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A Letter from the President

Last year I had the opportunity to visit all of the food pantries in DMARC’s Network. I sat outside most of them before I went in, just to watch the people going in and out. That experience reminded me of a quote from former General Mill Executive David Nasby:

“Tonight, thousands of your neighbors will go to bed hungry. It may be your child’s schoolmate who is undernourished and has difficulty learning on an empty stomach. Or it could be a co-worker, a working mother whose low-wage job doesn’t make ends meet. Perhaps it’s an elderly neighbor who must make a decision whether to delay filling a prescription or buying groceries. The faces of hunger are as broad as the faces of America.”

I saw those faces in our neighbors going into our pantries, but because of your support, what I saw coming out were people with healthy food to eat, and my hope is a better life because of it. I believe that when we provide healthy food to our neighbors that may otherwise go without, we are also building a stronger, safer, and healthier community for everyone.

Looking ahead, the growth in demand we are experiencing to meet people’s most basic food needs is sobering, but it also allows us the chance to grow as a community.

To quote James Beard, “food is our common ground.” We all need it. From an interfaith perspective, bringing people together to fight food insecurity gives us the opportunity to use that common ground to create a greater spirit of empathy and collaboration in what is otherwise too often a divided and troubled world.

We can build a greater sense of community that we all benefit from through the spirit of empathy, giving, and collaboration demanded of us to ensure that none of our neighbors go hungry. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as part of that effort.

John Whalin
President, 2018-2019

Our Year in Review

Telling the Story of Food Insecurity: Data Visualization Dashboard

DMARC has been utilizing a new tool to help tell the story of food insecurity in Greater Des Moines: a data visualization dashboard.

The data visualization dashboard provides a big picture look at food insecurity in Greater Des Moines. With this new tool, we can identify areas of our community with the greatest need, explore concentrations of senior and childhood food insecurity, and analyze how individuals move within DMARC’s Food Pantry Network.

Individually, these data points represent human beings who have used a DMARC partner food pantry. Collectively, they paint a stark reality that is hard to deny—food insecurity knows no boundaries in our community.

The data visualization dashboard has been an incredibly effective advocacy tool when discussing the issue of food insecurity in Greater Des Moines with legislators, organizations, and other local leaders.

DMARC Food Pantry Network Assistant Director Daniel Beck (R) demonstrates the data visualization dashboard to Executive Director Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice (L).

Board member Matt Strawn, Leslie Garman, Sarai Rice, and Past President Jody Mead at the 10th Anniversary celebration for Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice.

Sarai Rice’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Launch of the “Fresh Fund”

On March 1, 2018, DMARC celebrated 10 years of Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice’s leadership. To commemorate this milestone, DMARC established the “Fresh Fund” to support the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Fresh Fund was created because, simply put, healthy food is expensive food. We know that people using our food pantries can’t always afford to buy fresh and healthy food for their families at the grocery store.

In fiscal year 2017-2018, the DMARC Food Pantry Network distributed 1,463,276 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in Greater Des Moines.

With our focus on providing healthy food, and the continued increase in need at our food pantries, we know our expenses for fresh produce will continue to rise.

But you can help! By donating to DMARC’s new Fresh Fund, you are supporting the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables and the health of the people assisted by our Food Pantry Network.

Give to the Fresh Fund today.


Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive 2018

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) held their 26th annual Stamp Out Hunger® food drive across the nation, and the DMARC Food Pantry Network was the local beneficiary of the food drive in Greater Des Moines.

That Saturday, letter carriers around the metro collected food donations from mailboxes and doorsteps, which were brought back to their local post offices, and then transported to the East Grandstands’ Hall of Law and Flame at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

In total, 63,402 pounds of food were collected during Stamp Out Hunger®—over 100 watermelon bins full of food! The following week, hundreds of volunteers assisted in date and seal checking, sorting, and boxing up food.

View more photos from Stamp Out Hunger®.

The DMARC Hunger Simulation

In fiscal year 2017-2018, DMARC developed a Hunger Simulation to help our supporters understand the realities of living with food insecurity.

The DMARC Hunger Simulation is an immersive interactive experience where participants take on the identity of a real person living with food insecurity. Participants must determine their food budget to and get the recommended USDA MyPlate servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and dairy by shopping at the grocery store, visiting a food pantry, and applying for SNAP benefits at the DHS office—all within 15 minutes.

DMARC has hosted Hunger Simulations for groups both large and small from congregations, schools, and businesses. After the simulation is complete, we reflect on the experience and lead a discussion about the issue of food insecurity and the work of the DMARC Food Pantry Network.

Learn more about our Hunger Simulation.

Engaging Corporate Partners

Corporate engagement is an important part of any nonprofit’s work, including that of DMARC. But what does corporate engagement really mean? In today’s work environment, employees are looking for more than a “job.” They are looking for a work experience that includes an employer that is active in their community and that also provides opportunities for them to give back, often during the work day.

Savvy employers know this well and understand that employee retention is important to their bottom line, so providing these opportunities and experiences is important to them, too. Not only do they want to help the communities in which they reside succeed, but they also want to be a caring member of their community. They also want to foster an active and engaged employee base, knowing that nonprofit experiences can build both camaraderie and leadership skills – both good things.

Like many things, corporate engagement should not be viewed as a “one and done” type of exercise; rather it should be viewed as a continuum with many options for an organization to consider involvement with DMARC. A few include:

  • Corporate volunteers – senior or staff level service to a committee, board, or special project
  • Grant support – DMARC Food Pantry Network or other projects
  • Sponsorship – DMARC event or special need
  • Fund & food drive – special or seasonal promotion (holiday drive, Iowa vs. Iowa State tailgate drive, or other activity)
  • Matching gifts – matching a personal gift by the corporate partner

DMARC has long enjoyed support from the corporate community. Nearly 100 corporate partners provided over $100,000 in support to the DMARC Food Pantry Network. In total, nearly 70,000 volunteer hours were contributed to the DMARC Food Pantry Network, a value of $1.6 million.

Whether building a putt-putt golf course with cans, having an Iowa vs. Iowa State friendly tailgate competition, or volunteering in our warehouse or at Stamp Out Hunger®, fun was an element in all.

But fun is just the beginning! DMARC is committed to building a positive relationship with our corporate partner’s one that helps them achieve their goals and one that provides an element of learning, too. We also want to build meaningful opportunities for our partners.

Often the first thought that comes to mind when considering volunteer involvement is helping to sort food, but did you know that that is only one of many ways that corporate volunteers can help DMARC?

Successful corporate engagement is not a one-sided endeavor. It means that both organizations know and understand what success looks like, from the other party’s view.

The landscape of corporate engagement is changing, and we believe for the better. We are always pleased when corporate partners want to understand more about the root causes of food insecurity in our community and what they can do to help in innovative ways. Because when we have a discussion, we can provide a more full understanding of the complexities of the issue. And we can learn about the unique ways they might be able to help.

Want to learn more about how your company can begin a relationship with DMARC? Contact Leslie Garman, Director of Development & Outreach at (515) 277-6969 or We’d be excited to explore ways that work for you!

DLL Financial employees play a mini-golf course made from food donations on January 17, 2018. The food items were later donated to the DMARC Food Pantry Network.


A volunteer collects food donations at a Red Barrel event put on by the Ankeny Kiwanis and Key Club in November 2017.


A volunteer from Workiva tapes up a box for food donations in the DMARC warehouse on November 15, 2017.

Food Pantry Network

Our Four Pillars

Since its founding in 1976, our Food Pantry Network has been dedicated to four basic principles:

We believe that, if you need food, you should be able to get the same quality, and the same amount, no matter where you live in Greater Des Moines. By fundraising throughout the metro area and by being able to move food across our Food Pantry Network, DMARC is able to ensure that people living in lower-income areas have the same access to good food as do people living in wealthier areas.

The food we provide is free, not only to the people we assist, but also to the partner food pantries in our network. We fundraise on a regional scale so that our partner pantries do not have to pay for the food they receive from DMARC.

We provide healthy food that is low in sugar, fat, and salt, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. We realize the foods we distribute account for only a small portion of the total diets of the people we assist, but to the extent that we can, we want people living with food insecurity to have access to the healthy food they need in order to lead
productive lives.

People who visit a DMARC partner food pantry are only able to receive a three-day supply of healthy food once per calendar month, but AnyTime Items such as donated produce and bread products, dried beans, and Meals from the Heartland are available any time a pantry is open. No one should ever have to walk away from a food pantry with nothing to eat.

Food Pantry Usage Continues to Increase


In fiscal year 2017-2018, the DMARC Food Pantry Network:

  • assisted 50,708 unique individuals
  • assisted 21,626 unique households
  • assisted 17,234 individuals per month on average
  • assisted more individuals in a single month than ever before – 21,079 individuals in November 2017
  • saw a total of 206,812 pantry visits
  • distributed 1,463,276 lbs. of fresh produce
  • saw an average monthly increase in use of 10.4%
    (compared to the same month the year previous)

Still Struggling to Make Ends Meet

For too many central Iowans, the economic recovery has never arrived. Even as our state reaches “full employment,” nearly 40% of people in Polk County are struggling to make ends meet, according to the United Way’s most recent ALICE report.

And while wages are finally starting to see an increase, they are not keeping up with inflation. Essentials like housing, child care, energy, transportation, and health care have all risen in cost at a pace that has not been matched by increasing wages.

Iowa’s minimum wage currently sits at $7.25, and has not seen an increase since 2008. For Iowans who are facing increasing costs with no rising pay, the future looks uncertain.

According to the ALICE report, Polk County has seen an increase in households struggling to meet their basic needs, from 26% of the population in 2012 to 36% of the population in 2016.

It’s something we’ve been seeing first-hand at DMARC. Since 2012, total visits to the DMARC Food Pantry Network have increased by 73%.

One of the major driving factors of this is lack of affordable housing. Currently, Polk County is about 8,000 homes short of affordable housing. In the Des Moines-West Des Moines metropolitan area, 17.8% of renters pay more than half of their monthly income in rent.

