Scholten
Nancy K. Bentz
Selma N. Duvick
Joyce E. Brown
Brian and Elaine Gifford
Sarai Schnucker Rice and Ronald M. Rice
Daniel J. and Amy J. Koestner
Virginia and Jim Gieseke
David and Elizabeth Bishop
Tom and Cindy Fischer
Cora C. Hayes
Trudy Holman Hurd
Bruce and Susan Kelley
Carl and Bethany Meyer
Charles and Joy Rohm
Michael and Simma Stein
Kristine L. Wells
Steven and Jean Loegering
William and Susan Noth
Galen and Katherine Howsare
Gene and Sandra Larson
Robert R. Dillard
Joseph and Jodi Baker
Janet S. Johnston
Kay Rozeboom
Duane Weiland and Mary Rose Stone


James and Laura Ponto
Dale and Susan Pierce
Dennis Johnson and Ann Carmody
Chet and Ellen Prust
Joseph and Margaret Ann Comito
Al and Barbara Braak
Darla M. Brendemuehl
Brendan and Christine Comito
Andrew Gangle and Katrina Guest
Paul and Debra Hayes
Dwight and Lois James
Robert and Patricia Leisy
David and Ann Weiss
Mary and Mark Whitfield
Marty and Liz Willis
Gary and Anne Nordquist
Kenneth and Susan Dodge
Chuck and Marilyn Farr
Rabbi David and Julie Kaufman
Matthew W. Wernli
Kent and Lou Ann Sandburg
Beth A. Steven
Vivian Geerdes
John Schenken *
John Waters
Ned and Nancy Chiodo
Robert and Jennifer Dowil
Dan and Barbara Mueller
Stephen and Catherine Mussett
Rob and Jan Nye
William and Lisa Sargent
Martha J. Smith
Jill Tenney
Richard and Barbara Miller
Diane H. Morain
Russell L. & Ellen G. Harrison
Trent and Jana Weiler
Hilary E. Whitfield
Jody and Timothy Mead
Chad and Melissa Owen
Anne L. Avise
Robert and Velda Barkley
Jerome and Elaine Barnwell
Ted Crow
Peter and Kristin Diliberti
E. Scott Hartsook
Robert and Dale Howe
Cynthia and Mark Jones
Erica Lamb
William Lee and Patricia Gates-Lee
Candy Morgan
Arthur and Patricia Nizzi
Ronald and Cherie Tait
Elizabeth A. Goodwin
Alan and Regina MacRae
Joan and Jeffrey Phillips
Siri L. Granberg
Donald and Nancy Miller
Bruce and Linda Simonton
Bruce Staten and Marla Ryerkerk
Kent and Melissa Schrof
Laura Hingtgen
Michael and Dawn Schneider
James and Marcella Sheaff
James Aanstoos
Sarabeth and William Anderson
Kevin Armstrong and Christine Paulson
Betty Bishop
Brian and Jenny Blackford
Andrew Bogaards
Robert Carber and Therese Vaughan
Thomas and Renee Connolly
Keith Denner and Eileen O’Brien Denner
Renee R. Ellerbroek
Matt Elliott
Jeanette V. Frost
Edward Garst
Sarah Garst, DVM
Alice L. Gause
Susan and Lawrence Genalo
Robert and Ann Gernes
Paul and Melodie Grinvalds
Dale and Jo Helling
Paul and Kathryn Lass
Rick and Jeri Levi
Barry and Marcella Linde
Steve Lussier
Owen J. and Doris Jean Newlin
Jack C. Osborne
Maria Patestas
Amy Patterson and Paul Lemmon
Allan R. Powers and Ann E. Mowery
Charles and Sheila Rayburn
Peter and Rita Reed
Ron and Phyllis Roelfs
Theodore and Patricia Rooney
Michelle Rounds
Charles and Katherine Safris
Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw
Michael J. Smith
Michael and Rene Staudacher
Dr. Justine and Matthew Stemper
Dann Stevens
Gary and Rosemary Thierer
Kirk and Lori Van Kirk
Norman and Alice Veen
Greg and Tracey Weber
Tom and Diann Weinman


