Giving Options

Thank you for considering support to DMARC!

We have many ways that you can direct your dollars to support DMARC’s mission of meeting our community’s needs.

Perhaps our most visible contribution is our work to help those who are food insecure through our Food Pantry Network.
Your gift to DMARC’s Food Pantry Network will support our work to provide adequate food among 15 different food pantry partners and 3 mobile food pantries. For every dollar contributed we can purchase the equivalent of 2 meals and our buying power allows DMARC to buy up to 6 times more than what an individual can buy at a local grocery store.

Our work today centers around efforts to build Interfaith Engagement and relationships, knowing that TOGETHER we are stronger and more effective in meeting our community’s needs. Today DMARC encourages interfaith collaboration through our Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp and interfaith panels and dialogues.

Today, DMARC’s clients have 3 to 6 times the incidence of diabetes than the general population. This is because low-income individuals are confronted with the hard reality of making economic decisions every day about the food they eat and healthy food is often the most expensive item on the list, including fresh fruits and vegetables. You can help DMARC provide these vitally important items to the health of our clients by contributing to the FRESH FUND.

Low income individuals struggle with many expenses, but diapers is one that is all but a necessity. Apartments often don’t allow for the washing of cloth diapers in provided washing machines and diapers as well as other child care expensive make it difficult for parents to care for their child.
You can help by donating toward the purchase of diapers for DMARC.

A gift for DMARC’s Holiday Baskets helps DMARC provide a traditional holiday meal to kids and their families (over 180 this year!) The cost is only $20 per meal.

Tributes and Memorials are a wonderful way to celebrate and honor a loved one. DMARC always sends an acknowledgement to the honoree (no gift amount disclosed) recognizing your support too!

DMARC welcomes other support too. If you wish to make a gift that is specific to a special effort you are involved, please note it.