An unfortunate milestone...



Today we will be hitting a disturbing but important milestone. At some point this afternoon, November will officially become the busiest month ever in the 47-year history of our Network. After months of seeing unprecedented need, it’s more than clear: we are in the middle of a food insecurity crisis.

The only way through this is with the help of donors like YOU.  In fact, one of our donors who has seen this emergency play out in real-time is a volunteer, Jack Bell. Jack is inspiring all of us through a special challenge match of $50,000 with one simple goal in mind – for you to join him in meeting this emergency head-on.

It’s abundantly clear that this Giving Tuesday we need your help more than ever before. Let’s take a big leap towards meeting this challenge together.



Because of you, we meet our $10,000 goal. Let’s keep going! Can we raise $20,000?

Your support is coming in so quickly! The meter is currently displaying only online gifts received through the 'Giving Tuesday' form and doesn't reflect gifts received offline or through other online destinations.

How your support makes a difference

    $10 = 9 healthy meals for one person living with food insecurity
    $25 = Provides one jar of peanut butter for 23 families
    $50 = 5-month supply of cereal for a family of four
    $100 = 108 nutritious meals for one person experiencing food insecurity
    $250 = delivery of healthy food to 15 households