Sally L. Ehlert
Joanne and Dale Bruce
Donald and Mary Kelly
Carl and Susan Langren
Hal and Donna Rusk
Lloyd and Trudy Hill
Gary and Helen Thull
Craig and Barbara Campbell
David Lynch and Glenys Bittick Lynch
Mary Meier
James Cade and Constance Meier-Cade
James and Sue Meimann
Daryl and Frances Rockey
Bruce and Jan Thorsen
Michelle Kalb
Steven and Virginia Kukla
Todd and Melanie Loecke
Linda L. Clemmens
Rev. Sondra G. Eddings
Bari L. Hoskins
Mary H. Morling
Janet L. Wilson
Timothy Zarley
Kenneth and Ellen Boeke
James P. Callan and Douglas F. Yochum
David and Kay Spaulding
Alex and Sally Creger
Randy and Suzanne Downs
Margaret M. Hanson
James and Jill Reber
Ellen Robinson
Steven A. Dittrich
Rebecca Whitlow
Richard and Phyllis Cacciatore
Matthew and Amy Corwin
Jean A. Burt
Rev. Katie Dawson
Dale and Patricia Bordt
James and Cindy Dick
Rod and Carla Dougherty
Jonathan P. Duvick and Carol A. Hendrick
Melvin and Barbara Frueh
Rachael Hanna
Mary E. Quandt
Donald and Barbara Sanning
Gary and Sherry Schultz
Charles and Nancy Seel
Tamra Sherman
Robert and Maryanne Sobiech
Dr. Lawrence F. and Marilyn E. Staples
Steve and Mona Sweeney Gude
Terrence Tobin and Maureen Roach Tobin
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Marcia C. Walljasper
James Usgaard and Becky Knutson
Jeff and Denise Thomas
Cathy L. Dodds
Wade Hauser III and Michele Druker
Roland and Barbara Zimany
Pamela and Robert Larson
Hans and Jolene De Bruijn
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Marianne D. Gideon and Monte Brown
Dr. Larry and Patricia Goetz
Kathryn A. Griffin
Richard and Susan Haberkamp
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Carl and Judy Patterson
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Kathryn M. Houser
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Nancy J. Bunker
W. Blaine and Deborah A. Burnquist
Charles and Veronica Busch
Thomas and Rosella Carpe
Charles and Virginia Carpenter
Tom and Paulette Chapman
Jeffrey and Gayle Collins
Barbara and Forrest Corson
Doris A. Covalt
Jay and Patricia Cramer
George and Patricia Davison
Karen DeHaven
David and Flo Dietz
Thomas L. Flynn
Richard and Carol Fry
Christina and Jimmy Gammell
Thomas and Darlene Gayman
Roberta R. Gilbert and Joseph M. Barron
Karen K. Graber
Samuel Graham
Dennis S. Groenenboom
Douglas Hamilton and Nancy Deranleau
Victoria L. Herring
Ron and Mary Hintz
Philip A. Houle
Dennis and Rosemary Johnson
Richard and Kathleen Johnson
Richard Johnson and Leslie Mamoorian
David and Gerrianne Jordan
Donald and Luann Julstrom
Joe and Mary Kelly
Tracy and Julie Koch
Nancy Koll
Charles and Mary Kunkel
James and Janis Lacquement
Jimmy and Beverly Lewis
Bradley D. Lint
Karen K. Loihl
George and Jeannie Macy
Raymond and Carolyn Magnani
Norman Mandelbaum and Marilyn Parsons
Robert T. and Sandra McCarthy
Audrey B. Metier
Douglas and Barbara Minear
Eva and Paul Moritz
Marci Simpson Neary
Jana Neff
Melvin Nielsen
Andrew and Barbara Nish
Deirdre O’Neill
Saffin Parrish-Sams
Gladys Peterson
Michael and Denise Podrebarac
Susan A. Pohl
John C. Pollak and Nancy Crowfoot
Julene M. Powell
Susan K. Rezek
Richard Ruff and Mary Kleis
Mary L. Schabacker
Richard and Julie Schraeger
Howard Shapiro
Jack Siemieniec
James and Mary Jo Sires
Robert and Connie Skow
Larry and Sue Sonner
Jim Spevak
Michael and Shirley Steffe
William and Barbara Unger
Mary L. Upton
Rodney and Gail Vicker
Virginia Webb
L. V. and B. J. Wiedemeier
Mary B. Wilk
Brian and Carol Worth
Jerome and Laurie Wright
Susan and Greg Cohen
Shawn and Stephanie Smith
Nate Reagen
Anika L. Blum
Gail and Tom Christ
Margaret A. Fritz
Susan D. Tosten
Dennis and Harriet Den Adel
Dorothy Marvin
Sandra L. Axness
Patricia Vogel
Steven and Ellen Elmore
John J. Curtin
Daniel and Rose Sloven
Judy Akre
Naomi R. Bowler
G. E. and D. L. Christiansen
David Drake and Claire Cumbie-Drake
James and Patricia Floersch
Deborah A. Ford
Blanca Hanson
Dale and Darlene Limoges
Frances E. Sales
David Sondag
Wayne and Carolyn Stepan
Steven and Karen Weiss
John and Lorrie Whitaker
Donna S. Henkel
David and Nancy Tigue
Dean Faust and Christine Joslin
Linda Anania
Linda R. Betz
Kenneth and Lorraine Bishop
Wei-erh Chen
David and Alicia Claypool
Robert and Margaret Cooper
William and Sharon Gentsch
Dwight A. Gilbride
Debbie A. Guntly
J. David and Debra E. Haak
Marion Hengesteg
Michael and Karen Kenline
Deborah J. Kleiman and Greg O. Hapgood
Timothy and Rebecca Kresowik
Patrick and Susan Lang
Angus and Regina Lehman
Jon and Shirley Leinen
Dr. James G. Lindberg
John R. Loughry
Ellen Macroy and William Brentano
John and Chris Niehaus
William C. Oviatt
Weston and Karen Ritchie
Dennis Roupe
Mike and Kristin Schweiger
Phyllis Seuferer
Cheryl L. Sypal
Paul and Therese Thilges
John and Margaret Turner
Mark and Cynthia Wiederin
Cindi W. Summers
Jean and Brian O’Donnell
Charles and Barbara Bare
T Polkand Janet M Davison
Gary and Sonya Spainhower
Thomas and Jennifer Shide
Darin and Sharon Woodward
Douglas and Barbara Hein
Susan M. Tierney
Sherry Dickelman
Bruce and Linda Buchanan
Kristy Gunnerson
Mary A. Muller
Richard and Dorothy Walters
Jennifer A. Tesser
George and Barbara Appleby
Doran and Charlene Cole
Linda S. Corell
Steven and Karen Herwig
Thomas Mitchell and Barb Callaghan-Mitchell
Barry and Therese Morgan
Audry Scigliano
Robert and Anita Vande Vorde