If the issues of rising costs of basic essentials and slow-growing wages are left unaddressed, those struggling economically in our community have a bleak future ahead of them.

That’s why reframing the narrative on poverty in our state and country is so important. Poverty exists because people don’t have enough money. Individual choices don’t keep people in a cycle of poverty, an unjust system does. And until that system is corrected, the DMARC Food Pantry Network will continue to see more and more people using food pantries to help feed their families.

Since 2012, total visits to the DMARC Food Pantry Network have increased by 73%.

“It would be a lot harder [without the food pantry]. It frees up some of my money to spend on other essentials. I definitely only have a couple hundred dollars in my savings account. Nothing is fast, but [the food pantry] helps me get back on my feet.”

-Lori, substitute teacher and mother of two

Interfaith Engagement

Introducing our New Interfaith Coordinator

DMARC’s new Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement position strengthens engagement between DMARC and the diverse faith communities of Greater Des Moines, while creating opportunities for those faith communities to connect with one another. The Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott is an ordained Lutheran pastor who previously served congregations in suburban Des Moines and rural Virginia, and worked as a hospital chaplain in Philadelphia and Chicago. As she likes to say, “I got called into ministry as a Christian pastor by Navajo traditional healers and Jewish women. I learned about hospitality from my Muslim neighbors in Chicago. I am continually inspired by the way my neighbors from across the religious spectrum live out their faith.”

Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp

Our first Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp took place in August 2017, and the second in July 2018. A collaboration between The Comparison Project at Drake University and DMARC, the camp brings high school students from diverse backgrounds together to explore the religious landscape of the Des Moines metro area. As part of the camp, each student creates a digital storytelling project about their own faith. The camp is a powerful experience in encountering differences, building relationships, and cultivating the skills for interfaith leadership.

Watch the digital stories:

Interfaith Education

In the past year, DMARC has provided interfaith panels and presentations for community groups, businesses, schools, faith communities, and even Polk County Juvenile Detention Center. With topics ranging from youth perspectives to end of life concerns, interfaith panels introduce the audience to the diversity of faith right in their own community. Interfaith panels are also a great opportunity for panelists from various faith communities to get to know one another.

While knowledge of other religions is important, relationship building opportunities are even more impactful. For that reason, DMARC collaborated with Westminster Presbyterian Church to create an interfaith youth series in which the group traveled to visit the Jewish Federation, AlRazi Academy, St. Francis Roman Catholic Parish, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Youth from each of these communities shared about their faith with the visitors, and the visitors and hosts shared a meal.

Iowa Interfaith Exchange

In February 2018, DMARC partnered with the Comparison Project to host the Iowa Interfaith Exchange. This year’s event turned the floor of Drake University’s Parents Hall into a giant map of Greater Des Moines, with 29 religious communities setting up displays on their approximate location. Members of the public were invited to pilgrimage from site to site, exploring their community in a new way. The participating faith communities also got the opportunity to meet their religious neighbors and learn about the diversity right in their own neighborhoods.

To learn more about our work in interfaith engagement, please contact Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott at


*The $1,427,316 of in-kind contributions by category were: non-perishables that meet our healthy food guidelines (13.1%), non-perishables that do not meet our guidelines (11.7%), dairy items (7.8%), frozen meat (3.9%), fresh produce (44.8%), personal care items (3.9%), baby formula (0.6%), diapers (1.3%), food passed on to other organizations (4.4%), and non-food in-kind contributions like equipment, services and other goods (8.5%).

Looking to the Future

Rebranding the Red Barrel Program

The Red Barrel program has been integral to DMARC’s fight against food insecurity since 1990, providing community members the opportunity to donate food and personal care items at their local grocery store, and deepening our relationship with a variety of retail business partners. Over the years, numerous volunteers have participated in the collection of millions of items to stock the shelves of DMARC’s partner food pantries.

To better meet the continually increasing need for our services, we are transitioning the Red Barrel program from a physical presence in stores to an app-based experience that will allow anyone, anywhere, to help us purchase our most-needed food items. Plans include pop-ups sharing statistics about DMARC’s impact in the community, prompts encouraging donors to help us meet our monthly target for specific foods, incentives for meeting personal donation goals, and more! And since there is no denying the power of brand recognition, Red Barrels will still accompany special drive events in select stores—the perfect balance of honoring a legacy with an eye toward future innovation!

Young & Hungry

Young & Hungry is a DMARC committee focused on engaging the next generation of DMARC supporters. Through volunteer outings, social events, trivia, and other activities, we hope to connect with young people who are passionate about ending food insecurity in Greater Des Moines.

Food Insecurity & Affordable Housing

Since 1978, DMARC has been providing emergency rent and utilities assistance for families facing an eviction or utility shut-off. Originally established under the name “Compassion in Action,” DMARC’s Housing Stability Fund currently partners with Polk County General Assistance to distribute funds to families facing a financial emegency that could leave them without housing.

However, providing emergency rent and utilities assistance is not going to solve the problem of Polk County’s lack of affordable housing. It’s an immediate and temporary fix to a very complex and ongoing problem in our community.

Currently, Polk County is 8,000 homes short of affordable housing for its residents. For too many people, finding affordable housing in Greater Des Moines seems an impossible task. 17.8% of renters in Des Moines and West Des Moines are forced to spend over half their income on rent.

Using our data visualization dashboard, we’ve paired DMARC client data with the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) data. Through this, we’ve identified the overwhelming relationship between the average percentage of household income that goes to rent and the percentage of people using a DMARC food pantry in specific census tracts.

Not surprisingly, higher average percentage of household income paid to rent in a census tract correlates to higher use at food pantries (see video). When people are spending more just to keep a roof over their heads, they don’t have as much money to spend on groceries. More people are turning to food pantries to help stretch their monthly budget.

DMARC is already refocusing our affordable housing efforts. We’re engaging with our congregations to come up with ideas to repurpose spaces for affordable housing projects, and advocating the intersecting need in our community for affordable housing to our local leaders.


Food insecurity is directly tied to the lack of affordable housing in our community. This animated bubble graph shows the interaction between rising housing costs and food pantry usage in Polk County, IA.

The first animation: as the median rent as a percentage of household income increases (horizontal axis), the percentage of persons using the food pantry in that housing tract increases (vertical axis). The bubbles represent actual DMARC food pantry network users in those census tracts. The larger the bubble, the greater number of pantry users in that census tract. Also, the bubbles get bluer as the household income decreases.

The second animation shows the change from 2014 to 2017 for a specific census tract. Here we have shown the change with a blue line. (No audio).

Board of Directors, FY 2018-2019

John Whalin, President
Rabbi David Kaufman, Recording Secretary
Thomas Cross, Treasurer
Jody Mead, Past President
Dale Bentlage
Tom Chapman
Julie McMillin
Christ Naumann
Matt Strawn
Catherine Swoboda
Emily Webb
Diane Alton (advisory)
Ronald Beane (advisory)

Staff Members

Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice, Executive Director
Leslie L. Garman, CFRE, Director of Development & Outreach
Rebecca Whitlow, DMARC Food Pantry Network Director
Daniel Beck, DMARC Food Pantry Network Assistant Director
Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott, Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement
Joe Dolack, Mobile Food Pantry Program Manager
Luke Elzinga, Communications and Advocacy Manager
Shoshana Salowitz, Community Outreach and Volunteer Manager
Drew Robertson, Inventory Control Manager
Linda Vander Hart, Office Administrator
Monica Curl, Development and Outreach Associate
Patrick Minor, Warehouse Associate
Don Crawford, Jr., Warehouse Associate
John McPhee, Warehouse Associate

Our Supporters

Individual Cash Supporters

*denotes deceased individual


Anonymous (4)
Lanny J. Benishek
C. Dean and Sandra Carlson
David and Lisa Fisher
Rick and Jeri Levi
Douglas M. Woods

$5,000 – $9,999

Rex R. Cook Charitable Trust*
James and Martha Fifield
Michael and Diane Heid
Larry & Kay Myers Interfaith & Intercultural Ambassador Fund
O’Halloran Family Foundation Fund
Timothy and Kelly Oswald
Judith Reel
Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation
Rae Elaine Tobis
Leanne and Scott Valentine
Trever and Kellaney Whiting

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Joseph and Jodi Baker
Dennis Johnson and Ann Carmody
Richard and Charlene Cobb
Robert R. Dillard
Doug Fick
Tom and Cindy Fischer
Elaine and Brian Gifford
The Ralph & Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation
Cora C. Hayes
Paul and Debra Hayes
Charlotte and William Hinson Charitable Foundation
Starr and Harold Hinrichs
Linda Hofreiter
Galen and Katherine Howsare
Joe Jacoby
Bruce and Susan Kelley
Daniel J. and Amy J. Koestner
Steven and Jean Loegering
Albert Burrows and Maureen McGuire
Scott and Barbara Nessa
Owen J. and Doris Jean Newlin
Kevin Armstrong and Christine Paulson
Charles and Joy Rohm
Lou Ann and Kent Sandburg
Gary and Melinda Scholten
Bruce and Linda Simonton
Michael and Simma Stein
Jill Tenney
Doug and Tracy Ventling
Greg and Tracey Weber

