Life Happens

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Life happens. You’ve probably heard that phrase a thousand times. But for many who are assisted by DMARC’s Food Pantry Network, it can mean so much more.

Meet “Maria” and “Lisa.” Maria is Lisa’s aunt. She’s also a disabled veteran who is Lisa’s sole guardian. Both Lisa and Maria have lived in Des Moines for most of their lives.

Lisa is now a young teenager. Unfortunately, both of her parents have passed away. She has also lost vision in one eye, with the other eye losing sight as well. Today, Maria serves as Lisa’s primary caregiver. Until a year ago she also served as the primary caregiver of both of her elderly parents.

Since Maria’s parents have passed, it has been a struggle. And although Maria and Lisa are eligible for support through federal safety-net programs such as disability and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), accessing these programs has not been easy. The rules can be onerous and navigating the system when you have existing health issues can be challenging.

Thankfully for Maria and Lisa, DMARC was there when they needed help.

In fact, thanks to DMARC, Maria and Lisa are able to supplement nearly half their meals each month. During the summer, they “supplement by gardening,” says Maria. “But during the winter the food pantry helps.”

Unfortunately, Maria and Lisa’s story is not an isolated occurrence. Every month, there are thousands of people who seek assistance from a DMARC partner food pantry, each with their own unique “life happens” story.

Your help makes the difference, making it possible for DMARC to be there whenever “life happens,” ensuring that the Food Pantry Network is available whenever it is needed.

Won’t you consider supporting DMARC to help those in need? Your gift will be used effectively and efficiently right here in our community.

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