Matthew and Stephanie McNamara
Teresa Baustian
Mary T. Bowe
Evelyn L. Callen
Susan Dudley
Janet K. Dunn
Myrna Lazuardi and John Long
Gracelyn I. McKern
Connie Taylor
Nick and Raelynn Trigoutis
Bryant and Jami Siefken
Eloise M. Cranke
Sandy and Justin Fyfe
Manfred and Shirley Kekstadt
Robin M. Linehan
Ruth Sellner
Christine A. Dietz
Kim J. Fankhauser
Rebecca Smith
Elizabeth A. Grow
Charles and Linda Anania
Wayne and Susan Andersen
Daniel S. Anderson
Gary and Laurel Armstrong
Julie Askren
Jeffrey Aten
Lester Bascom
Ronald and Debra Bauer
Loren Bawn
Dr. Philip and Robin Bear
Jeannette M. Becker
Gerald G. Beckett *
Kelly and Robert Behrens
Floyd and Joan Benson
Jennifer Boldt
Robert and Beverly Bole
Dianne L. Bomer
Timothy and Kathleen Bottaro
Robert B. Boysen and Jacquelyn K. Larsen
Denise Bradfield
Susan and Matthew Bravard
Donald and Barbara Brown
Jane Brown and Mark Hainey
Larry and Cecelia Browne
Rev. Patricia H. and John J. Buck
Brian and Julie Buckallew
Dale and Terri Bunting
Charles R. Burkett
John Cacciatore and Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore
Elizabeth J. Campbell
Gregory and Anne Carlson
Keith and JoAnn Carlson
Sarah Centineo
Mary Chicoine and Morgan Rivers
Michael and Sandra Cooney
Steven and Julie Ann Correa
Brent and Jill Creveling
Allen and Edna Cronk
Jean A and James R Deeds III
Virginia and Wendell Deo
Marge Doyle
Dwight and Janice DuBois
Frank Dunn
Ashley S. Dvoreck
Greg Egbens
Steven and Marie Elg
Terry and Kathleen Elings
Stephen and Kay Elliott
Erik Eriksen
Dave and Judith Farrington
Anthony Fatino
Mary Fleming
Norma Foote-Ramker
Jeanine M. Freeman
Royce R and Phyllis C Gale
Gregory W. and Katie L. Gallagher
Marla J. Garity
Timothy and Vicky Gear
Kent and Gwendolyn Gerhardt
Timothy and Deborah Gibson
Dr. Harvey Giller and Barbara Hirsch-Giller
Dennis Goldford and Sharon Louis-Goldford
Mary Gottschalk
Anthony D. Graves
Bethany Gray
Maurice and Norma Greenlee
Jeffrey and Sharon Gumm
Donald and Dorothy Hagan
Irving and Jennifer Hahn
Margaret E. Hahn
Rodney Hanze and Lisa Parker
Stephen Harris and Nancy Dietz
Mary A. Hays
Ben and Karen Heathcote
Mary K. Heatherton
Alden and Betty Hebard
Larry and Jane Herbold
Hal Higgs
Kari Holth
William and Lynne Howard
Norman and Carol Hulscher
Dr. John and Colleen Hurley
Martha James and Michael Myszewski
Larry L. Jandrey
Delores Jespersen
Donald and Marian Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
Barbara Jones
Christy Jones
Gladys Julstrom
Larry and Mary Keck
Karen Keeran
Charles and Joyce Kenagy
Carol A. Kent
Marcia and Thomas Keyser
Gregory and Susan Klein
Harvey Kleinman and Merrill Perlman
Eric Kochneff
Kjersten Krantz-Odendahl
James and Patricia Kratz
Don and Cathy Krueger
Bradley and Tamara Lair
John and Margaret LaMarche
Helena Laroche
JL and Joyce Larsen
Harriet Leitch
Duane R. Leonard
James and Margaret Leonardo
Ronald and Linda Lickteig
Thomas Lipps
Dinah C. Lockhart
Thomas E. Logan
Greg and Cheryl Long
Douglas J. Lourens
Dale and Teresa Loussaert
Andrea Love
Mary L. Lynch
Trudy Magurshak
Kathryn S. Marean
Melissa McAllister
Shirley A. McClain
Matthew McCright and Jane Robinette
Patricia McDermott
Kimberly A. McIntire
Aaron and Kathy McKay
Robert D. McKinley
Catherine M. McMullen
Jeffrey Means and Diane Glass
John and Janice Mechem
Jeffrey and Madeline Meyer
Joan E. Middleton
David and Christine Miller
Steven Mohr
Nancy Moore
Jeanne R. Morris
Paul Morris and Gloria Hauck Thiele Morris
Clayton and Rea Moss
Robert E. Mulqueen
Trefor and Karen Munch
Pauline Murphy
Marilyn Musser
Diane Myers
Scott M. Nash
Gerard D. Neugent
Larry and Frances Nielsen
Brian Norberg and Megan Blatt
George and Joann Norton
Bob and Pat Oberbillig
Kerry Ostring
Sally E. Ouellette
Blair and S. Whitney Overton
Christine Page
Victoria F. Payseur
Phyllis Pearson
Tom and Charolene Petersen
Don and Kay Peterson
Thomas and Sheila Pflanz
Tien Nhat Pham
Amy Plymat
Andrew and Sarah Pratt
Thomas and Linda Pratt
Mark and Darlene Pullen
Donna L. Rasmusson
Kathleen K. Reardon
Jan Reynolds
Mark and Janet Richards
Shirley H. Riley
James and Janine Rinker
Susan and Ron Roberts
Kathryn B. Roblee
Harlan and Audrey Rosenberg
Allan and Gloria Rovner
Ron and Clarice Rubek
Tony and Yvonne Salem
Nelda J. Sampel
Karen Sanders
Jason and Linda Sash
Michael and Julie Schlorholtz
Daniel A. Schwarz
Carolyn Scott and Cynthia Riordan
David and Victoria Selinger
Craig Shadur
Stacey L. Shambaugh
Phil and Diana Sickles
Delores K. Silio
Susan and Brian Sims
Patricia Sink
Mark and Elizabeth Slocum
Della Irene Smith
Dennis and Molly Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Phyllis A. Swink and Caesar Smith
Wes and Joan Snook
Patricia K. Sowder
George and Laura Sparks
Richard Spidle
Tori A. Squires
Marion E. Staub
Rachel S. Stauffer
Lawrence and Lynn Staunton
Lawrence and Ellen Strachota
Frank and Jeannette Strong
David and Denise Swartz
Karen Swenson
Gerald and Kathryn Szumski
Angie Tagtow
Jo Lynn Tainter
Robert and Valerie Thompson
Phyllis M. Tinker
Cecilia J. Tomlonovic
Barbara Turner
Steven and Darlene Van Oort
Bill and Marilyn Van Vliete
Marilyn J. Warling
Linda Warren
Ernest and Cheryl Weatherington
Kent and Julie Welsh
Michael Whitlatch
Walter and Mary Whitman
Debora R. Wiley and John Schmidt
Ginny Wilson Peters
Donald and Mary Wine
Janice Wear Winfield
Marvin and Marilyn Winick
Irving Wolfe