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous Donor (9)
James Aanstoos
Beverly Allen
Chad Anderson
Sarabeth and William Anderson
Anne L. Avise
Beasley Family Foundation
David and Elizabeth Bishop
D. P. Bissinger
Brian and Jenny Blackford
Al and Barbara Braak
Darla M. Brendemuehl
Alice and Burle Carrigan
Ned and Nancy Chiodo
Brendan and Christine Comito
Joseph and Margaret Ann Comito
Matthew and Amy Corwin
Thomas and Linda Cross
Keith Denner and Eileen O’Brien Denner
Kristin and Peter Diliberti
Cathy L. Dodds
Kenneth and Susan Dodge
James and Erika Dore
Robert and Jennifer Dowil
Dwight and Janice DuBois
Selma N. Duvick
Rev. Sondra G. Eddings
Renee R. Ellerbroek
Callie L. Elrick
Chuck and Marilyn Farr
Melvin and Barbara Frueh
Edward Garst
Vivian Geerdes
Dr. Larry and Patricia Goetz
Elizabeth A. Goodwin
Siri L. Granberg
Harden Family Foundation
E. Scott Hartsook
Jo and Dale Helling
Victoria L. Herring
Brent and Renee Highfill
Robert and Dale Howe
Jon and Barbara Hrabe
Tamara A. Hubler
Dwight and Lois James
Larry L. Jandrey
Cynthia and Mark Jones
Diane and Preston Jones
Michelle Kalb
Rabbi David and Julie Kaufman
Dan Kelly
Donald and Mary Kelly
James Usgaard and Becky Knutson
Kjersten Krantz-Odendahl
Erica S. Lamb
Paul and Kathryn Lass
Robert and Patricia Leisy
Paul and Amy Lemon
Thomas Stephenson and Myrtilla Levin
Barry and Marcella Linde
Janet Linn
John R. Loughry
Steven C. Lussier
Alan and Regina MacRae
Eddie and Sharilyn Mauro
Gregory May
William and Cynthia Mayer
Matthew W. McCoy
Kent and Julie McDougal
Carl and Bethany Meyer
Diane H. Morain
Allan R. Powers and Ann E. Mowery
Dan and Barbara Mueller
Andrew Rupprecht and Melanie Murgic-Rupprecht
Kay Myers
Terry and Laura Myers
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Kenneth Newton
Dean and Janet Nihart
Arthur and Patricia Nizzi
Thomas and Tracy Noble
Noth Family Charitable Fund
William J. Noth
Gary and Anne Nordquist
James and Jeanne O’Halloran
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Carl and Judy Patterson
Joan and Jeffrey Phillips
Dale and Susan Pierce
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Chet and Ellen Prust
Charles and Sheila Rayburn
John and Nancy Reagan
Ron and Phyllis Roelfs
Patrick and Michelle Rounds
Frances and Daryl Rockey
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Bruce Staten and Marla Ryerkerk
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Kent and Melissa Schrof
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Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw
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Dr. Justine and Matthew Stemper
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Duane Weiland and Mary Rose Stone
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Catherine Swoboda
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Gary and Helen Thull
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Norman and Alice Veen
John Waters
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Jean and Robert Williams
Theresa R. Wilson

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Barbara and Craig Campbell
Russell and Marilyn Carlson
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Ronald M. Rice
Kevin A. Riesberg and Samantha S. Thorpe
Rodger and Mary Routh
Neil and Debra Salowitz
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Mary Scarpino
Rev. Sarai Schnucker Rice
Jonathan and Terri Schultes
Jennifer Schumann
Charles and Nancy Seel
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Robert and Maryanne Sobiech
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Anonymous Donor (10)
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Rhonda and Tom Kilkenny
Margaret Bender King
Robin L. Kline and William A. Summers
Robert and Diane Knief
Nancy Koll
William and Rhonda Krossner
Charles and Mary Kunkel
James and Janis Lacquement
Bradley and Tamara Lair
Fr. James Laurenzo
Constance Leino
James and Margaret Leonardo
Jimmy and Beverly Lewis
Charles and Judith Linden
Tony and Laurie Longnecker
David Lynch and Glenys Bittick Lynch
Mark D. Lyons
Mary Ann and Don Madole, Jr.
Scott and Judy Main
Dorothy and Raymond Marvin
Gary and Sharon McCoy
James and Marilyn McDermet
Charles and Louise McDonald
Lois McGarry
Karen McGregor
Matthew and Stephanie McNamara
Jeffrey Means and Diane Glass
Shirley W. Melton
Marty Mickle and Linda Grathwohl
Brad Mihm
Gordon and Leanne Miller
Douglas and Barbara Minear
Walter Moore
Elsie P. Naylor
Robert and Pat Oberbillig
Jody Off
Gilbert and Anita O’Gara
Deirdre O’Neill
Eliza Ovrom and Mark Schuling
Diane M. Pickle
Nancy A. Pinkerton
Susan A. Pohl
Julene M. Powell
Jodi and Matt Puls
James and Jill Reber
Jamie and Benjamin Rempe
Doyle D. Renaud
Nancy Retzinger
Laura E. Reynolds
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Riordan
Ellen Robinson
John E. Robinson
W. Mark and Janet K. Rosenbury
Robert Scarpino
Nathan P. Schelhaas
Michael and Dawn Schneider
Christjahn and Melissa Schnucker
Craig and Susan Schrader
Patrick and Julie Schulte
Gary and Sherry Schultz
Richard and Jacquelyne Seibert
Howard Shapiro
Anita K. Shawhan
Jack Siemieniec
James and Mary Jo Sires
Keith Sjostrom and Mary Ann Moore
Maribel and Terry Slinde
Deanna and Gregory Smith
Della Irene Smith
Jim Spevak
Stephen and Paulette Stamp
Shirley Ann and Michael Steffe
Lynhon Stout
Lawrence and Ellen Strachota
Carolyn M. Striegel
Nicholas A. Sturtz
Sr. JoAnne Talarico
Paul and Therese Thilges
John and Vivian Thompson
Scott Thompson
Susan M. Tierney
Sarah and Will Trone Garriott
Neil and Miriam Van Heukelem
Kathleen Van Sickel
Lucinda A. Van Tasell
Tyler and Katherine Vandevorde
Patricia Vogel
Gary and Lenora Waller
Carole Ward
Carole J. Watson
Steven Weaver and Mary Gedden Weaver
Cindy and Luie Weikum
Douglas Wells and Kathleen Richardson
Suzanne R. Williams
Donald and Mary Wine
Jerome and Laurie Wright
Michelle Yeoman
David E. Young
Joe R. & Louise A. Patrick Family

