Storytellers Roundtable

The Storytellers Roundtable is a project of DMARC that aims to elevate voices of people experiencing food insecurity in our community and promote their stories to be shared with fellow residents, community based organizations, community leaders, and elected officials.

Storytellers Roundtable on Hunger and Food Insecurity

Saturday, September 24, 10am-2:30pm

DMARC, 100 Army Post Road, Des Moines, IA 50315

Change the story of hunger and food insecurity!

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At the Storytellers Roundtable workshop, you will:

  • Discuss the reasons why people face hunger and food insecurity
  • Develop a 1-2 minute story about your experience with hunger
  • Use your story to make change

All selected participants will receive a $100 gift card for their time. Additional compensation for child care is available. Must be 18 or older to participate.

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