Ms. Michelle D. Wilder
Ronnie and Pamela Fuller
James Holcomb and Linda Moller
Mark and Linda O’Toole
Oliver Sheaff
Lynn A. Andlauer
Evelyn I. Cole
Erin Freund
Jacqueline S. Porter
Harley L. Thornton
Madeleine B. Niemuth
Jarl and Judy Aronsen
Tim and Alma Hackbart
Wendell and Lois Harms
Bill R. Mathews
Carol Templer
Marc and Karen Wallace
Ryan Yeager
Roger and Kay Bryan
Samuel and Mary Bernabe
David and Deborah Booth
Michael and Deborah Brown
Ben and Sashya Clark
Jo E. Cox
Jeffrey and Karin Derry
Martha DeVries
Brian Fitzpatrick and Diana Gonzalez
Garth W. Frable and Teresa H. McMahon
Douglas M. Ireland
Paul and Erma Joslin
Robert and Suzanne Judge
Dawn M. Kelley
Brian Klett
Jon Krieg and Patricia McKee
Cheryl Mains and Charles Kellogg
Harold and Karen Mann
Mary A. McCoy
Ned Miller
Marilyn E. Peercy
Rick and Judy Pertzborn
David C. Tellner
Max and Mary Ellen Vail
Mitchell and Donna Yeager
Goldie Zeichik
Don and Kay Peddy
Robert and Linda Carpenter
Joshua Nauman
William J. Kalianov
Mara Bailey
Barbara S. Baker
David and Mary Alice Hill
Fr. Lawrence R. Hoffmann
Kathleen A. Kopatich
Thomas Leffler and Judy Anderson
Richard and Karen Paxton
Lisa Vanscoyk
Emily and Nicholas Webb
Mark and Julia Wyzgowski
Lora L. Houck
James and Jean Petted
Melisa D. Forbes
Paula Jean and Jon Eide
Karen Caligiuri
Larry and Nancy Evans
Jeff Hayes and Susan Crowley
Patrick and Deanna Kueter
Ms. Diane M. McGuire
Kathleen M. Mertes
Brenda L. Ploeger
Patrick and Cheryl Regan
Delores Waldron
Ann F. Blumberg
Patricia J. Steffen
Randy and Jody Leventhal
David Abram and Amy Erickson
Joel and Kay Novak
Emily Mead
Timothy and Sheryl Nichols
Darcy A. Piffer
Linsey Alexander
Chad and Tiffany Allison
Gerald G. and A. Joan Anderson
Karen C. Anderson
Leta E. Arendt
Peggy Badger
J. Robert and Brenda Bahr
Brandon Bair
Diane Baker
Tracey Ball
Jennifer L. Ballenger
Tammy and Andrew Baumgarten
Barbara J. Berven
Tom and Christine Bierley
Christopher and Connie Bjornstad
Rebecca and Brian Bland
Frank and Geri Boesen
Patricia and Thomas Boesen
Darrell and Dorothy Boothe
Barbara Bowers
Quentin and Inez Boyken
Nadine and Edward Braley
Robert P. Brammer
Steven Brase
Lawrence and Colleen Breheny
Pamela and Vance Briddell
Barbara Briggie-Smith
Julie B. Bro
Catherine L. Broadston
John Brower
Christine Brown
Jennifer Brown
Shannon Brown
Sharon K. Brown
Mary J. Brown Mehalovich
Dean Burtch and Jody L. Valentine
Frank and Pamela Cacciatore
Marjorie A. Cahalan
Victoria Campbell
Jill Westercamp Catus and Thomas Catus
Walter C. Chapman
Sheryl A. Christiansen
Daniel W. Clifford
Kevin and Teresa Cline
Larry A. Conn
Nancy and C. Christopher Correy
Pedro and Debora Cortes
John and Barbara Cortesio
Ms. Deann L. Cowman
Kevin and Anne Marie Cox
Thomas and Patti Daft
Paul and Jeannette Davis
Linda Dawe
Sally L. Dechant
Diane Dentlinger
Charles and Tammera Denton
Richard and Lois Dickerson
Del and Marlene Dickey
Paul and Stephanie Drey
Jane B. Duncan
LeLoie G. Dutemple
James and Jean Ellerhoff
Jennifer Espeland
Susan E. Faller
Laura and Brian Feintech
Kathleen L. Ferguson
John L. Fisher and Jann E. Freed
Jack and Monica Fleisch
Richard and Mary Fox
Kathryn Franzenburg and William Davis
David and Alice Friedgood
Rev. Joanna C. Fumetti and Mark T. Mlsna
Fred and Sharon Gee
Benjamin and Nicole Geres
Dick and Mary Susan Gibson
Paul and Kathleen Gierasch
Jeffrey and Lisa Gift
William and Janet Haag
Darla Harken
Nancy Harvey
Gary and Betty Haverkamp
Cynthia Hayes
Noreen Hayes
Linda Heatherton and Donald Starcevich
Nancy Hess
Gina Hill
Heidi Hill-Matthes
Thomas and Patricia Hoffman
Kathleen M. Hogan
Gerald and Rosemary Holland
James and Koyla Hrabe
Michael and Marcia Hunter
James and Deborah Israel
Deanna R. Jackson
Jean and Richard Johnson
Joanne Johnson
Nicole and Bjorn Johnson
Donald and Truly Judisch
Peter and Robin Karney
Angelyn M. King
Joe Klueppel
Kathi Koenig
Kevin Kohler
W. Jean Kolmer
Douglas and Cindy Kreklau
John and Dana Leahy
Constance Leino
Janet E. Lemmermann
Nathan and Laura Lentz
Daniel and Joan Looker
Thomas and Nancy Macklin
Robin Madison
Mike and Mary Mahoney
Brian and Skyla Mann
Susan Martinek
Robert and Mary McIntosh
Michael McNeil
Jeff and Patricia Meinecke
David and Anne Mendenhall
John and Elizabeth Metier
Carol and Kenneth Morgan
Dr. Roscoe F. Morton and Cheryl S. Morton
Jeffrey and Carin Murphy
Julie and Clayton Murphy
Merrie J. Murray
Sally Nadolsky
Meridith Nelson and F. Lee Nelson
David and Caroll Nigon
Charles M. Northrop
Jason T. Nunemaker and Carla S. Herling
Kelly R. Park
Martha L. Pas
John and Pamela Patton
Doug Peckumn
Michael and Teresa Peiffer
Beverly I. Peterson
Lars Peterson and Saralyn Schlievert
Raymond and Joan Peterson
Robert and Janet Pickerell
Linda and Michael Pixley
Fred D. Plum
Andrew and Vicky Prosser
James and Holly Pruett
Layne Rasmussen
Kenneth and Donna Reams
Tony and Karen Reding
Col. Robert D. Reichart (Ret.)
Milton and Paula Rhiner
Rachel Rice
Dana and Adam Rich
Sylvia M. Richards
Cynthia and Darrell Richmeier
Duane and Christy Rinnan
Carlos and Marianne Rodrigues
Nancy A. Ross
Randy and Annette Roth
John and Mary Roy
George and Delores Ruby
Mary and Kelly Rush
Mary Said
James and Mary Sanders
David and Jeanette Saurman
Mark Schneider and Phyllis Friedman
Patricia Schreiner
Herman and Hazel Schroedel
James and Mary Ellen Schroeder
Karen D. Scott
Sara J. Sersland
Norma J. Shaw
Pamela Sinnwell
Daniel Smith
Debra S. Smith
John and Mary Kay Smith
Terrence and Jean Smith
Timothy Smith
O. Dale Stevens IIand Ruth A. Stevens
Rod and Becky Stevens
Martin and Norma Stevenson
Wilbur and LaVae Straavaldson
Kent and Andrea Strayer
Paul and Cara Strayer
Lola P. Suckow
Bob and Yvonne Sullivan
Marlene Sullivan
H. Shelby and Judith Swain
Shawn and Amy Swaner
Mary Ann Tayloe
Carol Thomas
Kristin J. Tucker
Valerie Tuel
Michael and Anne Ulm
Robert and Mary Ann Van Dyke
Dirk and Shirley Van Zante
Kelley Wandro
Arlee and Ladonna Waring
Leland and Catherine Webb
Beverly D. West
Julie A. West
Millard and Vicki White
Craig and Fran Wierson
Cheryl R. Wiese
Betty Wilke
Benjamin Woline
Sally T. Wood
Donald and Margaret York
James and Roma Youngquist
Duane and Marilyn Zahradnik
Jo Ann and Tom Zimmerman
Lorna Meyer
David and Mary Bradley
Carol J. Palmer
Norman and Mary Reeves
William Schocke
Bruce Hansen
Kellee A. Chilton
Joel Bader
John S. Burnett
Fred and Kathy Eastman
Rabbi Steven and Deborah Edelman-Blank
George and Elizabeth Evans
Jeffrey M. Evans
David and Karen Hartman
James and Joy Huse
Sally and Larry Smith
Mark and Nancy Wackerbarth
Alice L. Waters
D Willits
Janice Robinson Burns
William and Rosemary Hedlund
Larry and Karen Hoier
Dave and Kelli Lemke
Patricia Perlowski