$100 – $249

Anonymous Donor (23)
David Abram and Amy Erickson
Thomas Ackerman
Donald and Carol Adams
Judith Akre
Dan Aksamit
Debra Altman
Robert and Peggy Andersen
Wayne and Susan Andersen
Larry Anderson and Kathy Esser Anderson
Lynn A. Andlauer
John and Cynthia Andrews
Gary and Laurel Armstrong
Ryan and Kristyn Arnold
Jeffrey Aten
Sandra L. Axness
Catharine C. Ayers
Elaine Baker
James Balkema
Susan Ballard
Judith M. Balsman
David G. Barzen
William and Jean Basinger
Ronald and Debra Bauer
Wayne and Delores Bauman
Tammy and Andrew Baumgarten
Loren Bawn
Brian A. Bayeur
Shelly R. Bear and Taylor R. Backous
Jeannette M. Becker
Jane Beeman
Ben and Patricia Bellus
Christine Bening
Virginia Bennett
Floyd and Joan Benson
Jeffrey and Mary Benz
Barbara J. Berven
Linda R. Betz
Tim and Pamela Billerbeck
Jessica Bilotta
Kenneth and Lorraine Bishop
Laura L. Blake
Roger J. Blickhan
Margaret Blom
Nicole Blumenauer
Bruce Boeke
Robert and Beverly Bole
Helen Boles
Lennice Boles
Dianne L. Bomer
David and Deborah Booth
David Bossuet
Michael and Angela Boston
Carol Bowers
Naomi R. Bowler
Robert P. Brammer
Susan and Matthew Bravard
Chad and Erin Breheny
Gerald and Karen Bretey
Barbara Briggie-Smith and Jeffrey Smith
Julie B. Bro
Robert and Linda Brockney
John and Susan Bruckshaw
Kevin and Diane Brummer
Rev. Patricia H. and John J. Buck
Brian and Julie Buckallew
Marlene and Robert Buckley
Jan Burch and Bob Mitchell
W. Blaine and Deborah A. Burnquist
Dean Burtch and Jody L. Valentine
Charles and Veronica Busch
John Cacciatore and Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore
Pamela Cain
Elizabeth and Jerry Campbell
Victoria Campbell
Keith and JoAnn Carlson
Charles* and Virginia Carpenter
Robert and Linda Carpenter
Walter C. Chapman
John T. Chesser
Mary Chicoine and Morgan Rivers
Kathie M. Churchill
Thomas and Sharon Clarke
David and Alicia Claypool
John and Marjorie Clingan
Linda J. Cohen
Doran and Charlene Cole
Joyce Collins
Amelia Comito
Michael and Sandra Cooney
Gus and Dee Cordero
Linda S. Corell
Carol A. Corrigan
Jeff L. Couch
Jay and Patricia Cramer
Eloise M. Cranke
Jill and Brent Creveling
Carlyn and David Crowe
Peggy Cunningham
Philip Dally and Gloria Day
Darlene M. Danielson
Carl and Dianne Davis
Judy Davis
Lori Deal
Lora Deege
Mark and Wendy Den Adel
Sue A. Denny
Raymond and Marlene Dominick
Kathy Dorff
Natasha Drake
Michael and Shelley Dreibelbeis
Susan Dudley
Janet K. Dunn
Helen Eddy
Rev. William T. Ekhardt
Terry and Kathleen Elings
Mary Alice Epperly
Barrett and Julie Ericson
Jeffrey M. Evans
Steven and Rebecca Evans
Tom and Deirdre Farr
Dave and Judith Farrington
Anthony Fatino
Colin and Barbara Faux
Erin and Matthew Finke
Kathleen A. Finkenauer
Brian Fitzpatrick and Diana Gonzalez
Donald and Beth Flannery
Marshall and Judith Flapan
James and Patricia Floersch
Norma Foote-Ramker
Deborah A. Ford
Shawn and Tricia Foy
Robert Francis
Jeanine M. Freeman
Margaret A. Fritz
Kathy Frommelt
Dinora J. A. Fuentes
Jennifer and James Gabel
Christina and Jim Gammell
Gary Gammell
Andrew Gangle and Katrina Guest
Marla J. Garity
Kent and Gwendolyn Gerhardt
Joan Ghrist
Angela R. Gibson
Dick and Mary Susan Gibson
Roberta R. Gilbert and Joseph M. Barron
Dwight A. Gilbride
Kenneth N. Gilchrist
Dr. Harvey Giller and Barbara Hirsch-Giller
Ruthann Giraud
Bridget Godes
P. J. and M.A. Goodman
Karen K. Graber
Jennifer and James Graefe
Natalie and Stephen Grant
Roger Grefe
Lori and Joshua Griffith
Paul and Melodie Grinvalds
Dennis S. Groenenboom
Chester L. Guinn
Jeffrey and Sharon Gumm
Kristy Gunnerson
Debbie A. Guntly
J. David and Debra E. Haak
Richard and Susan Haberkamp
Tim and Alma Hackbart
Margaret E. Hahn
David and Andrea Hallman
Douglas Hamilton and Nancy Deranleau
Dr. Donald and Cindy Hansen
Blanca Hanson
Rodney Hanze and Lisa Parker
Amy A. Harberts Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Hatlie
Mark Haverland and Faith Ferré
Mary A. Hays
Ben and Karen Heathcote
Kathy Heatherton
Douglas and Barbara Hein
Marvin and D. Ann Hembry
Marion Hengesteg
Larry and Jane Herbold
Steven and Karen Herwig
Daniel and Alana Hetland
Hal Higgs
Dr. Norma J. Hirsch
Will and Dixie Hoekman
Larry and Karen Hoier
Gerald and Rosemary Holland
Jonathan Holstrom
Dr. David and Nancy Holtwick
Zachary P. Hoover & Family
Cynthia Hoque
Tim Horsch
Don Hruby
Michael C. Hubbell
Norman and Carol Hulscher
Carol Hunter
Michael and Marcia Hunter
Erin and Corey Jansen
Christopher and Deanna Jens
Carol Jensen
Dennis and Rosemary Johnson
Richard and Kathleen Johnson
Richard Johnson and Leslie Mamoorian
Thomas Johnson
Christy Jones
Wesley D. Jordan
Kenan and Kathi Judge
Jeff and Carol Jungman
Joanne and Kenneth Kalahar
Debra Kazmerzak
Larry and Mary Keck
Shirley and Manfred Kekstadt
Joe and Mary Kelly
Marylee Kelly
Charles and Joyce Kenagy
Michael and Karen Kenline
David and Lola Kenworthy
Keith and Margaret Kenyon
Angelyn M. King
Stephen and Shamaine King
Karol Kirk
Roger and Shirley Kjellberg
Gregory and Susan Klein
Harvey Kleinman and Merrill Perlman
Brian Klett
Merrill and Beverly Knight
Mary Ann Koch
Tracy and Julie Koch
W. Jean Kolmer
Charles and Christine Korte
Richard and Laura Kozin
David and Linda Kramer
Timothy and Rebecca Kresowik
Margaret and John LaMarche
Tiffiny Lane
Patrick and Susan Lang
Carlo LaPorta
Helena Laroche
Martie Larsen
Brittney Ledford
Jason Lee
Deanna R. Lehl
Harriet and Duane Leitch
Roger* and Sally Leuthold
Ronald and Linda Lickteig
Dr. James G. Lindberg
Erika Linden and Randy Thompson
Karen K. Loihl
Lynn E. and Rev. James N. Louk
Julie M. Lunn
Rebecca Lutkenhaus
James Lyons
Steven and Carol Lytle
Thomas and Nancy Macklin
Robyn MacMillan
Carolyn and Raymond Magnani
Patty and Dennis Maiers
Nancy Jean Main
Trent Malven
Russell and Mary Marshall
Susan Martinek
John Martini
Todd and Sue Mattison
Rev. Jean and Michael McCarthy
Robert T. McCarthy*
Mary A. McCoy
Matthew McCright and Jane Robinette
Terry and Martha McDanel
Matt McDermott
Patricia McDermott
Kimberly A. McIntire
Robert D. McKinley
John and Renee McPhee
John and Janice Mechem
Barbara L. Meeks
Mary Meier
Craig and Betty Miller
Donald and Nancy Miller
James and Deborah Miller
Ned Miller
Sam Miller
Stacie Miller
Thomas Mitchell and Barb Callaghan-Mitchell
Diane Mohrfeld
John Moreland and Kathleen Schneider
Stephen and Lynn Morris
Mary A. Muller
Pauline Murphy
Michael and Jaime Naig
Scott M. Nash
Joshua Nauman
Ray and Joyce Naylor
Gary and Marion Nehmer
Rolland and Mary Nelson
Gerard D. Neugent
Joyce Newton
John and Chris Niehaus
Hillary and Jared Nielsen
Larry and Frances Nielsen
Melvin Nielsen
Andrew and Barbara Nish
Michael and Margaret Nixon
Thomas P. Nolan
Cindy and Ted Ohmart
Katherine and Joel Olah
Jo Oldson and Brice Oakley
Kerry Ostring
Sally E. Ouellette
William C. Oviatt
Bernice L. Page
Christine Page
Susan Patterson Plank
Victoria F. Payseur
Michelle Peacock and David Boarini
Patricia Perlowski
Don and Kay Peterson
Gladys Peterson
Stephen Peterson
Thomas and Sheila Pflanz
Arlyn Picken
Ronald C. Pins
Amy Plymat
William and Judy Poland
John C. Pollak and Nancy Crowfoot
Stephanie Pollard
Judy Porter and Gary Cromer
Lia and Kevin Potratz
Kimber and Kent Powell
Jacalyn Priestley
Nancy Profit
David and Karen Puffett
James J. Pullen
Mark and Darlene Pullen
Mark and Mary Purtle
Sheldon and Roselind Rabinowitz
Rex and Janet Ramsay
Lynn M. Rankin
Melinda and James Rankins
Donna L. Rasmusson
Patrick and Cheryl Regan
Katie Reynolds
Susan K. Rezek
Terry Rich and Kim Rich
Ms. Elizabeth Rife
Lyle E. Roberts
Susan and Ron Roberts
Walker and Susan Robinett
Clarence and Linda Robinson
Ruth M. Robinson
Dr. Lois F. Roets
Heather and Eric Rohe
Tom and Stacey Rooney
Rebecca A. Roorda
Harlan and Audrey Rosenberg
Allan and Gloria Rovner
Ron and Clarice Rubek
George and Delores Ruby
Michael and Megan Ruda
Robert and Nicole Ryan
Kathleen Salak
Tony and Yvonne Salem
Frances E. Sales
Nelda J. Sampel
Lisa Samuelson
David and Jeanette Saurman
Mary L. Schabacker
John and Nichola Schissel
Michael and Julie Schlorholtz
Joni and David Schnoes
William and Karen Schoenenberger
Richard and Julie Schraeger
Herman and Hazel Schroedel
Jeffrey and Carla Schumacher
Mike and Kristin Schweiger
Karen D. Scott
Ashley and Michael Shafer
Oliver Sheaff
Marla L. Sheffler
Tamra Sherman
Katherine and R. Craig Shives
Phil and Diana Sickles
Bryant and Jami Siefken
Delores K. Silio
Robert and Sue Simons
Susan and Brian Sims
Pamela Sinnwell
Mark and Elizabeth Slocum
Daniel and Rose Sloven
Daniel Smidt
Jon Smith
Terrence and Jean Smith
Wes and Joan Snook
David Sondag
Larry and Sue Sonner
Gary and Sonya Spainhower
Marion E. Staub
Rachel S. Stauffer
Steve and Patricia Steffensmeier
Wayne and Carolyn Stepan
Gretchen and Theodore Stephens
Annette Stierwalt
Catherine G. Stjernberg
John R. Stjernberg
Dick and Peggy Stoffer
Rev. Hugh Stone
Wilbur and LaVae Straavaldson
David and Jennifer Strege
Marlene Sullivan
Bill Summers
David and Denise Swartz
Phyllis A. Swink and Caesar Smith, Sr.
Gerald and Kathryn Szumski
Jo Lynn Tainter
Connie Taylor
David C. Tellner
Carol Templer
Marsha Ternus
Jennifer A. Tesser
Deborah M. Tharnish
Nancy Thompson
Robert and Valerie Thompson
Jerry and Deborah Thornton
Matthew Thornton
Fred and Diane Tiernan
Phyllis M. Tinker
Martin and Terri Trepp
Patricia B. Trump
Valerie Tuel
Barbara Turner
John Twardos
William and Barbara Unger
Mary L. Upton
Robert and Mary Ann Van Dyke
Patrick A. and Barbara A. Van Nevel
Bill and Marilyn Van Vliete
Kent and Diane Van Zee
Lisa VanDenBerg
Harold and Virginia Varce
Delores Waldron
Thomas Waldschmitt
Linda Warren
Braydn and Marta Weber
David and Ann Weiss
Rich Weiss
Michael and Christine Welch
Larry J. Welker
Betty Wells
Kent and Julie Welsh
Melinda Westendorf
Walter and Mary Whitman
Ann Wieck
L. V. and B. J. Wiedemeier
Mark and Cynthia Wiederin
Malinda Wiesner
Jaimie and Matt Williamson
Larry and Dee Ann Wilson
Lucille E. Wilson
Janice Wear Winfield
Marvin and Marilyn Winick
Dan Winters
Troy Wirtz
Ryan and Sacha Wise
Jon and Nadine Woods
Brian and Carol Worth
Tom and Kathryn Zaun
Goldie Zeichik
Benjamin and Veronica Zenti
Becky L. Zieman
Alison and Chad Zirbel

