The DMARC Food Pantry Network will celebrate an important milestone this May – our 45th anniversary of providing food for those in need in our community. For 45 years, DMARC has assisted those living with food insecurity – whether a single individual or a family, a senior or a child, single parent or grandparent, whenever help was needed DMARC has been there, even during a pandemic. Your continued support to DMARC helps people like:

Meet “Joe,” a senior who is in his 70’s. When her childcare closed, his daughter, Cheryl, had to rely on Joe and his wife during the pandemic to care for their infant grandchild so that Cheryl could continue to work. Joe used the DMARC Food Pantry Network for the first time, helping him to stretch dollars so that he could afford the extra costs that caring for an infant included.


Meet “Phyllis,” a 75 year old senior who provides both childcare and transportation for her five grandchildren, including one infant and four school-age children who attend four different schools. The DMARC Food Pantry Network was there for Phyllis so she could manage the extra transportation costs that being there for her family necessitated.

Meet “Sam,” who is homeless. He uses the DMARC Food Pantry Network for food, but what he really appreciates – especially during the pandemic – is the human interaction, specifically the kindness of pantry staff and volunteers. To show his appreciation, he volunteers carrying food for other pantry visitors and doing other tasks as a way to give back.

Unfortunately, even after 45 years, food insecurity persists. But your donation to DMARC helps us to continue to meet the community’s needs and serve as a safety net for our most vulnerable. DMARC never turns anyone away. And because of you, DMARC can keep our promise to always be there for our community.

On behalf of people like Joe, Phyllis, and Sam, and the over 58,000 other people who you helped to assist this past year, thank you for your continued support to DMARC.


Matt Unger, CEO

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