Ralph and Joanna Schilling
Craig and Laura Strayer
Corey and Jessica Susie
Betty Wines and Janis Hurst
Lora Deege
Josephine Wolder
Wayne and Suzanne Brown
Madena Burman
Robert E. Burns
Thomas and Anne Marie Caudron
Marie Cluney
Jacquelyn Coulson
Sue A. Denny
Mary K. Eggers McCarroll
Jimmy and Cheryl Ervin
Mark Finkelstein and Jody Hramits
Janet B. Graves
Janet Hanlin
Todd and Jody Jacklin
Nanette R. Johnson
Raymond and Jeanann Johnson
John and Elizabeth Jones
CJ N. Kading
Amy Kepes
Heather Lovell
Emily Marashian
Randy and Bonnie McElroy
Russell Melby and Janet Nieuwsma Melby
Yvonne Ousley
Donna Peterson
Nancy Prizant
Dorene M. Schroeder
Jack and Rhonda Stewart
Darlene R. Tursi
Deana M. Boatwright
Samuel and Beverly Bobb
Basil and Teresa Nimry
Elizabeth and Dion Shultz
Craig and Barbara Alcott
Margaret M. Altman
James and Sharon Anderson
John and Nancy Appel
Donald and Patricia Armington
Roger E. Arndt
Catharine C. Ayers
William and Janis Balzer
Marcie Barlage
Jack and Cecilia Barron
Wayne and Delores Bauman
Jeff and Nancy Jo Bellville
John and Linda Benoit
Dixie L. Benton
Larry and Sherilyn Bever
Gerald and Patricia Blake
William and Phyllis Boller
Jean Bremhorst
Michael and Lindsay Brown
Jane A. Burger
Marjorie Burgess
Kelli G. A. Campbell
Ronald and Therese Canaday
Kevin Carr
Todd and Alison Cate
Lois Charter and Kathi Kuykendall
William and Margaret Connet
Rebecca Cook
Amanda M. Cory
Melinda S. Dabney
Rosalind A. Darensbourg
Rebecca A. Davis
David and Donna Decker
Catherine DeLong
Judy P. Dietrich
Martin and Kari Dostalik
James and Beverly Dowis
Kathryn L. Dunbar
Ralph and Beverly Edwards
Roy and Averyle Ehrle
Shirley Ellingson
Michael and Faye Ellis
Dorothy J. Ely
Arnold and Karen Engman
Randall and Susan Evans
Nancy Fazio
James A. Fisher
Alice J. Fleming
John and Janet Fletcher
Tom and Joelle Floren
John and Cynthia Forbes
Germaine and Loras Freiburger
Richard and Lori Fry
Lorraine C. Garner
Scott and Margaret Gaulter
Paul Gesell
Michael and Ann Ginther
Herman and Susan Givant
Mary Helen and David J. Grace
Sharon K. Gratias
Harry and Gwen Griger
Theo and Lavoy Haage
Dorothy and Dwayne Hall
James and Margaret Hammer
Ronald and Sally Hampton
Katherine S. Hanson
Pamela K. Hearn
Harlan and Dorothy Hockenberg
Isabelle Holland
Carol L. Horner
Janice B. Hornocker
Harold Jackson
John and Patricia Johnson
Brian and Alisha Jones
J. and Patricia Jones
Richard and Jacquelin Kail
Jerry and Lois Kiester
Roger and Shirley Kjellberg
Susan A. Koons
Deborah Koua
David and Judy Kurth
Paul F. Lamb
Craig E. Lampright
James and Doreen Larson
Mary Ann Leporte
Joyce L. Lewis
Jeff and Constance Ludwig
Dr. Randall and Janet Maharry
Jean L. Main
Polly and Col. Ret. Mark Maly
Leslie A. Mayo
Kathleen A. McCabe
BettyAnn McCarl
Patrick and Annette McDevitt
Roger and Mary McMahon
Diann S. Medici
Kenneth and Adele Mikesell
Sharrie Milner
Nancy K. Mohlis
Ellen L. Muller
Melissa Munroe
Russell and Margaret Nelson
Sigmund and Marilyn Nussbaum
Rebecca and William O’Connell
Constance and Carson Ode
Aleisha Olson
Janet A. Peterson
Martin and Jean Pillers
Theodore F. Raife
Diane M. Reid
Rick and Ellen Rhoads
Laura Riegel
Jon and Cherie Rissman
Sheila C. Rouse
Thomas and Mary Schemmel
Keith and Nellie Schmidt
Joseph W. Schneider
Dean and Marcia Schoeppner
Richard and Kari Schulte
V.G. and L.A. Scott
Karl Seidel
Kelli Shadle
Allen and Alison Shafer
Michael and Suzanne Sheeder
Dana and Ronata Simon
Nancy Skirnick
Helen M. Smith
Larry and Ruth Smith
Susan Sorge
Richard and Kristine Spoth
Linda and Larry Sprague
Ruth L. Stadther
Gene and Susan Staker
Howard and Elizabeth Stewart
Robert and Susan Stover
Jennifer W. Stuber
Christie M. Sullivan
Elizabeth S. Thill
Randall and Sheri Thompson
Terry and Pat Timmins
Kerry L. Treimer
Dennis and Joyce Trollope
Nancy A.S. Trotter
George and Nancy Turner
Delores Van Horn
Lon and Carla Wadle
Joyce Wallace
Carole Ward
John and Shelly Warrick
Christine M. Waschle
Lois A. Watson
Wanda K. Wendt
John and Joan Wetherell
Gregory and Jeri Williams
Lawrence and Doris Wineland
Janet M. Wise
Jim and Catherine Witte
Max and Phyllis Yaro
Linda M. Yeoman
Sandi D. Yoder
Heidi York
Jina Young
Elizabeth Zeller
Norman A. Zimmerman
Eric Fleharty
Linda Wieskamp
Joan F. Adams
Bill and Jane Ahrens
Richard and Iola Aldrich
Markham Anderson and Tana Anderson
Pat A. Anderson
Alan and Laura Axman
Michael and Anita Bell
Kevin and Sue Bennett
Donna and William Bistrican
Kathleen and Kurt Bowermaster
Barbara J. Breining
Jan Burch and Bob Mitchell
Janet and Dennis Burns
Norman and Janet Carlson
Deana Connelly
Robert Connelly
David and Janet Drey
Craig Dueker
Kimberly K. Egenberger
John and Karen Fatino
Rhonda Fingerman
Jane Flanagan
Rev. Jon Gaul
Gopalakrishna Goteti and Nicole Nowinski
Dr. Helene J. & Howard S. Grossman
N Guthrie
Holly Halter-Proudfit
Bonnie L. Handley
Grant and Christy Hickman
Charles and Gloria House
Cletus J. and Eileen R. Janni
Paul and Carolyn Kamp
Robert and Susan Knudson
Dolores G. Kurt
Arlene L. Lorenger
Norma A. Marshall
Mary Mason
Richard L. Maynard
Steven and Susan McDonald
Anthony and Carolyn McEvoy
Shannon Miller
Mitch Monahan and Maria Seltz
Steven L. Nelson Jr.
John and Carolyn O’Hara
Raymond J. Olson
Erlene M. Pattee
Danielle A. Peters
Ramona G. Porter
Melissa Primus
Diana K. Rezac
Lori M. SchraderBachar
Brette Scott
Noel and Mary Sesker
Elizabeth A. Shannahan
Troy and Mary Shelley
William and Faith Sherman
Ellen Kelly Smith
Megan E. Sorg
Lisa and Whitey Stange
Allen E. Stephens
Mary E. Tomlinson
Sandra L. C. Ware
Jerry and Margaret Weiner
Dean and Linda Westergaard
Jerry Williams
Ami Yaro
Kathy Young
Vera Aginsky
Louise Kaufmann
Luke Elzinga
James B. Cooney
Erica Fischer
Robin and Jolene Harlow
Roy and Celia Ives
Heidi L. Klodd
Carol McClain
Kent and Julie McDougal
Thomas and Carol McGarvey
Alicia Meyer
Christopher Olkiewicz
Kenneth and Rosalie Petersen
Ron and Ruth Anne Petrak
Brady Rebhuhn
Sheryl D. Tenikatt
Stuart Weisbrod
Delores Willemsen
Debra D. Kean
Robert and Janice Hester
Chantal M. Anderson
Ober and Iolene Anderson
Lola A. Bartolomei
Marna and Dennis Billings
Andrea Cashin and Tyler Lind
Sheila Caudle
Zachry and Danielle Christensen
Jerold Clyde
R. L. and Pat Colbert
Rev. Robin and Steven Coughennower
Lisa Denzin
Doug and Sue Diaz
Josh and Sharon Engman
Marnie A. Fink
Shirley and Allen Green
Rosanne Gull
Michael and Amy Hanrahan
V. Ibsen
Lindy Ireland
Brian and Cathy Karn
Virgil and Linda Kleinhesselink
Steven and Carmen Kopf
Juanita M. Leggett
Mildred Lewis
Catalina M. Macias
Patricia and Daniel Putney
John and Kathleen Runyan
Barbara A. Siler
Patricia Snook
Sara J. Stark
Leora J. Thomas
Peggy L. Welter
Aaron and Megan Wolfe