$10 – $99

Anonymous Donor (18)
Mikell and Paul Aasmundstad
Linda G. Adamiak
Steven Adelman and Katherine Elsner
Kari A. Agans
Bill and Jane Ahrens
Craig and Barbara Alcott
Theresa L. Allen
Laura R. Allie
Kent and Laura Altena
Margaret M. Altman
Aubrey and Leonardo Alvarez
Andrea L. Anania
Judith and Arthur Andersen
Barbara Anderson and Dale Chell
Diana K. Anderson
Gregory and Daryl Anderson
James and Sharon Anderson
Juday Anderson
Karen C. Anderson
Kari A. Anderson
Larry and Janene Anderson
Luke Anderson
Pat and Lee Anderson
Ruby D. Anderson
Patrick and Lorna Anello
J. Sue Anthony
John and Nancy Appel
Evelyn L. Arnot
Susan and Greg Askeland
Peggy Badger
Rebecca and Jason Bahl
Randal G. and Cathy A. Baird
Barbara S. Baker
Diane P. Baker
Lee Bakros
Denise Ball
Dawn M. Banwart
Charles and Barbara Bare
Marcia Barlage
Rabbi Emily Barton and Susan Harris
Teresa Baustian
Donna K. Beaman
Bernard M. Beck
Christjahn Beck
Beverlee A. Bell
John and Linda Benoit
Jay and Ann Benzshawel
Cindy Beougher
Beverly and M.D. Berger
Steven and Julia Bernard
Phillip Berrie and Patricia Welte Berrie
Darcie A. Berry
Leslie Berry
Andrea Bice
Peter Bissinger
Edgar H. Bittle
Ann F. Blumberg
Anne Manning Boal
Tresa Boal
Deana M. Boatwright
Michelle and Joel Boelling
Troy D. Boelman
Steve and Mavis Bolie
William and Phyllis Boller
Rose V. Bonanno
Myrna Booth
Anthony and Kelly Boothroyd
Jude Borromeo and Sam Hansen
Mary T. Bowe
Quentin and Inez Boyken
Charlene and Warren Brady
Robert and Shirley Brandser
Steven Brase
William Brauch and Karen Massetti Miller
Myrna Brayton
Gary L. Breeden
Lawrence and Colleen Breheny
Jean Bremhorst
Bobbretta M. Brewton
Blain Brinkmeyer
Darol and Di Brockway
James and Karen Broich
Ron and Kay Bromert
Rebecca Brommel
Christine Brown
Edward and Marilyn Brown
Katelin Brown
Lindsay and Michael Brown
Wayne and Suzanne Brown
Mary J. Brown Mehalovich
Elinor and Bruce Brownlee
Rev. Wallace W. Bubar and Gabriele Albrecht
Dale and Terri Bunting
Sebrina Burch
Marjorie Burgess
Clint and Annette Burghduff
Kristin B. Burk
David Busiek and Laura Sands
Jodie Butler
Karen Caligiuri
David and Anita Campbell
Kelli G. A. Campbell
Gregory and Anne Carlson
Beverly Carper
Barbara B. Carson
Sandra Carter
Jill Westercamp Catus and Thomas Catus
Thomas and Anne Marie Caudron
Tami and N. P. Cavanaugh
Kellee A. Chilton
Stephanie Chin
Kay M. Christensen
Zachry and Danielle Christensen
Kristin Christenson
Victoria L. Christian
Carol Christiansen
G. E. and D. L. Christiansen
Susan and Troy Christine
Ben and Sashya Clark
Kathleen Clark
Phyllis R. Clark
Richard and Christine Clogg
Jerold Clyde
Steven T. Cochren
Catherine Cody
Don Coffin
R. L. and Pat Colbert
Evelyn I. Cole
Dr. David C. Collier and Aimee Beckmann-Collier
Berneil S. Colorado
Barb Comito and David Weckman
Shelby Connell
Tiffany Conrad
Nancy Cook
Dennis and Patricia Coon
Kevin and Mollie Cooney
Robert and Margaret Cooper
Kyle and Tracie Corcoran
Melissa Cordaro
Frances and Thomas Cornwell
Chuck* and Ellen Corwin
Ellen C. Corwin
Rev. Robin and Steven Coughennower
Doris A. Covalt
Elizabeth and Donald Cox
William and Kathleen Cox
Lee and Janet Crawford
Norma and David Creighton
Joan Cronbaugh
Randy and Ethel Cronbaugh
Lauretta Cross
Ann Crouse
Melvin and Debora Crowley
Jeffrey and Alice Cue
Ann C. Cunningham
Arthur and Ladoska Cunningham
Sue Curry
Randall and Patricia Damon
Steven and Ellen Darcy
Robert Davis and Patricia Boddy
T. Polk and Janet M Davison
Pete De Kock
Gerald and Joanne Dedecker
Rick K. and L. Kay Demory
Jeri Deo-Sokoloff
Jeffrey and Karin Derry
Angela Dethlefs-Trettin and Matthew Trettin
Chantry Devries
Martha DeVries
Joan DeWitt
Mary Kay Dial
Doug and Sue Diaz
Judy P. Dietrich
Lois Dietrich
Peter and Carol Dittmer
Frank and Patricia Dodge
Ernest A. Doeringsfeld
Jon and Susan Doll
Amy and Chris Doud
Helen M. Drake
Sherry Drake
Erin Drinnin
Cindy and George Dubois
Marsha Duke
Heather Dunaway
Darlene Dunbar
Lisa and Mike Duncan
Michael and Katie Dunkin
Jennifer Dunne
James and Margaret Durbala
LeLoie G. Dutemple
Dan and Nell Duwelius
Ashley and Daniel Dvorak
Alan and Mary Dzubak
Vera and Robert Easler
Fred and Kathy Eastman
Dr. Michael K. Eberle and Paula J. Feltner
Mary K. Eggers McCarroll
Paula Jean and Jon Eide
Loren J. Ekdom
Deborah L. Eldred
Steven and Marie Elg
Beverly Ellis
Sarah Engbretson
Debra D. Engle
Arnold and Karen Engman
Alan Eoriatti
Kristen Erickson
Larry and Nancy Evans
Thomas and Vickie Evans
Beverly J. Eyerly
Kim J. Fankhauser
Michael Farley and Mary Timp
Dean Faust and Christine Joslin
Michael and Debbie Feller
Jason Ferguson
Jackie and Michael Ficcola
Mark Finkelstein and Jody Hramits
Peter Fischer
Ellen M. Fisher
James A. Fisher
John L. Fisher and Jann E. Freed
Rachel M. Fitzpatrick
Frances S. Fleck
Eric Fleharty
Alice J. Fleming
Stephen and Nancy Ford
Robin B. Fortney
C. Christine and Michael Foss
Karen Fragale and Susan Marek
Mary Kay France
Margaret Frick
Betty Fuller
Lana and Roberto Garcia
Marilyn F. and Kenneth E. Gard
Fred and Sharon Gee
Kevin and Martha Gelhaus
F. M. Genochio
William and Sharon Gentsch
Benjamin and Nicole Geres
Robert and Ann Gernes
James H. Marilyn J. Gilbert
Kaye C. Gilles
Sheila M. Gleason
Karen K. Gohlke
Norman Goldberg and Carole Marchesano
Jack and Louann Gooding
Mary Helen and David J. Grace
David and Susan Grant
Barbara Grask
Nicholas Gravenish
Thomas and Karen Graves
Jeffrey Green
Rich Greenough
Linda L. Greethurst
Lisa J. Griffith Tierney
Alan and Mary Gross
Alex and Connie Gross
Trisha and Lee Gross
Elizabeth A. Grow
Karen Grunzweig
Maynard and Judy Guild
William and Janet Haag
Theo and Lavoy Haage
John and Jane Hallman
Renee and Dennis Halsted
Karen J. Halter
Robert M. Hamilton
James and Margaret Hammer
Ronald and Sally Hampton
Kathleen Hamre
Lynnea and Dale Hanke
Thomas and Sara E. Hanley
Teresa L. Hansen
Ellen L. Hanusa Wonderlin
Darla Harken
Robin and Jolene Harlow
Wendell and Lois Harms
Hollie and Daniel Hart
Piper Haugan
Amy Jo and Brad Hays
Celeste and Joseph Hayworth
Emily and Timothy Heaston
William and Rosemary Hedlund
Kathleen A. Heffron
Matthew Heilskov
Rachel Heiss
Lyle D. and Susan R. Hiatt
Angela Hilbert
David and Mary Alice Hill
Michelle and Jeff Hines
Ron and Mary Hintz
Julie and Robert Hitchler, Jr.
Rachele and Joel Hjelmaas
Harland and Dorothy Hockenberg
Louis and Janet Hockenberg
J and F Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
Thomas and Patricia Hoffman
Gloria S. Hoffmann
Kathleen M. Hogan
Isabelle Holland
Lydia Holm
Richard and Trudi Holst
Benjamin and Wanda Holthaus
Linda L. Holz
David and Stephanie Horak
Janice B. Hornocker
Dennis Horrigan
Lora L. Houck
Dan and Renee Hougham
Jon and Suzanne Hughes
Rebecca Hughes
Sarah Hutchins
Boushra Igram
Rhonda Ingle
John W. Isles
Susan and Yale Iverson
Mary Jackman
Deanna R. Jackson
Lawrence and Barbara James
Iris A. Jenness
Joanne B. Jensen
Kristin and Jeffrey Jensen
Wendy and Troy Jespersen
Dawn Johnson and Dale Johnson, Jr.
DeWayne and Amy Johnson
Guy and Dorothy Johnson
Kelsey S. Johnson
Lois Johnson
Melinda Johnson
Nanette R. Johnson
Scot and Kristin Johnson
Seth Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Lawrence G. Johnston
Claude* and Helen Jones
John and Elizabeth Jones
Donald and Truly Judisch
Kent and Jeri Juergens
Patricia and Stan Junod
Michael and Sharon Justice
Paul and Carolyn Kamp
Sara and Thomas Karpuk
Doyle Karr and Tamara Rood
Susan Kassmeyer
Lloyd D. Kaufman
Louise Kaufmann
Jenny K. Keating
Francis and Nan Keith
Deanna and Glenn Keller
Dawn M. Kelley
Paula Kerman
Dick and Cheryl Keul
Cynthia Keyser
Jerry and Lois Kiester
Kimberly D. Kigar
Donald Kimberley
Mary Kay Kirsner
E. A. Kistenmacher
Theresa Klein and Kenton Klein, Jr.
Deloris J. Kluesner
Doris J. Knight
Mary M. Knosby
Robert and Susan Knudson
Laura Knutson
Dianne Kobberdahl
Abigail R. Koch
Kathi Koenig
Susan A. Koons
Rev. James Koopman
Ed and Teresa Kordick
Mikel Koschmeder and Cynthia DeLuca
Deborah Koua
Robert and Jane Krause
Peggy Krentz
Alex Kruse
Patrick and Deanna Kueter
Danielle Kuhn
David and Judy Kurth
Frederic S. La Croix
Joseph and Ruth Lakers
Linda Lane
Cheryl Lang
Joy Lapp
Leonard and Delores Larsen
Brian and Patricia Laurenzo
Thomas Leffler and Judy Anderson
Dana Mintzer Leman
Nathan and Laura Lentz
Duane R. Leonard
Mary Ann Leporte
Barbara and David Lettween
Randy and Jody Leventhal