Congregational Cash Donors

* denotes DMARC member congregation


Lutheran Church of Hope *
Sacred Heart Catholic Church *


First United Methodist Church, Ankeny *
St. Pius X Catholic Church *
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church *


Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church *
Faith Lutheran Church *
St. Augustin Catholic Church *
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ *
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church *
Polk City United Methodist Church *
Covenant Presbyterian Church *
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church *
West Des Moines Christian Church *
St. John’s Lutheran Church *


Walnut Hills United Methodist Church *
Wakonda Christian Church *
Immanuel United Methodist Church *
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church *
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church
New Hope United Methodist Church *
St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church
First Christian Church, Des Moines *
All Saints Catholic Church * *
Grace Lutheran Church *
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church *


Ankeny Presbyterian Church *
Holy Trinity Catholic Church *
Ashworth Road Baptist Church * *
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church *
First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines *
Valley United Methodist Church *
Prairie Ridge Church
Ankeny Christian Church *
Fort Des Moines United Methodist Church *
Grace United Methodist Church *
St. Mark Lutheran Church *
Windsor United Methodist Church *
Glen Echo Christian Church *
Highland Park Presbyterian Church *


Windsor Presbyterian Church *
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting *
Des Moines Mennonite Church *
St. James Lutheran Church *
First Unitarian Church *
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church *
First United Methodist Church, Des Moines *
Westkirk Presbyterian Church
West Des Moines United Methodist Church *
Sheridan Park United Methodist Church *
Salem United Church of Christ *
Park Avenue Christian Church *
Covenant Christian Church *
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church *
Ankeny Church of the Brethren *
Central Presbyterian Church * *
Aldersgate United Methodist Church *
Union Park United Methodist Church *
Urbandale United Church of Christ *
Cathedral Church of St. Paul *
Unity Church of Des Moines *
Indianola Heights Christian Church *
Grandview Lutheran Church *
Capitol Hill Christian Church *
Simpson United Methodist Church *
Our Saviour Lutheran Church
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church *
Assumption Catholic Church
Wesley United Methodist Church *
Christ Community Church *
Resurrection Lutheran Church *
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd *


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church *
Community of Christ Church
Westover Baptist Church *
Christ United Methodist Church *
Stover Memorial Church of the Brethren *
Trinity Las Americas United Methodist Church
Staves Memorial United Methodist Church *
Union Park Presbyterian Church *
Tifereth Israel Synagogue *
Ankeny United Church of Christ *
Luther Memorial Church *
Northwest Community of Christ *
Des Moines Intentional Eucharistic Community *
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church *
Greek Orthodox Church of St. George *
Highland Park Christian Church *
Temple B’Nai Jeshurun *
Bondurant Christian Church *
Maple Grove United Methodist Church *
Oakwood United Methodist Church


Easton Place United Methodist Church *
Beth El Jacob Synagogue *
Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church *
Women at the Well United Methodist Church
St. John’s United Methodist Church *
Highland Park Lutheran Church


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church *
Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church *
St. Stephen Lutheran Church *
Wesley United Methodist Women *
Bloomfield United Methodist Church
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church *
Marquisville United Methodist Church *
Fort Des Moines Presbyterian Church *
Lewiston Church of the Brethren


Jordan United Methodist Church *
Epworth United Methodist Church *
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church *

Organization and Business Cash Donors


Polk County


Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield


Aetna Foundation
Emergency Food & Shelter Program/FEMA
Wells Fargo
Prairie Meadows
Bemis Company Foundation
Union Pacific Foundation


Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation
BWA Foundation
Knights of Columbus #12482/St. Anthony
Capital City Fruit/4 Seasons Fund Raising/DMTB
GuideOne Insurance
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Thurston Family Charitable Fund


Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute
Larry & Kay Myers Interfaith & Intercultural Ambassador Fund
Iowa Association for Justice
All Community Events, Inc.
Meredith Corporation Foundation
Hy-Vee, Inc.
Di Lusso Deli Company


Voya Financial
John Deere Financial
Sacred Heart School
Aureon Network Services
Charlotte and William Hinson Charitable Foundation
Harden Family Foundation
The Ralph & Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation
Doll Distributing LLC
Dowling Catholic High School Staff and Students
Our Story Goes On
Alleman/Flowers Charitable Gift Fund
CBC Foundation
Kemin Industries, Inc.
University of Iowa Community Credit Union
Rain and Hail Insurance LLC
Webspec Design LLC
Northwest Financial
Des Moines Area Hunger Hike
Iowa One
St. Catherine of Siena Student Center
AFSCME Local 3450
Beasley Family Foundation
Davick Family Fund
Father John Aldera Foundation
Gutfreund Foundation Inc
J. Shide Music
Martial Artists for Children & Community Fndn.
Penelope #38 Charitable Trust


Anderson Erickson Dairy
Bankers Trust
Living History Farms Race/Bobenhouse Lavender Fndn
DSM Golden K Kiwanis
Iowa Annual Conference
Mid Iowa Gymnastics
Terry Myers LLC/DBA Business Edge
Church Women United
Catholic Diocese of Des Moines
Ankeny Community Schools
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Acanthus Masonic Lodge #632
Bellizzi MacRae American Legion Auxiliary #659
Daughters of Norway, Eva Nansen Lodge #46
Knights of Columbus #10558/St. Augustin
Knights of Columbus/St. Theresa
Walmart Foundation


EMC Insurance Companies
PEO Chapter GX
Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals
Huber Companies, Inc
Children’s Cancer Connection Directors & Staff
Kiwanis Club of West Des Moines
Cowles Montessori School Staff and Students
Findley Elementary School
Phi Tau Omega Kappa Chi Chapter
Mercy College of Health Sciences Faculty and Students
Thrivant Financial Foundation
Iowa Grocery Industry Assoc.
Iowa International Center
Iowa Cubs Baseball Fans
Drake University
Joseph’s Jewelers
Lithia Volkswagen of Des Moines


St. Augustin School
Vavra Family Charitable Endowment IV
PEO Chapter IE
Citizens Finance
The Principal Financial Group
Delta Dental
Des Moines Rose Society
HandEra Engineering Services
CenturyLink Clarke M Williams Foundation
The Crazees
Exile Brewing Company LLC
Amazon Smile
Boy Scout Troop 46
Des Moines Retired Fire Fighters
DSM Girl Gang
Women’s Reciprocity Group
State of Iowa
Leads Lunch & Laughs Assoc.
Ervin Family Chiropractic
Rockingham Ridge Neighborhood
Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association
Five Star Compounding Pharmacy
Kiwanis Club of Ankeny
MH Equipment
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


NALC Food Drive
Alpha Delta Kappa, Tau Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star #361
Cub Scout Pack 92
Center for Social Ministry
Gift Of Light Inc
Hopkins and Huebner, PC
Sherman Hill Association
Gardalen Family Trust
Growing Family Fun LLC
Iowa Dept of Human Rights
PEO Chapter IJ
Questers Inc Abbie Gardner #322
Shazam ITS, Inc
SIA Marketing
Values Based Holding Corporation
Harrison & Cohen
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
OES Heartland Chapter
Iowa Gamma Master
The Fighting Burrito
PEO Chapter EH
First American Bank
Order of Eastern Star South Gate #547
Accents & Interiors
Central Dallas Developers LLC
Embee Inc
GTS Tree Service, Inc./DBA Gary’s Tree Service
Petersen & Petersen Agency, Inc
Rotary Club of Greater Des Moines
Johnston Community School District
PEO Chapter JZ
PEO Chapter KO
Riedinger Enterprises
Waugh Business
First National Bank
Iowa Barnstormers Fans

Individual Gift In-Kind Donors

Shan Abbasi
Tyler and Sarah Alberts
Sarah Albracht
Bob and Shirley Aldrich
Karen C. Anderson
Ober and Iolene Anderson
Daniel R. Arthur
Ginger Bassett
Deborah and Gary Bateman
Martha Biar
Tracy Blackmer
Joseph and Julie Blaser
Ann Blue
Russell Bollig
Ken and Thelma Bradt
Judy Brannon
Angelena and Christopher Brockert
William Bycroft
Amber Cahill
Jim and Darlene Christensen
James Christenson
Jan Chumbley
Matthew and Melissa Clevenger
Kimberly Colletti
Supv. Angela Connolly
Anders W. David
Hans David
David and Joan Discher
Marge Doyle
Susan Dudley
Adrian Dunbar
Luke Elzinga
Emma England
Marc Ewers
Jennifer and Willie Farrell
Mary Farrell
Harlan Feintech
Debbie Fisher
Kathy Flaherty
Rhonda Gammell
Fred and Sharon Gee
Bob and Charlene Giles
Bill and Marcia Gilmer
Ashley Gray
Erich Grubert
Lee Harper
Harvey Harrison and Ellen Taylor
Kathryn and Dave Hellstern
Donna S. Henkel
Evan Herlocker
David and Mary Alice Hill
Harold and Starr Hinrichs
Holiday Donors
Lorna Holland
Dr. Scott and Julie Honsey
Beryl Hull
Priyanka Jayashankar
David John
William and Barbara Keck
Sandra Keplinger
Sher W. Khor
Lynette Kingery
Cristina Kinsella
Marjorie A. Knudsen
Mike LaMair
Kathy Lane
Bonnie Larson
Lori Lemon
Dennis Littlejohn
Jenni Losee
Lavone E. Mann
Steven Martinez
Mary McBride
Trudy McCormick
Sara McDowell
Pat D. McQueen
Jeffrey and Madeline Meyer
Mary Miller
Steve Miller
Joseph Mittlestadt
Peri and Adam Montufar
Dennis and Sandra O’Brien
Marcy O’Brien
Glenn and Carol Olson
Fern G. Oman
Angela Ossian
Chad and Melissa Owen
A. J. Perdew
John and Diana Phoenix
Shirley Phoenix
Melissa Primus
Ray and Viola Putz
James Rener
Brian and Kerry Riordan
Brian Sanders
Nanette Schroeder
Jennifer Schumann
Richard Shacklett
Jacqueline Shafer
Zee Shan
Matthew Shaw
Benjamin and Elizabeth Sheridan
Maribel Slinde
Paul Sloan
Rhonda Snyder
John Sodak
Rosemarie and John Staebell
William Summers and Robin Kline
Krysta Thomason
Gary and Helen Thull
Rae Elaine Tobis
Maria Torres
Kevin D. Ulmer
Stephanie Van Roekel
Linda and Daniel Vander Hart
Noah Varghese
April and Josh Visnapuu
Cindy Voorhees
David and Doris Wait
Virginia Wallace
Gordon Wassenaar
Emily and Nicholas Webb
Jeff and Kim Weeks
Maxine Weil
Connie Welcher
Albert and Glenys Wheeldon
Mary and Mark Whitfield
Ian Wilke-Shapiro
Terry and Jeanne Williamson
Theresa R. Wilson
Eric Woodworth
Wayne L. Woodworth
Samantha Yang
Kathy Young