Vera and Herbert Lichtenberger
Rosemary T. Ligouri
Eric Lindsey
Lauren and Chad Little
Dennis Littlejohn
Robb D. and Dana L. Loftsgard
Thomas E. Logan
Gary and Marsha Lohmann
David and Sherri Long
Greg and Cheryl Long
Daniel and Joan Looker
Chad Cheney and Andrea Lorenzen-Cheney
Jeff and Constance Ludwig
Molly Lundquist
Laroy and Lila Luther
Fred and Barbara Lyford
Jean Mack
James Mackey and Cindy Steffen Mackey
Eric Madcharo
Gerald and Patricia Magneson
Tino Mahomva
Mike and Mary Mahoney
Deanne and Matthew Main
Cheryl Mains and Charles Kellogg
Robbie Malm
Andrea Maloney
Lynn and Paul Mankins
Harold and Karen Mann
Joan E. Mannheimer
James and Shirlee Marcovis
Leslie Margarones
John and Rhonda Marshall
Gary Martin
Sam Martin
Jack and Patricia Martinez
T Masman
Mary Mason
Jeannine and Donald Matz
Kathleen A. McCabe
Patricia and James McCaffrey II
Judith McCarl
Shirley A. McClain
Dorothy McClure
Matthew McCue
Susan McDermott
Patrick and Annette McDevitt
Richard and Mary McDougal
James and Diana McElroy
Beth McFall
Brian and Melissa Mcgarry
James and Catherine McGinn
Luan McGrane
Renee and Kerry McGuire
Gracelyn I. McKern
Joni L. McKinley
Michael McNeil
Patricia McNutt
Diann S. Medici
Cindy and Gary Meilike
Connie T. Mendrys
Catherine and Anthony Mergen
Veronica and Christopher Meyer
Gretchen Miller and Mathew Fordyce
Nichole Miller
Patricia A. Miller
Teckla Anne and Ronald Miller
Coleen K. Milligan
Heather M. Milligan
Robyn and Bret Mills
Nancy K. Mohlis
Kayla M. Mohr
Stephanie A. Montani
Julie Moon
Julie Moore
Nancy Moore and Darrell Stickel
Florence and Paul Moran
Joe and Judith Morgan
Dr. Roscoe F. Morton and Cheryl S. Morton
Brian T. Mosdal
Walt and Janna Mozdzer
Marilyn and James Mullin
Merrie J. Murray
Marci Simpson Neary
Andrea Nelson
Steven L. Nelson Jr.
Sylvia Nelson
Bob and Kathy Nervig
John and Lois Neu
Jonathan Newell
Brian Newton
Debbie and Brad Nielsen
Madeleine B. Niemuth
Roy and Mary Nilsen
Sarah and Tom Norman
Carolyn North
Charles M. Northrop
Christine Nothaft-Hammerand and Doug Hammerand
John and Pamela Noyes
Jason T. Nunemaker and Carla S. Herling
Amanda O’Brien
Donald and Cathy O’Brien
Marcy O’Brien
Rebecca and William O’Connell
Joel O’Dell
Douglas and Marcia Ohde
Kirsten R. and John R. Ohle
Ashley O’Keefe and John Albaugh
Samantha O’Neill
Sara and Jason Ottman
David and Patricia Oxler
Carol J. Palmer
David and Patricia Palmer
Jerry and Sammy Palmer
Gwen and Terry Parks
Mark W. Paulson
Rochelle and B.G. Paynter
Kay and Don Peddy
Marilyn E. Peercy
Jim and Muriel Pemble
Gary Pence
Linda and William Pennington
Befrie Perez
Paul and Mary Petersen
Raymond and Joan Peterson
Shawn D. Peterson
Melissa D. Petty
Nancy Philben
Melissa L. Phillips
Barbara A. Pierce
Richard and Gail Pierce
Kristin Pike
Jennifer Pilkington
Katie Podrebarac
Meredith Ponder
James Popma
Cynthia B. Porter
Michael and Lisabeth Powers
Thomas and Linda Pratt
Stephanie Preusch
Sally Jo Price
Melissa Primus
Nancy Prizant
Charles Putbrese
Joseph A. Quinn
Mary E. Quinn
Marci Rafdal
Miranda Rains
Denise and David Rairdin
Jean Ranney
Gary and Linda Rasmussen
Layne Rasmussen
O. D. and Elinor Ratliff
Mrs. Mel Raush
Janella and Michael Reams
Kenneth and Donna Reams
Missy and Kurt Reams Falck
Tony and Karen Reding
Col. Robert D. Reichart (Ret.)
Diane M. Reid
Artis Reis
Kathleen and Joshua Riessen
Steven Renner
Milton and Paula Rhiner
Rick and Ellen Rhoads
E. M. Rice
Mark and Janet Richards
Angela Richardson
Danielle Richardson
Holly and Scott Richardson
Jim and Jill Richardson
Kathleen Richardson and Douglas Wells
Mary M. Riche
Brenda Rickabaugh
Stacy and Lynn Ricke
Paul and Carole Rider
Sandra Riesberg
James and Janine Rinker
Duane and Christy Rinnan
Richard and Sue Risius
Michael and Janit Roberts
Brian and Laurie Robison
Richard and Marsha Rodemyer
Virginia and Archie Rohden
Chris Rohwer
John and Carol Rolf
Michelle L. Rosel
Nancy A. Ross
Mary K. Roth
Randy and Annette Roth
Leah Rudolphi
Rule Family
Lisa and Jeff Russell
Matthew Russell
Jill Sabin
Sara Sabin
Nancy Sample
Jean and Russell Samson
Greg and Karen Sanders
James and Mary Sanders
Shannon Sanders and Adam Draayer
Charles and Sherri Saul
Cathleen G. Saylor
Ellen Schatzke
Laura Schieber
Joy Schiller
Ronald and Cheryl Schiller
Steven T. Schmidt
Judith M. Schmitz
Debra and David Schneider
Mark Schneider and Phyllis Friedman
Rich and Mimi Schneider
Dean and Marcia Schoeppner
Laurel Scholten and Jimmy Miller
Brianne Schoonover
Lori and Steven Schraderbachar
David Schramm
Dave Schuler
Sara and Steven Schuler
Stephen and Charlotte Schultz
Colleen M. Schumacher
Terry and Janell Schutte
Presha Schwienebart
Krista D. Scieszinski
Carolyn Scott and Cynthia Riordan
Janette S. Scott
Nicole Selinger
Erin Sellberg
Deanna Sellner
Ruth Sellner
Sara J. Sersland
Chad Sexton
Russell Shaddox
Debbie and Brian Shadle
Elizabeth A. Shannahan
Daniel Shannon
Denise Shannon
Shelly Sharp Heitzman and Joseph Heitzman
Michael and Suzanne Sheeder
William and Faith Sherman
John and Beth Shine
Grace Shockman
Larry and Dee Ann Sidwell
Barbara A. Siler
Ronata and Dana Simon, M.D.
Carol Ann Slater
Saralee Sloven
Carol and Kim Smith
Daniel Smith
Helen M. Smith
Mary Smith
Sally and Larry Smith
Scott and Claudia Smith
Susan K. Smith
Clare Smith-Larson and Skip Larson
Rhonda Snyder
Cindy and Joshua Soliday
Kent L. Sovern
Carol and John Spahn
Betty J. Speas
Timothy and Sandra Stacy
Gene and Susan Staker
Michael and Elizabeth Stamper
Lisa and Whitey Stange
Lawrence and Lynn Staunton
David and Natalie Steenson
Patricia J. Steffen
Laura and Kevin Stegemann
Karen M. Steggerda
Molly and Adam Stempin
Allen E. Stephens
Susan M. Stephens
O. Dale Stevens IIand Ruth A. Stevens
Rod and Becky Stevens
J. David Stewart
George and Marjorie Stilwell
Lawrence R. Stiner
Amy Stoetzel
Mary C and Robert L Stoner Jr
Scot and Marcia Storjohann
Paul Strickler
Lindsay and Derek Struecker
Shawnda and Dennis Sturges
Joan Sullivan
Yvonne and Bob Sullivan
Suzanne Summy
Karen Swenson
Judith Swift
Sharon Symonds-Cron
Cheryl L. Sypal
Ben and Monna Tarbell
Erum Tariq-Munir
Mary and John Tasler
Harold Teel
Emily Theis
Dr. William and Bonnie Theisen
Ann and Joseph Thelen
Carol Thomas
Randall and Teresa Thomas
Curtis and Kathy Thompson
Katelyn Thompson
Matt Thompson
Jacqueline Thompson-McKeever and Bryce McKeever
Penny Thomsen
Karen J. Tisinger
Mary E. Tomlinson
Andrea Torres
Rev. Kathy Travis
Dennis and Joyce Trollope
Sharon Turner
Darlene R. Tursi
Sara Ulmer
Max and Mary Ellen Vail
Robert and Cathleen Van Gilder
David Van Vugt
Dirk Van Zante
Michael and Rose Marie Vasquez
Kevin Vaughan-Carber
Etta and William Veach
Joseph and Sheri Veraldi
Janet R. Vincent
Steven Vitiritto
Michael and Kristine Voorhees
Lon and Carla Wadle
R. J. and Sandra Wagener
Keely Wagner
Nancy N. Waldman
Alyce A. Wallace
Patsy Wallace
Amanda Ware
Arlee and Ladonna Waring
Marilyn J. Warling
Alice L. Waters
Kendall and Heather Watkins
Lenore Watson*
Lois A. Watson
Ms. Deann L. Watson
Susan and Cory Watts
Ernest and Cheryl Weatherington
Leland and Catherine Webb
Wegner Family Trust and Ferol Wegner
Charles B. and Linda D. Weidner
Judith and Larry Weindruch
Steven and Karen Weiss
Peggy L. Welter
Carole Weltha
Leanne and Scott Weydert
Larry and Mavis Whitaker
Raegan Whitaker
Jody and Patrick White
Craig and Fran Wierson
Linda Wieskamp
Betty Wilke
Dolores Willemsen
Ann and Sean Williams
Deb Wilson
James C. Wine
Janis Winterhof
Sandra Winters and Richard Runde
Janet M. Wise
Jim and Catherine Witte
Julie A. Worth
Alvin and Emily Wyckoff
Ami Yaro
Max and Phyllis Yaro
Mitchell and Donna Yeager
Ryan Yeager
Donald and Margaret York
Beverly Young
Kathleen L. Young
Charles and Pamela Zahrt
Jessica Zekaj
Roland and Barbara Zimany
Norman A. Zimmerman

Organization and Business Cash Supporters


Polk County

$25,000 – $199,999

United Way of Central Iowa

$10,000 – $24,999

Anthem Blue Cross
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
FEMA/Emergency Food & Shelter Program
Midland National Life Insurance Co
The Principal Financial Group
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield
Wells Fargo

$5,000 – $9,999

Bemis Company Foundation
BWA Foundation
Capital City Fruit
EMC Insurance Companies
GuideOne Insurance
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Knights of Columbus #12482
The TJX Foundation, Inc.