Congregational Gift In-Kind Donors

*denotes DMARC member congregation

Aldersgate United Methodist Church *
All Saints Catholic Church *
Ankeny Presbyterian Church *
Ashworth Road Baptist Church *
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Bethany Reformed Church
Bondurant Christian Church *
Burns United Methodist Church *
Capitol Hill Christian Church *
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church *
Cathedral Church of St. Paul *
Christ Community Church
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church *
Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ United Methodist Church *
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints *
Covenant Christian Church *
Covenant Presbyterian Church *
Des Moines Mennonite Church *
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church *
Easton Place United Methodist Church *
Faith Lutheran Church *
First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines *
First Christian Church *
First Presbyterian Church *
First Unitarian Church *
First United Methodist Church, Ankeny *
First United Methodist Church, Des Moines *
Fort Des Moines Church of the Open Bible *
Fort Des Moines United Methodist Church *
Glen Echo Christian Church *
Grace Lutheran Church *
Grace United Methodist Church *
Highland Park Christian Church *
Highland Park Presbyterian Church *
Holy Trinity Catholic Church *
Immanuel United Methodist Church *
Luther Memorial Church *
Lutheran Church of Hope *
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd *
Marquisville United Methodist Church *
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School *
New Hope United Methodist Church *
Northwest Community of Christ *
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church *
Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Park Avenue Christian Church *
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church *
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ *
Polk City United Methodist Church *
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church *
Redeemer Lutheran Church *
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Salem United Church of Christ *
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Simpson United Methodist Church *
St. Augustin Catholic Church *
St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church *
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church *
St. James Lutheran Church *
St. John’s Lutheran Church *
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church *
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church *
St. Mark Lutheran Church *
St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church
St. Pius X Catholic Church
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church
Staves Memorial United Methodist Church *
Temple B’Nai Jeshurun *
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Tifereth Israel Synagogue *
Union Park Presbyterian Church *
Union Park United Methodist Church *
Unity Church of Des Moines *
Valley United Methodist Church *
Wakonda Christian Church *
West Des Moines Christian Church *
West Des Moines United Methodist Church *
Westkirk Presbyterian Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church *
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church *
Windsor Presbyterian Church *
Zion Lutheran Church

Organization and Business Gift In-Kind Donors

Aldi – SE 14th
All Community Events, Inc.
Alpha Delta Kappa, Tau Chapter
American Heart Association
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Andy Lyons Cameraworks
Ankeny Area Democrats
Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals
Bank Iowa
Barksdale Concessions
Beacon of Life
Bettaway Transportation Logistics
Bridges Of Iowa
Brody Middle School Staff & Students
Business Publications Corp., Inc.
Capital City Fruit
Carpenters Local 106
Center Grove Orchard, Inc.
Central Iowa Celiac Connection
Cherry Glen Learning Farm
Church Women United
City of Des Moines
Clifton Larson Allen, LLP
Community Youth Concepts
Cowles Montessori School Staff and Students
Coyote Run Farm
Cub Scout Pack 92
Curbin’ Cuisine
Delta Dental
Dental Associates Employees
Des Moines East And South Chamber Of Commerce
Des Moines Girl Gang
Des Moines Golden K Kiwanis
Des Moines Marathon Run Club
Des Moines Public Library
Des Moines Retired Fire Fighters
Des Moines University Faculty & Students
DLL Finance
Dollar General
Donut Hut
Dowling Catholic High School Staff and Students
Downtown School Staff and Students
Dupont Pioneer
EMC Insurance Companies
Equitrust Life Insurance Company
Ervin Family Chiropractic
Fareway – Euclid
Fareway – Grand
Fareway – Merle Hay
Fareway – Oralabor
First American Bank
First National Bank
Fleet Feet Sports
Food 4 Hope
Fox Greenhouses, Inc.
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Garden On Garden
Gateway Market
Geisler Farms
Gentiva Home Health Services Employees
Girl Scout Highland Park Service Unit
Girl Scout Troop 129
Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa (HQ)
Global Atlantic Financial Group Employees
Great Southern Bank
Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association
GuideOne Insurance
Healthy Jar LLC
Hopkins and Huebner, PC
House of Mercy
Hupp Toyotalift
Hutch Energy LLC
Hy-Vee – Douglas
Hy-Vee – Downtown
Hy-Vee – Jordan Creek
Hy-Vee – Merle Hay
Hy-Vee Fullfillment Center
Hy-Vee, Inc.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Iowa Association for Justice
Iowa Barnstormers Fans
Iowa Conference, United Methodist Church
Iowa Correctional Institution for Women
Iowa Cubs Baseball Fans
Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau
Iowa Wild Hockey Fans
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
John Deere Financial
Johnston Community School District
K&B Transportation Inc.
Link Associates Inc.
Lube Tech
Meals from the Heartland
Meals From the Market
Mercy College of Health Sciences Faculty and Students
MH Equipment
Mid Iowa Gymnastics
NALC Food Drive
Northwest Financial
Notre Dame Club of Des Moines
OES Heartland Chapter
Optimist Club of Des Moines
Orchard Place
Outreach, Inc.
PEO Chapter HX
Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
Perishable Distributors of Iowa
Polk County Farm Bureau
Powers Produce & Flower Greenhouse
Prairie Meadows
Price Chopper
Ronald McDonald House
Ruan Companies
Sacred Heart School
Salvation Army Des Moines HQ
Sherman Hill Association
Special Events
T.T.T. Society – Chapter D
Take 10 Des Moines
The Heartland Companies
The Principal Financial Group
The Reserve Senior Living
The World Food Prize Foundation
U.S. Attorney’s Office Employees
United Way of Central Iowa
VA Central Iowa Health Care System
Virginia Park Apartments Residents
Visiting Nurse Services
Voya Financial
Wakonda Club
Walmart – Grimes
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods
Willis Auto Campus