$2,500 – $4,999

All Community Events, Inc.
Alleman/Flowers Charitable Gift Fund
Dewey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Iowa Fndn for Education, Environment, and the Arts
John Deere
Monsanto Fund
Piper Jaffray & Co
Sacred Heart Catholic School

$1,000 – $2,499

Acanthus Masonic Lodge #632
AFSCME Local 3450
Ameriprise Financial
Aureon Network Services
Bayer USA
Casey’s General Stores, Inc.
Catholic Diocese of Des Moines
Des Moines Area Hunger Hike
Doll Distributing LLC
Dupont Pioneer
ELCA Southeastern Iowa Synod
Father John Aldera Foundation
Gutfreund Foundation Inc
Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
Lincoln Savings Bank
The Meredith Corporation Foundation
Northglenn Ladies Birthday Club
Northwest Bank
Penelope #38 Charitable Trust
Rain and Hail Insurance LLC
Sysco Foods of Iowa
University of Iowa Community Credit Union
Waveland Park Masonic Lodge #654
West Bank

$500 – $999

Aetna Foundation
Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group
Cowles Montessori School Staff and Students
Daughters of Norway, Eva Nansen Lodge #46
Delta Dental
Des Moines Auto Auction
Des Moines Golden K Kiwanis
Downing Auto Sales LLC
Electa Grand Order of the Easter Star
Essex Meadows, Inc.
Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance of Iowa
Gateway Market
J. Shide Music
Kemin Industries, Inc.
Knights of Columbus #10558/St. Augustin
Kreamer Law Firm, P.C.
South Central Iowa Federation of Labor
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School
Voya Financial

$250 – $499

Athene USA
Bob Brown Chevrolet
Bobenhouse Lavender Foundation
Caufield and Flood
Centro Restaurant
Chias Realty LLC
Church Women United
Five Star Compounding Pharmacy
Foster Drive Enterprises, LLC/DBA The Strawn Co.
Holy Trinity Conference
Iowa Insurance Agency, Inc.
Network For Good
Omega Nu Chapter, Phi Tau Omega Sorority
Social Security Office ODAR
St. Augustin School
St. Catherine of Siena Student Center
The Stelter Company

$100 – $249

Amazon Smile
Ameriherb International, Inc
AMOS Institute
Bellizzi MacRae American Legion #659
Brown, Winick, Graves, Gross, Bakerville & Schoenebaum PLC
DMM Investments, LLC
Downtown Disciples
Family Communications Associates, Inc.
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
Freedom Financial Bank
Grand View University
Heartland Financial USA
High 12 Masons
Hy-Vee – Mills Civic
IDPH Bureau of Nutrition & Physical Activity
Impact Community Action Partnership
Iowa Cubs Baseball
JRS Consulting LLC
Kiwanis Club of West Des Moines
LMC Insurance & Risk Management
Luther Park Community
Malo Restaurant LLC
Oaks Veterinary Clinic
Order of the Eastern Star #361
Packaging Distribution Services, Inc.
Phi Tau Omega Kappa Chi Chapter
Preceptor Delta – Beta Sigma Phi
Riverbridge Partners, LLC
Scarlet Ladies Red Hatters/The
Sherman Hill Association
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
State of Iowa
Vavra Family Charitable Endowment IV
Wednesday Net Group
West Des Moines Police Benevolent Asso.
West Property Management

$10 – $99

Alpha Eta Master
Alpha Iota Sorority-Des Moines Alumnae Chapter
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Barb Pierce Coding & Consulting, Inc
Boline-Manfredi VFW
Brooks Lodden PC
Business Publications Corp., Inc.
Center for Social Ministry
Central Iowa PRSA
City of Des Moines
City of West Des Moines Employees
Cub Scout Pack 38
DAR Abigail Adams Chapter
Des Moines Chaper BHS
Dowling Catholic High School Staff and Students
Friends of Forest Avenue Library
Give Love Club/The
Giving Assistant
Gray, Hodges & Assoc., PLC
Greater Des Moines Partnership
Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association
Heston Print Management LLC
HR On-Call
Indian Hills Junior High School
Iowa League of Cities
Mercy College of Health Sciences Faculty and Students
Merle Hay Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Finance Corporation
New Hope Counseling
Pagan Pride
PEO Chapter IE
Pro Ag
Stamp Out Hunger
State of Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau
United Technologies
Urbandale Food Pantry
Values Based Holding Corporation
Women’s Reciprocity Group
Young and Hungry
ZB Restaurant Group

Congregation Cash Supporters

*denotes member congregation


Lutheran Church of Hope*
Sacred Heart Lutheran Church*

$25,000 – $49,999

St. Pius X Catholic Church*
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church*

$10,000 – $24,999

Covenant Presbyterian Church*
Faith Lutheran Church*
First United Methodist Church*
Immanuel United Methodist Church*
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ*
Polk City United Methodist Church*
St. Augustin Catholic Church*
St. John’s Lutheran Church*
Westminster Presbyterian Church*

$5,000 – $9,999

First Christian Church*
Grace Lutheran Church*
Highland Park Presbyterian Church*
Holy Trinity Catholic Church*
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church*
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church*
Wakonda Christian Church*
West Des Moines Christian Church*
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church*

$2,500 – $4,999

All Saints Catholic Church*
Ankeny Christian Church*
Ankeny Presbyterian Church*
Ashworth Road Baptist Church*
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church*
Covenant Christian Church*
Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church*
First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines*
First Unitarian Church*
Fort Des Moines United Methodist Church*
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church*
New Hope United Methodist Church*
Resurrection Lutheran Church*
St. James Lutheran Church*
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church
St. Mark Lutheran Church*
St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church
Union Park United Methodist Church*
Urbandale United Church of Christ*
Valley United Methodist Church*
Walnut Hills United Methodist Church*
Windsor Presbyterian Church*

$1,000 – $2,499

Aldersgate United Methodist Church*
Ankeny Church of the Brethren*
Bondurant Christian Church*
Capitol Hill Christian Church*
Cathedral Church of St. Paul*
Central Presbyterian Church*
Christ Community Church
Des Moines Mennonite Church*
Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting*
First United Methodist Church*
Glen Echo Christian Church*
Grace United Methodist Church*
Indianola Heights Christian Church*
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd*
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church*
Prairie Ridge Church
Salem United Church of Christ*
Sheridan Park United Methodist Church*
Simpson United Methodist Church*
Trinity Las Americas United Methodist Church*
Union Park Presbyterian Church*
West Des Moines United Methodist Church*
Windsor United Methodist Church*

$500 – $999

Ankeny United Church of Christ*
Assumption Catholic Church
Church of Christ NE Restoration Branch
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Stake Office*
Corinthian Baptist Church*
Des Moines Intentional Eucharistic Community*
Easton Place United Methodist Church*
Grandview Lutheran Church*
Luther Memorial Church*
Marquisville United Methodist Church*
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church*
St. Ambrose Catholic Church*
Wesley United Methodist Church*
Westover Baptist Church*

$250 – $499

Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Highland Park Christian Church*
Highland Park Lutheran Church
Northwest Community of Christ*
Norwalk Christian Church
Park Avenue Christian Church*
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church*
St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church*
Staves Memorial United Methodist Church*
Stover Memorial Church of the Brethren*
Tifereth Israel Synagogue*

$100 – $249

Bloomfield United Methodist Church
Calvary Chapel Des Moines
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church*
Christ United Methodist Church*
Community of Christ Church
Community of Christ Church
Des Moines Zen Center*
Fort Des Moines Presbyterian Church*
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church*
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church*
St. John’s United Methodist Church*
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church*
Unity Church of Des Moines*
Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church*

$10 – $99

Bethany Reformed Church
Jordan United Methodist Church*
Linden United Methodist Church
St. Paul Lutheran Church
St. Stephen Lutheran Church*
Wellspring Community Church*
Women at the Well United Methodist Church

Individual In-Kind Supporters

Anonymous Donor (4)
Angelique Adams
Jeff Aden
Robert and Shirley Aldrich
Gregory and Daryl Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Elena Baas
Mary Kay and William Bartine
Deborah and Gary Bateman
Nancy K. Bentz
Joseph and Julie Blaser
Mike Blaser
Scott Boever
Jodi Boffeli
Lori Bogart
Jude Borromeo and Sam Hansen
Judy Brannon
Patricia Brock
Michelle Brown
Rev. Candice and William E. Brown
Larry Brownfield
Craig Calhoun
James P. Callan and Douglas F. Yochum
Linda Carr
John and Margaret Cavanagh
John T. Chesser
Ella Christensen
Deana Connelly
Robert Connelly
Andy Conner
Debra Copeland
Matthew and Amy Corwin
Angie Cottrell
Jo E. Cox
Melissa Crawford
Hans David
David and Donna Decker
Hannah Degner & Family
Rob den Hartog
Angela Dethlefs-Trettin and Matthew Trettin
Gina Doud
Marge Doyle
Susan Dudley
Luke Elzinga
Kathy and Dana Flaherty
EJ and Megan Flynn
Emily and Jeffery Foster
Rogena K. Funk
John Gadjel
Leslie Garman
Fred and Sharon Gee
Bob and Charlene Giles
William and Marcia Gilmer
Ardis Glace
Sharon and James Gleich
Linda and David Gobberdiel
Christina Gonzalez
Rich Greenough
Kris Gregersen
Toni Gross
Erich Grubert
Karen J. Halter
Lee Harper
Susan Hase
Pamela Hayes
Kathryn and Dave Hellstern
Starr and Harold Hinrichs
Brigham Hoegh
Mary Holtze
Dustin Huston
Joe Jacoby
Lyn Jenkins
Jan Jones
Stephanie Jutila
Sarah Katelman
William and Barbara Keck
Lynette Kingery
Robin L. Kline and William A. Summers
Sam Kreamer
Joe Kroes
Tiffany Kroil
Richard and Mary Langdon
Bonnie Larson
Becky Lau Ekstand
Deb Law
Jeff Linde
Barry and Marcella Linde
Dennis Littlejohn
Cheryl Mains and Charles Kellogg
Lavone E. Mann
Ms. McCarty
Shelby McCasland
Trudy McCormick
Brenda McGuire
John McIlhenny
Linda McKenzie
John and Renee McPhee
Patrick D. McQueen
Harriette Milburn
Mary Miller
Donna Miller
Nichole Miller
Sara Morgan
Paul Morris and Gloria Hauck Thiele Morris
Kenneth and Gertrude Mwirichia
Glenn and Carol Olson
Fern G. Oman
Holly O’Neall
Wendy Pareene
Brent Petersen
Beverly I. Peterson
John and Diana Phoenix
J Edward Power
Marci Rafdal
Dana and Dennis Reedy
Norman and Mary Reeves
Greg and Polly Rhinehart
Connie Richards
Cathy Richards
Brian and Kerry Riordan
John E. Robinson
Robert and Nicole Ryan
Barb Sandusky
Blake Siberz
Maribel and Terry Slinde
Clare Smith-Larson and Skip Larson
Del Snook
Deborah Spence
Larry and Ann Spencer
Shelby Stafford
Jacqueline E. Stanley
Wayne Stout
Matt and Erin Strawn
Rebecca Thomsen
Gary and Helen Thull
Rae Elaine Tobis
Kevin D. Ulmer
Judy Underwood
Kyle Vander Molen
Kirsten Vandervort
Cindy Voorhees
David and Doris Wait
Judy Walden
Virginia Wallace
Jeff and Kim Weeks
John Weires
Karen L. Welker
Albert and Glenys Wheeldon
Rebecca Whitlow
Jerry Williams
Jeanne Williamson
Jackie Wilson
Theresa R. Wilson
Dennis Wineland
Marcia Wing
Eric Woodworth
Wayne L. Woodworth
Samantha Yang
Jessica Zekaj
Rule Family

Organization and Business In-Kind Supporters

2 For U Childcare
Acosta Foodservice
Advantage Solutions
Agape Garden
Aldi – Des Moines
Aldi – Urbandale
Alpha Delta Kappa, Eta Tau Chapter
Alpha Phi Omega
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company
Amerigroup of Iowa
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Ashland Ridge Elementary School
Aspen Waste Systems of Iowa
Athene USA
Aureon Network Services
Barksdale Concessions
Brewer Family Farms
Bridgewood Subdividsion
Britton Transport
Brody Middle School Staff & Students
Business Publications Corp. Inc.
Callanan Middle School
Capital City Fruit
Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Ave Maria 302
Center for Social Ministry
Center Grove Orchard Inc.
City of Des Moines
Class Act Productions
Clive Learning Academy Staff and Students
Community Youth Concepts
Cowles Montessori School Staff and Students
Crystal Clear Bottled Water
Cub Scout Pack 38
DAR Abigail Adams Chapter
Dental Associates
Des Moines Agri-Science
Des Moines Auto Auction
Des Moines Buccaneers Fans
Des Moines Public Schools
Des Moines Social Club
Des Moines University Faculty & Students
DLL Financial Solutions
Dollar General
Dowling Catholic High School Staff and Students
Downing Real Estate
DSM Girl Gang
Earl’s Tire & Service Center
East High School
EMC Insurance Companies
Employee and Family Resources
Ervin Family Chiropractic
Exit Realty
Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Services
Faith & Grace Garden
Fareway – Grand Ave
Fareway – Grimes
Fareway – Johnston
Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance of Iowa
Fleur Dentistry LLP
Food Bank of Iowa
Fox Greenhouses Inc.
Franklin Avenue Community Garden Plot
Gateway Market
Girl Scout Troop 546
Global Atlantic Financial Group
Goodrell Middle School
Grand View University
Greater Des Moines Partnership
Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association
GuideOne Insurance
Happy Plates LLC
House of Mercy
Hyperion Field Club
Hy-Vee – Court Ave
Hy-Vee – Grand Ave
Hy-Vee – Harding Hills
Hy-Vee – Johnston
Hy-Vee – Mills Civic
Hy-Vee – Prairie Trail
Hy-Vee – Urbandale
Hy-Vee – West Lakes
Hy-Vee Colossal Cookie Sale
Hy-Vee Drug #7082
Hy-Vee Fulfillment Center
Immanuel Pathways
IMT Des Moines Marathon
In the Bag Corporate Cuisine
Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
Iowa Cubs Baseball
Iowa Homeless Youth Center
Iowa Jewish Senior Life Center
Iowa League of Cities
Iowa Lutheran Hospital
Iowa State Fair
Islamic Center of Des Moines
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
John Deere
John R Grubb Community YMCA
Joppa Outreach
Junior Initiative
Junior League of Des Moines
K&B Transportation Inc.
Kantana Trucking
Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines
Knights of Columbus Council #15603
Kum & Go #2731
Kum & Go #539
Leonard’s Express
Loffredo Fresh Produce Inc.
Lomar Distributing
McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC
Meals from the Heartland
Meals From the Market
Mercy College of Health Sciences Faculty and Students
Meredith Corporation Employees
Merle Hay Neighborhood Association
Nebraska Furniture Mart
Northwest Bank
Ochanpaugh Financial Group
Outreach, Inc.
Owens & Minor
Pagan Pride
Panera Bread
Penzeys Spices
PEO Chapter KO
Perishable Distributors of Iowa
The Playgirls
Polk County Treasurer’s Office
Prairie Meadows
Price Chopper – Merle Hay
PRSA Central Iowa Chapter
Quality Resource Group
Rain and Hail Insurance LLC
Register Media
The Reserve at Walnut Creek
River City Transport
Ronald McDonald House
Rosenberger Enterprises
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Salsa Des Moines
Sammons Financial Group
Schuster Company
Scottish Rite Park Residents
Sherman Hill Association
Smart Honda
Social Security Office ODAR
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
South Des Moines Lions
Special Events
St. Catherine of Siena Student Center
St. Paul Lutheran Preschool
Stamp Out Hunger
State of Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau
Story City Locker
T.T.T. Society Chapter D
The Homestead
The Principal Financial Group
The Stelter Company
Tyson Foods Inc.
Unite to Feed
United Methodist Women
United Way of Central Iowa
US Dept of Housing & Urban Development
VA Central Iowa Health Care System
Valley High School
Virginia Park Apartments Residents
W. P. Rawl Farms
Wakonda Club
Walmart – Grimes
Wellmark BlueCross & BlueShield
Wells Fargo
West Des Moines Community Schools
Whole Foods Market
Women’s Reciprocity Group
The World Food Prize Foundation
YMCA of Greater Des Moines
Young and Hungry
Youth Justice Initiative

Congregation In-Kind Supporters

*denotes member congregation

Algona First United Methodist Church
All Saints Catholic Church*
Ankeny Christian Church*
Ankeny First United Methodist Church*
Ankeny Presbyterian Church*
Ashworth Road Baptist Church*
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Bethany Reformed Church
Bondurant Christian Church*
Capitol Hill Christian Church*
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church*
Cathedral Church of St. Paul*
Central Presbyterian Church*
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church*
Christ United Methodist Church*
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Stake Office*
Cornerstone Family Church – South
Covenant Christian Church*
Covenant Presbyterian Church*
Des Moines Mennonite Church*
Easton Place United Methodist Church*
Faith Lutheran Church*
First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines*
First Christian Church*
First Presbyterian Church*
First United Methodist Church*
Fort Des Moines United Methodist Church*
Glen Echo Christian Church*
Grace Lutheran Church*
Grace United Methodist Church*
Highland Park Christian Church*
Highland Park Presbyterian Church*
Holy Trinity Catholic Church*
Immanuel United Methodist Church*
Islamic and Education Center Ezan
Luther Memorial Church*
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd*
Marquisville United Methodist Church*
Meredith Drive Reformed Church
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School
New Hope United Methodist Church*
Northwest Community of Christ*
Norwalk Christian Church
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church
Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Park Avenue Christian Church*
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church*
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ*
Polk City United Methodist Church*
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church*
Sacred Heart Catholic Church*
Salem United Church of Christ*
Salvation Army Citadel Corps*
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Sheridan Park United Methodist Church*
Simpson United Methodist Church*
St. Augustin Catholic Church*
St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church*
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church*
St. James Lutheran Church*
St. John’s Lutheran Church*
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church*
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church*
St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
St. Pius X Catholic Church*
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church*
Staves Memorial United Methodist Church*
Temple B’Nai Jeshurun*
Tifereth Israel Synagogue*
Union Park Presbyterian Church*
Union Park United Methodist Church*
Unity Church of Des Moines*
Valley United Methodist Church*
Wakonda Christian Church*
West Des Moines Christian Church*
West Des Moines United Methodist Church*
Westminster Presbyterian Church*
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church*
Windsor Presbyterian Church*